Weekly Overview June 11, 2018

Good morning!  We certainly had a fun, busy week last week and will continue this week with some fun end-of-year activities!!

Math:  We will be playing math games, working on ST Math, finishing up with our Math Journal 2 book, working on multiplication and making 3-D shapes!

Homework:  We will have homework,  the half sheets, Monday through Thursday.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We will be reading each day, writing in our Journals and in our Writer’s Notebooks, and reading and writing at our centers.

Homework:  No writing homework this week!

Science:  Well, our silkworms have almost all formed their cocoons!  Each child has a few at their desks!!  So exciting!  The cocoons will probably hatch next week, the moths come out, maybe lay eggs, then die, ending the life cycle.  If it is okay, please email me or send me a note that your child can take their silkworm habitats home.  The moths and eggs would need to be disposed of after they hatch-freezing is the best method to stop the eggs, if the moth lays an egg.  Your children have really enjoyed this and have learned much!!

Social Studies:  We will continue our calm classroom, our passport books and some geography this week!

Have a wonderful week.

Next week-we will have our school picnic on Tuesday, the last day of school!  Bitter-sweet-I will really miss this class-they are all wonderful children!!  Thanks for everything that you do!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview June 4, 2018

June!!!  This year has flown by!!

Second grade will have our Field Day this Thursday from 2:30-3:45-lots of outdoor fun and games!!  Extra water and snack are would be nice!!

Our Talent show is Monday, June 18th.

Language Arts:  We will all be reading books at our level this week-reviewing and discussing some of our skills and concepts!

Homework:  Your child will have their last homework with them this evening-a Coat of Arms and it is due Thursday.  Thanks for your help with homework-I know it is not always easy to fit it in!

Math:  We will finish up some work in our Math Journal 2, we will also be making some 3-dimensional shapes and working in  ST Math.

Homework:  Half sheets of math concepts, Monday through Thursday.  Thanks

Science:  Our silkworms are getting huge!  Ask your child how big!  They should be forming their cocoons soon-maybe this week.  Some students want to take a few home at the end of the school year.  If that is okay with you, please send in a note.  Thanks

Social Studies:  We added the country of Bangladesh to our passport last week.  We will write about it this week and that might conclude our passport for the year!

Have a great week!!

Sincerely,  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview May 29, 2018

Starting the week off on Tuesday and hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day!

This week is a busy week!  We have NWEA testing both tomorrow and Thursday!

The third grade play is also Thursday and we will see that in the afternoon!!  Your children will be in it next year!!

We will have a break from homework this week!  We have testing two days, so that will give them a little break from homework.

Please remember that June 7 is our field day in the afternoon.  They will play organized games as a preview to being in the Ray Olympics next year!!

Our silkworms are growing each day-ask your child how long they are!!  We are still working in our passport, so if you can present to the class, there is still time!!  Thanks

Have a great week!!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview May 21, 2018

Good morning to this rainy day!!We are on “F” of our ABC countdown!!  I brought kiwi for all to eat for a morning snack:)  Speaking of which, we could use some more, we have enough for a day or two.  Thanks!!

We take the NWEA on May 30th and the 31st.    That’s next Wednesday and Thursday.  We are practicing in the room, at a no-stress level!!  Your children will do fine!  Just try and have them here those two days (unless they are sick, they can make-up later).  I will have some extra snacks, etc. to help keep everyone focused!

Second grade field day (Olympic days starting in third grade) will be June 7th in the afternoon.  Ms. Lopez (gym teacher) is taking orders for air-brushed T-shirts for that day.  Shirts are $12.00 and must be ordered by this Friday.  Mr. Lopez has information on her blog..  Thanks this is just an option-no need to buy:)

Language Arts:  I will be testing your child individually again over the next few weeks!  I have a room full of great readers, so just keep reading at home!  We will work on inference and prediction this week!

We are also going to spend about 30 minutes each day doing some kind of NWEA practice, to help them know what to expect, again, at a no stress level.

Homework:  I will send home a Coat of Arms, character assignment again today, that is due Thursday.  Thanks and please remind your child to do this!

Math:  We have completed the official second grade math curriculum!!!  Your child will complete a Unit 9 math challenge today, along with ST Math and some NWEA practice.  The rest of the week we will continue to spend about 30 minutes a day on NWEA (we also did this last week), each day we will work on an end-of-year 2nd grade assessment, and we will continue to work on fractions and multiplication and division!  Please practice at home.  If your child still needs help with money and telling time, please practice at home!!  Example:  From 4:00-4:45, Monday and Thursday, how many minutes is that?  Hours and minutes?  -things like this!!

