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Weekly Overview October 30, 2017

YEAH!!!  Our class won the Pizza Party for having the most participants in the Taffy Apple sale!!!  We had 14 students and 2 teachers in that count!!!  Thanks you! Thank you! Thank you!  Date to be determined:)

Tomorrow is our field trip and we will be outside all day and it will be COLD!!!   Please have your child wear their hat, mittens, coat and warm shoes!!  It might be muddy.  Your child can take their lunch in their backpack and they will get a pumpkin to bring back in their backpack!!!  It should be a fun day!  Thanks for the parents that said they can come!!

Please remember that Friday is a Staff Development Day-students do not come to school!

We still have some Ray Logo to sell!  The t-shirts are ten dollars and fun to wear both Wednesday Spirit Day and Friday gym day!!

Language Arts:  We Have been learning about the Native Americans of the Plains.  This week we will move on and learn about the people and culture of the eastern woodland Native Americans.  We are all working in Guided Reading groups and reading and writing to each day!

Homework:  Worksheet that your child will have today, is due this Thursday.

Math:  We will be generating equivalent names for numbers and writing them in math boxes, playing name that number, working with frames and arrows and we will have our Unit 2 test this Thursday.  We will have a review on Wednesday.  The best way to study is just by going over the homelink worksheets.  Thanks.  We are also working on just quickly knowing our facts (addition and subtraction)!

Homework:  Homelinks Monday through Wednesday this week, no school Friday.

Social Studies:  We will continue to learn about the different Native American cultures.

Science:  We are manipulating solids and learning about physical changes.  (as opposed to chemical reactions/changes)


Weekly Overview October 23, 2017

Good Morning.  Looking forward to a busy, fun week!

Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY!!!!  Your child has their envelope if you want pictures!!

We will be going on our field trip next Tuesday, October 31st.  We will be outside, at the farm, so please make sure that your child dresses for the farm and the weather!  Have your child bring a lunch, and they can just keep it in their backpack and take their backpack on the bus!  Thanks.  We can have as many parents as can go, so if you can go and have not let me know, please let me know and come if you can!!

Thanks for the snacks coming in!!


Language Arts:  We will be covering different Native American regions of the United States and their different cultures over the next 4 or 5 weeks.  We started with The People of the Plains last week, and will start the Eastern Woodlands later this week.

We will also continue to read fables and folktales and talk about lessons/morals from these stories.

Your child is writing in their Journal each week in class.  Ask them what they are writing about.  Ask them the difference between this and their Writer’s Notebook!!  I can already see gains in their writing, penmanship, and sentence structure!

Homework:  Your child will have their writing assignment today, that is due Thursday.  They should also be reading each night, and please work with them about filling out their reading log!  It’s a nice way to talk with them about what they are reading and why!

Math:  Today’s lesson is on subtraction.   We will then have lessons of odd and even numbers, patterns and shapes, and reviewing our work with Math Boxes toward the end of the week.  Does the turn around rule work in subtraction? (Yes)!!! We will have our Unit 2 review assessment next Wednesday.

Social Studies:  We will be learning about the different Native American cultures through November.  We are also talking about and will complete some lessons about our government and how it is structured.

Science:  We are still working in our Liquids and Solids unit.  We will be discussing and investigating how solids come in all shapes and sizes.

Have a great week!!!

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview October 16, 2017

Good Morning.

Hope everyone looked over their child’s progress report.  Everyone seems to be doing their best and enjoying school!  Let me know if you have any questions!  Thanks

Please remember your $85.00 classroom fee!

Also, it’s not too late to turn in your Taffy Apple form today!!!  Many, many thanks for all who did!!!

Thanks for the snacks coming in!  All children are enjoying!

Our field trip is set for October 31st!  to the Children’s Farm!!  Should be a lot of fun!!

Language Arts:  Over the next few weeks will be focus our reading and discussions around Folktales and Fables.  What can your child tell you so far about Folktales?

We will also start to do activities around Native American and the different cultures they have represented in the United States.  We will have some extra activities in November, too.

