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Weekly Overview September 28, 2009

Welcome to a busy, focused filled week!  We have had a wonderful morning and beginning of the week!  Many thanks.

Thanks for the snacks coming in.  Please remember to pay your 85.00 classroom fee-I have ordered Time and Spanish Magazines and the bills are due!!  Thanks.  It is okay to pay some now- even $20.00 will help to pay your child’s magazine subscriptions.  Thanks.  You can pay the rest later.

Picture day is Wednesday.  We are all going to try and wear our Ray t-shirts each Friday for gym day and for Friday Spirit days!!!  Have your child wear green and white if they do not have Ray logo!!!!

Language Arts:  We are  our read aloud – The Trumpeter Swan by E.B. White.  Ask your child about this story-can they make a prediction about what might happen?  Our shared reading is Angel Child, Dragon Child, which we started today.  We are working on the vowel “E” and patterns we see in reading (_e_, ea, ee, _y, ei, etc.)  We will take a test on Angel Child, Dragon Child this .  We are writing in our Journal and our Writer’s Notebook.  Ask your child about these.

Homework:  Your child should take home their Open Court book (Angel Child, Dragon Child) to practice reading the story fluently.  L.A./Social Studies/Science  homework-Your child will have their Time Magazine with them.  They will read two of the articles, writing a paragraph (each paragraph should be at least five sentences long) on each article.  The first article “An Artic Passage (page 2), should be read and they should answer the “Think!” question (which is also on that page).   The question reads “Does it help or hurt the environment if more ships use the Northeast Passage?”  Explain your answer.  The second article, on page 6, “The Big Garbage Patch” should be read and they should write a persuasive paragraph, giving their opinion on “Who is responsible for the world’s oceans?  Both of these articles involve water (a nice connection to our Science  unit on Water!)  These two paragraphs are due on Friday.  Please have your children return to school each day with the Time Magazine, as we will use it in class (at least on Thursday.)   Thanks.  Please help your child with sentence structure.  Thanks.  Can they come up with a fun, powerful first sentence?  For extra credit they can label and color the World Map that they have with them.  This map should be turned in on Friday with their paragraphs.

As always, your child should be reading each night. 

Math:  We will complete lessons 1.11-1.14 this week.  We will have our test on Unit 1 on Friday.  Your child will have their Math Journal 1 with them on Thursday.  This book must be returned on Friday.  The test will cover money (how would you show 65 cent, etc. using coins), telling time, name-box collections (write 10 names for number 27 -we have been doing this in class) and completing a bar graph.  Reviewing homework assignments are always a good review. 

Homework:  Monday through Wednesday, worksheets, study for the test Thursday evening using their Math Journa 1.

Science:  We will investigate surface tension of water using a soap and salt solution of water.  We will also estimate how many full drops of water can fit on a penny.  We will set up our Science Lab Book for recording our pictures and our observations.

Art:  We will be finishing our Calico Animals (if not already finished) and this weeks lesson is titled “Just Look” – Analysis of a painting for its aesthetic properties.  What will your child be able to tell you about a painting entitled Two Cats, by Franz Marc?  Ask them after Wednesday!

Social Studies:  See above under language arts.  Thanks.

Have a Great Week!  Again, thanks for all your help.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview 9-21-09

Many thanks for all the forms and classroom fees coming in.  If you have not paid the $85.00, please do so soon-thanks.  I have most of the forms in, but please get them all in as soon as possible-the emergency form, Internet form, Media form, free/reduced lunch form-thanks.