Homework:  Homelinks is completed, but your child will have a math worksheet each day, that will be due the next day.

Science:  We are still into our insect and plant unit and watching these things grow!!  What can your child tell you about the silkworm’s life cycle and care?

Social Studies:  Your children continue to lead our twice-daily calm classroom lessons.  We are working in our passports.  Again, if you can do a presentation to the class, let me know!

Have a great week and thanks for all that you do!

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview May 14, 2018

Hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day!!

Today is the start of our ABC countdown!!  Your child should have their sheet, reminding them of each days activities!!  Have fun with it!!  Yes, and can’t believe that means that there are 26 days of school left!!!

Please remember that the walk-a-thon is this Friday.  We will walk from 11:00-11:20!!

We are out of snacks:(!!

Language Arts:  We will continue to read books at our levels and focus on non-fiction this week.  We are still reading and writing about our insects and watching them grow!   We are also doing some NWEA practice that is no pressure, just getting them use to some of the format and questions.

L.A. homework:  We will have a writing assignment handed out today, that is due this Thursday.

Math:  We are finishing up our Unit 9 this week and will have a test on Thursday.  This concludes our 2nd grade math program, but all along, we have been doing extra/challenging math activities and will just continue this through the end of the year!  We are ready for 3rd grade!!  We are also doing some extra NWEA practice, again, no pressure, just to get ready for the tests toward the end of this month.

Homework:  Homelinks book and parent letter will be going home tonight!  read with your child.  🙂   Worksheets will go home Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  No homework on Thursday because of the test.  (as usual)

Science:  We continue to study our bugs and plants!

Social Studies:  We will continue to work in our Passport Books!  We have a presentation on Iraq today.  If you can still come in and give the second grade a presentation on a country, let me know!!  Thanks!!

Have a safe and relaxing week.

Thanks for all that you do.

Sincerely, Jean Clement


Weekly Overview May 7, 2018

We have about 7 weeks of school left, so still lots of reading, writing and math!!  Your child will have the last NWEA testing at the end of this month.  I will let you know the dates soon.  It is so wonderful to have a smart classroom that works and plays so well together!!

We can still use snacks, but thanks for the snacks that did come in!!

Our Ray School Field day, I believe, will be Thursday, June 7th-just to let you know.

Science:  Our silkworms have hatched over the weekend!!  So you will hear about their life cycle for the next 7 weeks!  We will be reading about, recording and taking care of each silkworm!!

The bug projects are wonderful and presentations have begun!!

Social Studies:  We continue to listen to and write about each country that parents are presenting!!  If you can present, please let us know!  We will learn about Egypt this week, but could learn about a different country if you can come in?!!

Language Arts:  Your children loved poetry!  Keep writing at home!!  We are review proper nouns, grammar and story structure this week-focusing on characters, plot, setting and solutions and how they are solved in the stories!

Homework:  Your child will have a writing assignment today, that is due this Thursday-some have missed this and have been asking to write at home again!!

Math:  We will complete lessons 9.8-9.11 this week.  We will review money and making change-practice at home!!, double facts, even numbers, equal groups and multiples of 5 and 10.

Homelinks:  Monday through Thursday, 9.8-9.11.

Thanks for all that you do.

Sincerely, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview April 30, 2018

May is almost here and hopefully some warmer weather!  We have released our first egg sac of praying mantis and we released our Painted Lady butterflies last week!!  I am sure your heard!!  It was all so fun!!

Snack are need for this week (tomorrow!!)  and for the rest of the year!  Thanks so much and your children really need this snack in the afternoon!!  Thanks!

International Night is this Wednesday starting at 5:30!  Hope you can attend!!

Also we have a fund-raiser if you are in the market for a new mattress!  Look on our website or flyers have been sent home!!

Language Arts:  This is the last week that we will be reading and writing poetry.  Some students have been writing their own poems at home and hope this will continue for everyone to read and enjoy poetry!!

We are also doing research and writing about our But Project, which is due this Friday!!  Hope everyone has been learning about the bug that they chose to work on!!  Due May 4th!!

Homework:  Bug Project due Friday.

Math:  We will be working on lessons 9.4-9.7 this week.  We are measuring accurately-to the 1/2 inch, we are working with fractions each day!  Please practice at home.  We are including equivalent fractions.  We will also work on 3-digit subtraction this week.  If your child needs extra practice with the basic facts, please practice at home!!!  Thanks

Homework:  Homelinks Monday through Thursday 9.4-9.7

Science:  We are watching and learning about our preying mantis egg sacs, our meal worms and we now have silkworm eggs!!!  So exciting!!!