Homework:  Your child will have their weekly vocabulary/writing assignment with them today, that is due Thursday!

Thanks for your help in this.

Math:  The Unit 1 math assessment went home last week.  Please look over it with your child, and practice anything that you think needs extra attention.  Thanks.  The Homelinks (homework sheets) have finally arrived!!  Your child will have the yearly overview from the unit with them today.  Keep it and it will help you see where we are each week/Unit.  There are about 10-12 lessons in each unit.  You can check the overview and follow along with our math program.

Homework:  So now your child will be taking home a homelinks sheet each Monday through Thursday, and completing one each night, and returning it the next day.  We go over it quickly, your child will put a smilie face on it (this shows that I have seen it) and it will be returned each night.  Thanks for your help in this homework.  If the homework is too challenging, work on a few of the problem for 5 to 10 minutes.  If your child can do more, turn the paper over and make some more challenging problems for your child to complete.  Their “home schooling”!!  Thanks

Science:  We are still working in our solids and liquids unit.  What can your child tell you? And did you play the memory game with the liquid vocabulary words?

Social Studies:  We will continue to work in our Second Steps program encouraging community building and those life-long skills that go along with that.  We  will also be going into our Unit on Native Americans.  More information to follow.

Thanks for all you do.  Our 2nd grade room is working nicely together and we are reading and writing a lot each day:)!!!

Have a great week!!!


Jean Clement


Weekly Overview October 2, 2017

Already October!!

A few Reminders:

-$85.00 classroom fee

-Thanks for the snacks, but we still need them coming in!!  Thanks

-Taffy Apple Sale!!  Please try and participate-if only buying an item or two!!  Orders due October 13th and pick up October 23-27!  Thanks for your help in supporting our school!!!

Language Arts:  This weeks lessons will include still asking and answering questions, What is a noun? and Cause and Effect in our stories.  We will also start to introduce Folktales and Fables!!

We will be writing in our Journals and in our Writer’s Notebooks!  Ask your child about these.

Homework:  The homework sheet is in your child’s homework folder.  The sheet is due Thursday.  Thanks!!

Math:  We will be comparing numbers, using the larger than, less than, and equal  signs. We will be working with numbers in the 10,00s!!    We will be counting by 5s, 10s, and 100s, and exploring Areas of objects.

Homework:  Our homelinks homework books have not arrived yet, so your child will have fact sheets again, due Friday!  Your children are getting so much faster (better) at just knowing these facts!  I big step/goal for second grade!  Thanks for your help.

Science:  We are working in our solids and liquids and comparing properties.  We built a structure (tower) last week.  What did your child tell you?  You could get some Objects and see how high a tower your child could build at home!!

Social Science:  We are discussing different communities and how we all work together in so many ways.  (So needed in this day and age).  Thanks for your input-your children are wonderful!!

Have a great week and I am really enjoying your children.  We are reading, writing, and working with numbers each day!!  Your child should feel pushed, but not stressed:)!!  Please let me know about anything if you see any need!!!

Thanks for all you do.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 25, 2017

Good Morning and hope all had a good weekend!

-Thanks for snacks coming in, but we could use some more this week!

-Remember every Wednesday is Spirit Day-have your child wear green and white!

-Just a reminder, that my email address is or you can always call the office or write a note if you need to get in touch with me!

Language Arts- Again this week, and for the next several weeks, we will be working on asking and answering questions using who, where, how, what, why and when.  We will include discussions on Author’s Purpose in writing and working on grammar in writing statements and questions.

Homework:  Your child will have their homework sheet today, that is due this Thursday.  Thanks

Math:  Hope your child mentioned that we are working with calculators to add numbers up to 100!  We will continue with this all week.  We will again work with quarters.  Please review at home, too.  A good thing to do is get a bowl of coins and have your child grab some and count how much change they picked up!  This will really help in their counting coins.  We will also be doing this in the classroom.  Your children will skip count on number grids and see patterns in their counting. (count by 3;s, 4’s , etc.)