We have another busy and productive week planned.  Routines are becoming second nature and we are organizing our day so as to be very productive!  I hope to see you TONIGHT at the first PTA meeting, but just as important, this Wednesday for our OPEN HOUSE at 7:00.  I will go over all curriculum, schedules, expectations, etc and hopefully answer any questions that you have!  Please come!!!  We’ll get the year off to a great start!!  Thanks

Language Arts:  Our Accelerated Reader Program is up and running-did your child take a test today on a book that they are reading?  Please ask them what book they are reading this week.  We are also discussion diffent kinds of fiction (what can they tell you), different kinds of nonfiction, keeping a record of what they are reading, and guidelines for working together in large and small groups.  We are also writing in our Writer’s Notebook and in our Journals.  (Learn more at open house!!!)


sorry for the delay…my computer crashed.  our computer guy Russ just came and got it going again….

Homework for language arts :”what’s My Bag?”  Ask your child.  I went over the assignment very clearly.  Hope you are reading this and they can tell you!

Math:  Lessons 1.8-1.11.  Homework Monday through Wednesday.  We will do homework together on Thursday in class.  No school on Friday for the kids.

Art:  Collage making – a cut and paste technique used by artists.  Title: Calico Animals.  If you have, I could use…small pieces of fabric, buttons, rickrack, and other trimmings.  Gift wrapping paper is an item that several of the art projects use.  Thanks.

Social Studies:  We are working on mapping skills-aerial photography and street mapping.  What can your child tell you that they learned today.

Hope to see you tonight, at our PTA meeting and this Wednesday, at 7:00 for Open House.

Thanks, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview

Dear Parents,

Welcome to third grade.  We had a busy first week.  Hope your child came home with lots of stories.  As soon as the Ray School web site is up and running, I will be sending home a “blog” every Monday-a weekly schedule, letting you have a good idea of what to expect.  Please, if you have any questions write me or come in and we can talk.  I would like to send home the weekly bulletin only over the internet-we will work on saving paper, recycling, etc, through out the year and this will help.  If you do not have access to a computer, please let me know.  Thanks.

Attached is our tentative schedule.  I have made a copy for you and one for your child to keep where you think it would be useful.

Remember, Open House is next Thursday, September 23, 2009 at 7:00.  Please come to learn  all about your child’s 3rd grade year.

Language Arts:  We are working on a mini unit about Friendship.  This week we are reading a story together and will take a quiz on the story on Friday.  The story is “Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend.”  What can your child tell you about nouns and pronouns?  We are reviewing vowels this first month and we are discussing “just right” books to read.  We will write each day at school-either in our Journal or our Writer’s Notebook.

Homework:  Read each night for 30 minutes.  Make a book jacket-due Friday.  I will go over the rubric with your child. (what they need to do).

Math:  You should have received the Unit 1 parent letter.  Please refer to it as needed.  We will complete lessons 1.4-1.7 this week.  Homework Monday through Thursday.  Did your child grade their work?  We will do this each day.

Science:  Our first unit will be Water.  We will start this week.  Expect a parent letter from this unit this week.

Social Studies:  These first few weeks, our work will focus around our “Friendship” unit, bringing in healthy school community and classroom environments.

Art:  This week our lesson is titled “New Clothes”- Focus-a tactual texture may be made into a visual texture in a rubbing.  I think (at least now) Art class will be on Wednesday.

Snacks:  We will have snacks this year.  Please bring in enough for at least 32 students.

Many thanks, Jean Clement

June 8, 2009

WOW!!!  The end of the school year….

Thank you, thank you…  To each and every one of you!!  Teacher’s can not be successful without you!  Many, many thanks for all your help.

We will have a summer birthday celebration tomorrow.  If your child has a summer birthday and you want to bring a treat in for the class, please do so.  Thanks.

We will have our picnic on Wednesday, again, please come and join the fun if you can.  Come all day or just for an hour or two when you can.  We will have food here, but your child can bring an extra drink or snacks.  Please bring blankets, balls, any outdoor toys.  Thanks.

There is not school on Thursday (it is a teacher records day).  Friday your child will come for one hour –  from 9 until 10.  Thanks.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and hope to see you back to Ray School next year.

Again, thank you for everything and all your help throughout the year.

Sincerely, Jean Clement