Social Studies:  We are knee-deep in our passports.  Last week we learned about Thailand, Belgium and Ecuador.  This week we will learn about our own Puerto Rico!  If you would like to give a 10-15 minute presentation to add to your child’s passport, please let me know!!  Thanks  We are all learning a lot and enjoying our travels!!

Please have a wonderful week and hope to see you on International Night!!

Thanks for all that you do.

Sincerely, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview April 23, 2018

Welcome to Earth Week!!  We will be cleaning up the front garden of Ray School tomorrow morning!!  We will also be planting again all week!!

Science:  Along with celebrating Earth Week, we will continue to learn about, observe, and write and read about the life cycles of our insects!!  We are all so excited!  Most of the Painted-Ladies have hatched and we will probably release them on Friday.

Our meal worms are starting their metamorphosis process and our praying mantis egg sacs should hatch in a week or two.

Homework:  Your child should be working on their “Bug” project (brochure) for the next two weeks.  It is due May 4th!  Coming up!!

Math:  We will have another cumulative Unit 8 Assessment today.  Tomorrow we will start Unit 9!!  Our last unit of the year.  I have been incorporating many other math skills into our lessons, and we will continue to do so.

Unit 9 is all about Equal Shares and Whole Number Operations.  Lessons 9.1-9.3 will be completed this week.We will be working with fractions, using shapes all week.  Practice this extra at home-many students will need the extra practice.

Homework:  No homework tonight.  Unit 9 starts tomorrow and homelinks Tuesday through Thursday, 9.1-9.3, due the following day.  Thanks

Language Arts:  We are working on Poetry all week.  We are reading and writing poetry.  We will also be writing Haiku’s

this week! We spending time each day reading our leveled books.

Homework:  Work on the “Bug” project and your child should be reading at least 30 minutes each night.

Social Studies:  We are well into working on our Passports!  This is so exciting and your children are learning much about the world.  If you are able to do a presentation to the second grade class, please let me know!!  It should be about 10-15 minutes and the second graders are loving these presentations and filling up their “passports”-so fun!

Have a great week!!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview April 16, 2018

Good Morning to this spring snow!!!:)
To start off….we cold us snacks and tissue (Kleenex)-thanks!!

Report card pick up is this Wednesday.  Please email me with a time or send a note in-you can also see me before or after school.  Looking forward to meeting with you!  Thanks for coming in!

For Earth Day we will be cleaning up the school grounds inside the front fences!  We will be doing that tomorrow!!

Also, the second grade class is working with Ann Toebbe, an artist and 2nd grade parent, to create and paint a mural inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe!  It is outside the basement girls washroom!!  We have just started this and different students will be painting each Friday!

Please remember to stop by the book fair on Wednesday and your child can bring money in if you want them to visit the book store during the school hour.

Science:  So exciting!  Our Painted-lady larva have started to form chrysalis!!  A few of our meal worms have started the process of forming into a beetle:)!!  Our praying mantis egg sacs should hatch in a few weeks.  We are doing  a lot of observations and research to learn about the life cycles of these insects.

Homework:  Your child will have an insect homework sheet with them today to get them started on their report.  The report is due May 5, so they have plenty of time to learn about the “bug” they are interested in.   The project says insect, but it is fine if they choose something that is not classified as an “insect”  (spider, etc.)

Language Arts  (and Science):  We will continue to read our leveled books, work with poetry-both reading and writing, and research both insects and the countries that we are learning about.

Homework:  This will be the last writing assignment this week in Poetry again.  Starting next week, your child should just be working on their insect project for their language arts homework.  Thanks  The poetry is due this Thursday.

Math:  We will complete lessons 8.9-8.12 and will be taking the Unit 8 assessment this Friday.

The lessons continue to work with 2 and 3-dimensional  shapes and multiplication.  We are also measuring with both centimeters and inches and working on accuracy.

Homework:  Homelinks Monday and Tuesday-turn in Tuesday on Thursday, and Thursday will be homelinks 8.11, due Friday.  Thanks

Social Studies:  We have had a presentation on Japan and we will learn about Belgium tomorrow!  Please send in a note or email me if you would like to present to second grade about another country!!  We have begun working in our Passports!!  So exciting!!

Science:  Besides all our our insect observations and research, we are also watching our plants and learning about the life cycle of plants, (as well as the life cycle of insects).

Have a nice week and I am looking forward to meeting with you this Wednesday.