Homework:  Homelinks has been ordered and we will probably start them next week.  Your child will have another Math Facts packet to work on this week.  It is due Friday.  The idea is to get these facts down with really just knowing them.  Thanks for your help!

Science:  We have started our unit on Solids and Liquids.  What can your child tell you that they have learned.  We are discussing properties of solids and grouping solids.

Social Studies:  We are still working with our community unit and working with our new second step unit that has us thinking about how we work together as a group.

Thanks for all your help!  Have a great week!

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 18, 2017

Happy third week of second grade!  Looking forward to a fun and productive week.

Thanks for the snacks coming in!!

$85.00 class fee is due when you can turn it in.  Thanks

Please remember that every Wednesday is Ray Spirit Day!  Your child should wear their green and white!  Also, because Wednesday and Friday are gym and health days, easy days to remember to wear green and white!

Language Arts:  This month we will be working on your child asking and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.  Work on at home!

Also this week we will be working on compare and contrast in a story, writing complete sentences and writing a friendly letter.  We will also be talking and learning about prediction and inferences in stories.  Ask these kinds of questions when your child is reading at home.  Thanks

Homework:  We will start using a Reading Log this week.  Your child will have this in their Homework Folder and should just always keep it in their folder.  Help you child with the routine.  They (or you) should date it, circle Home, write the Title of the book and the minutes read, and check off the Finished It! box if/when the book was finished.  I will staple about 10 sheets together, and your child will get a new Reading Log packet when this current one is completed.  Thanks for all your help in this-it is their most important homework:)!!

Math:  Lessons this week include working on our number scrolls, counting coins, number grid puzzles, equivalent names for numbers (50 +20=70, 75-5=70, etc.), working with two cards to make 100.

Homework:  The Everyday Math homework does not start until the end of Unit 1, sometime next week, so I will be sending home Math Fact Practice sheets this week.  I will send home a packet today and it is due Friday.  Thanks.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for your help in these beginning weeks!!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 11, 2017

Good morning the second week of 2nd Grade!!  We had a fun, active first week of learning about each other and getting to know 2nd grade.

Please come to our Open House this Thursday from 4:00-6:00 if you can!!!

We have been getting to know routines and schedules during our first 4 days.  I hope your child is feeling comfortable and organized in the room.

Your child should have their Homework Folder with them each day when they come home.  Please get in the habit of checking this each day for homework and notes.   Remind your child that they should take it out of their backpack each morning when they come to school and they put it in their Seat Sack.  Thanks

Please remember to pay the $85.00 classroom fee.

Please bring in snack for the classroom.  We all eat the same snack each day.  We need enough for 25 students.  Thanks for the snacks that have already come in!!

We now have a water filter drinking fountain station outside the cafeteria, so please have your child bring in a reusable water bottle and they can fill it up every day during lunch!!!  Thanks PTO!!!!


Language Arts:  We have been focusing on community building and reading books and completing activities around that theme.  We will also continue this through this week.  I have started a chapter book Zeely by Virginia Hamilton.

Social Studies:  Language Arts and social studies, during these first few weeks will be focusing on our Community, what that means to us and how we all work together.  We have a new program titled second step that focuses on Skills for Social and Academic Success.

Homework:  Your child will have a parent letter introducing you to second step and they will also have a Homework worksheet from the program this is due this Wednesday.  This will give you two nights to help your child complete it.

Your child will also be getting a Reading Log this week to help them keep track of their reading at home.  You should record, with your child, each night what they have read and how many minutes they read.


Math:  We are using Everyday Math and are working on putting in place routines in our classroom-weather charts, days in school, calendar, job duties, etc.  We will continue these beginning of year routines and will also work with money, number scrolls,  and number grid puzzles.

Homework:  Will start tomorrow and we will have homework usually Monday through Thursday in Math.

Science:  Our first unit will be Solids and Liquids.  A note will go home on Wednesday introducing you to the unit.  We will also start our unit on Wednesday.  We even had a lava lamp brought in last week-a great segway into our solid and liguid unit!!!:)

I am looking forward to a new week working with your children!

Sincerely, Jean Clement

First week of 2nd grade!!