Sincerely, Jean Clement



Weekly Overview April 9, 2018

We all woke up to a snowy Monday!!  We have a busy week planned here!

Thanks for the snacks that came in last week!

Report card pick up is next Wednesday, April 18th.  Please email with a time that is good for you or I will also be outside with a schedule and you can sign up then.

Science:  Hopefully you have heard that our Painted-lady larva, meal worms and preying mantis egg sacs have arrived and we are already observing and learning about these insects!!  We will do lots of observing, reading, writing, and learning about these insects and their environments.  We can use a bit of oatmeal, apples, and potatoes to help feed our insects! Thanks

Homework:  Your child should be thinking about an insect that they would like to do a report on.  A guideline will go out this Thursday, but the report is not due until May 5th, so plenty of time to plan and have fun with it!!!

Social Studies: *** We are also starting a passport project for social studies and your children will learn about different countries and creative their own “passport”  These presentations will be provided by any parent that would like to come in and present to all 3 second grade classrooms for 15-25 minutes!  If you are interested in doing this, please email me or send in a note!  We have our first presentation this Wednesday on Japan!  So exciting!!

Language Arts:  We are heavily into Poetry and hearing lots of poetry and writing our own!  Your children are really loving this!!!  We are also working on paragraph writing, and will start to do some research on our insects!!

Homework:  Due this Thursday.  They will write what they already have learned about one of the insects that they have observed in our classroom.  Thanks for your help in this!

Math:  We are working with 2-dimensional shapes and will have some 3-dimensional shape activities this week.   We are learning about vertices, lines segments, faces, sides, line rays, and end points this week.

Homework:  Homelinks 8.5-8.8 this week-we will try and do 8.8 in the classroom on Thursday since there is no school this Friday.

Thanks for all your help.

Weekly Overview April 2,2018

Welcome back from Spring Break!!  Hope everyone had a good week and hope I see everyone back today!!  I missed them all!!!

First things first-we need snacks!!  Thanks:)

Science:  I am excited to start a new science unit this week-we will be studying Plants and Insects!!  Should be a lot of fun and a lot of learning and exploring!!  I will be ordering Preying Mantis egg sacs, Painted Lady eggs, and silkworm larva.  We will be observing all development and be caring for these animals-learning about their habitats and life cycle developments.  We have already planted in the classroom (hope you heard about that), but will be planting more, inside and outside!!

Math:  We start our new Unit 8-Geometry and Arrays.  This week we will work with attributes of 2-Dimensional Shapes, comparing triangles, pentagons, and hexagons, and working with quadrilaterals.  We will also be continuing to understanding  multiplication and division-everyone is getting better and better with this!!  Work a bit extra at home if your child needs the practice!  Thanks

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, homelinks 8.1-8.4.  Thanks

Language Arts:  We will be working on comparing and contrasting stories.  We will also be working on the prefix over-, and words with or and ore.  Our stories will include learning about our environment through plants and insects!

Homework:  Your child will have a writing assignment-they should tell me about their Spring Break-  Most of them have already!!  Lots of excited kids this morning!!  Due Thursday.

We will also be sending home information about an Insect Project that your child will work on and complete at home.  This project will be due May 4th, but more information to come later this week.  They will have to be thinking about an insect that they will want to research.  Thanks

Social Studies:  We will be working on geography and map skills this week.  We are also continuing our 2nd step program and our calm classroom lessons.  Your children are now running the calm classroom lessons!!!  Ask your children about them.

Have a great week and thanks.

Jean Clement


Weekly Overview March 19, 2018

We have some fun things planned for this last week before Spring Break!!

Please help your child remember to wear Green on Wednesday!!!

Math:  Today we will complete Unit 7 in math!!  We will review counting, measurement,using information in a chart and finding a target number.

We will have our Unit 7 test tomorrow.

Homework:  Practice Unit 7 test for tonight.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, no homework-test day.  I will then give them a worksheet both Wednesday and Thursday for homework-no homelinks this week.

Language Arts:  We are reading and learning about Women We Should Know this week.  We are mainly focusing on scientist.  Who can your child tell you about?  We are also going to practice the 300 most common English Words this week.

Homework:  Your child has a worksheet-book report with a Coat of Arms about a character in the book, due Thursday.Thanks

Social Students:  We continue with our 2nd step program, calm classroom curriculum and learning about Women we should Celebrate!!

Science:  We will finish our work with TarPul, erosion and engineering this week.  We will move on to Plants and Insects when we come back.

Have a great Spring Break!!!  Thanks for all that you do to help make this year the best that it can be!!  Thanks

Sincerely, Jean Clement