Dear Parents,

Just wanting to let you know that I think the first week was wonderful!  Hope your child felt the same.

I will try and update this Blog each Monday morning, during the first hour!

Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday!

Thanks for all your help so far.

Jean Clement

End of Year

Thank you everyone for helping room 215 have a wonderful school year!  Everyone received their end of year packet, with their letter and worksheets to complete!!  Keep their journal going, enjoy all the suggestions for their Writer’s Notebook and complete math worksheets and continue to use these as a guide to do other work like them.

Also please to go ST Math, Raz-Kids and Star Fall on the internet for further work to prepare for third grade.  Their are many web sites to go to.  Put in third grade work and look at what works for your child.

Have a wonderful summer, and remember, if your child has work to return to me that they did over the summer, I will have an extra book for them in the fall!!  Keep up on the reading log, too!!!

Enjoy your summer and I will truly miss your children!!


Jean Clement

June 12 to 20

Dear Families,

As we approach the last day a few things you should note:

Tuesday June 20th is picnic day.  Please do not send in things that if lost or broken would be missed.  Please send a blanket or beach towel to sit on outside.  Send plenty to drink, snack etc. Parents are welcome to attend.  We will be half day outside and half day in watching a movie.

Math home assignments will continue through Thursday June 15th.

The following are summer suggestions.  If you would like a packet of work for your child for summer work please let Ms. Sheridan know, otherwise we will not be making those copies this year.  PLEASE NOTE:  if your child is not reading everyday this summer they lose important reading development time.  Research shows months can be lost.  Help us to close the “achievement gap” by insisting that your child read every day.

Please, please, please be sure your child has a water bottle to keep on their desk (sports lids only please)

Summer suggestions:
Read everyday.
Login to  Raz-kids and continue your online learning.
Visit the Chicago Public Library, and at least 2 museums.
Practice your math with
Write every week.
If you need some ideas for get started, try these:
I feel happy when. . .
My favorite thing to do is. . .
On weekends I like to . . .
I was really embarrassed when . . .
My best friend and I . . .
When I get grouchy . . .
I wish my parents . . .
If I had three wishes…

Have a safe and fun summer!!!

June 5 to 9

Thanks to all of the parents for helping make our trip to the forest preserve a success!

Please send in a snack for the class

Field Day for second grade is scheduled for Thursday.  Students are encouraged to wear Ray swag during field days


Home assignments:

Reading Submit the book report each Friday
Math sheet–Mon through Thurs
eight, near, once, paper, seven, upon, wash, who, woman, yourt

Writing Application

Please take these last few weeks to complete any and ALL incomplete writing application choices from the year.  All past topics can all be found on the Ray School Website under second grade teacher’s blog.  Please do your best to emphasize the writing process (Plan, draft, revise, edit and submit) as you make these assignments up.  Submit them as they are completed.

May 30 to June 2

This is an exciting week in second grade!
Thursday we will attend the 3rd grade play.  It is always exciting to have students see their older peers in an activity that they can anticipate with excitement for the coming year.

Additionally the kids are taking the NWEA MAP assessment for the first time this week.  Make up testing will be end of week and into next week.  Please make sure your child is on time to school each day, as the testing schedule depends on it.

Friday is our final field trip.  Students must bring a lunch and must be on time. Any and all parents are welcome to chaperone.  Please remember that chaperoning is a responsibility.  Please turn off your phones during the trip and be present with our students.  All chaperones must ride the bus.  Siblings are not invited.

Ray Olympics for second grade is scheduled for next week.  Students are encouraged to wear the Olympic gear they purchased or any Ray swag during Olympics.


Home assignments:

Reading Submit the book report each Friday
Math sheet–Mon through Thurs
above, enough, falling, happened, lived, loved, should, sorry, want, while

Writing Application

Please take these last few weeks to complete any and ALL incomplete writing application choices from the year.  All past topics can all be found on the Ray School Website under second grade teacher’s blog.  Please do your best to emphasize the writing process (Plan, draft, revise, edit and submit) as you make these assignments up.  Submit them as they are completed.