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Weekly Overview October 26, 2009

A few notes:

-Friday is Literacy Day Parade.  Your child can wear a costume of one of their favorite characters.  (more in Language Arts)  Third grade does not participate in the parade, but we will be in the hallway, watching the younger students parade by.  If your child wants to bring in extra drinks and/or treats, that is fine.  I will have some kind of bag for everyone.

Also, if your child has not paid their $85.00, please see the note that they have with them.

Language Arts:  We are reading “The Tree House” all week.  A test will be given on Friday.  I will have the students take home their book to provide extra practice in reading the story, if that is needed.   We will focus on vocabulary and summary.

We will be spending a great deal of time on Friday, simply reading to celebrate our Literacy Parade!!  Your children are very excited about this!!

Homework:  Your child’s homework will focus around a character of their choice.  They have a “Character Web” with them.  They should choose a character (any character from a story they have read is fine), put the name of the character in the center of the web.  They should them give a few word description in each of the boxes.  They can add additional boxes if they wish.

On the back of this web sheet, they should describe their character, using complete sentences and referring to the web words that they used.  Your child should write no fewer than 6 sentences.  The web and sentence sheet should be turned in on Friday.  For extra credit, they can draw a picture of their character (what they might be wearing on Friday.)  They do not have to write about the character they might be on Friday.  Any character is fine, but it would be a nice connection if they choose to focus on one character.

Also, your child should be becoming familiar with the Home Journal Books that are circulating.  We have a total of three books.  Please remember to ask your child about this.  They will have extra writing homework about  every other week.  Please encourage your child to read through these journals.  Thanks.

Math:  We are having a quiz today on Unit 2. (pop quiz!)  Unit 3, lessons 1-4 will be completed.  Please look for the parent letter and unit 3 lesson 1 homework tonight.

Social Studies:  We are working in our Map Essentials Book this week.  Focus- using a “key” when looking for information in a map.

Science:  Building and reading thermometers -ask your child after Tuesday and Thursday!!

Art:  Colors and Feelings.  Working again with oil pastels, we will express ourselves in our own way.  We will also do some extra Halloween art.

Spanish:  Please remember to have your child read in Spanish for practice throught out the week.

Have a great week! 

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview October 19, 2009

Hope everyone saw their child’s mid-term report.  Again, thank you for all your help.  Please sign and return the report.  Thanks.

Tomorrow and Wednesday your children will be taking the Learning First Test.  The reading test is tomorrow and the math test will be Wednesday morning.  These tests, again, give us some idea of how your child is doing in third grade-again, it is one test.  The tests also help with test taking and preparing for the ISAT’s.  Each test is about 55 minutes.  They should relax and do their best.  The tests will be given again in the winter and in the spring.

Thanks for the field trip money coming in.  I need all the money and forms signed and returned by this Friday.  Thanks.

Next Friday, as tradition has it, in celebration of Halloween, your child can dress up as one of their favorite characters from a book.  They can wear their outfit to school.  Next week’s Language Arts Homework will focus around this.  (Writing a description of their character.)

Language Arts:  We will be giving the Learning First Tests for 2 days.  Our focus this week is writing.  Looking through their journal, your child is re-writing a page of their choice by beginning each sentence with a different word.  This was challenging.  Ask your child about it.  We will work on this throughout the week.

Homework:  Your child will have reading homework-they should read at least 30 minutes each night.  In connection with their book, your child should write at least one question that they have in mind about their book.  Any question.  (i.e.  Could I have read this book last year?  I wonder how many pronouns are on each page? etc.  The questions should be listed and turned in on Friday.  Please have your child put the title and author of the book on their homework.  How have you and your child liked the Home Journals?  Encourage your child to read their classmates work and remind them that others are reading their work!  The kids are having wonderful comments to me about these journals!!  Again, three journals are circulating so your child will get a journal about once every 10 days.

Math:  Lessons 2.8-2.10 will be completed and the Unit 2 Test will be on Thursday.  Homework sheets for lessons 2.8 and 2.9 will be Monday and Tuesday.  Math Journal 1 will go home Wednesday evening for study and review.  The Test will be Thursday.

Art:  Colors and Feelings–In expressionism, artists may paint (or crayons) in colors that express their feelings rather than in true-to-life colors.  They will discuss slides by Matisse and Picasso.

Social Studies:  Discussions will focus around Halloween and traditions that we (and other cultures) might have.

Weekly Overview October 5, 2009

Hello.  Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Please remember that the CANDY SALE ends this Thursday!  We are trying to get every child to sell at least one item-this is one our biggest fund-rasiers!!!  Please Help!  Thanks-top classroom gets a pizza party!!!  🙂 

Your child will have a Scholastic book order with them today-it is due Friday.  I’ll order the books Friday and get them back in about a week.  If you want them for a surprise present, just let me know.  Thanks.

Language Arts:   We are all working on reading in our just right reading choices during silent reading time.  We will write in our Journals or our Writer’s Notebooks each day this week.We are reading and review beginning word list for third graders.  We had a discussion about silent reading and writing.  We are working on increasing our stamina and focus for 30 minutes or longer!  Ask your child about the guidelines for workshop rules we came up with.  Your child will be coming home with a beginning third grade word list-keep this for practice at home.  Our computers are not working right now for AR tests-we are working on the problem and hopefully they will be up and running by the end of the day.

Homework:  Have your child pick 10 words from their word list (that they have with them).  They should think up a story, using these ten words in their story.  The story should be at least 10 sentences.  They should underline the words in their story from the word list.  If they use more than ten words from the word list, they will get extra credit-just make sure all the words are underlined so I can easily identify them.  They should then make an illustration of their story.  Have Fun!!  Let them tell you the story, orally first, them have them write out the story.  All this is should be turned in on Friday.

Math:  We will start Unit 2 – Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers.   Please look for the Unit 2 parent letter-your child will have it with them.  Lessons 2.1-2.4 will be completed. 

 Homework-Monday through Thursday 2.1-2.4.  “Fact Triangles” will be coming home today.  They should stay at home for further practice if your child needs it.  Ask your child how to practice the facts using these fact triangles.  Can they explain it to you?

Science:  Will will continue with our Water Unit.  We will add substances (soap and maybe vinegar) to the water to see if surface tension and/or other water properties change.  Science Words include:  water, property, absorb, investigation, and surface tension.  What question did your child have last week.  At the end of every investigation, your child will be writing a question that they have.  Ask your child about this.  As always, thanks for your help.

Social Studies:  We will continue with map work, reinforcing the countries that are being taught in Spanish Class.

Art: “Why not a blue cat?”  -Artists sometimes make arbitrary choices of color, choosing colors that express their feelings- we call this expressionism (we had this conversation last week)  Your child will express themselves using chalk and oil pastels.  Has your child told you about the slides?  We usually start each art class by showing slides of both work of an artist(s) and student art work.  Ask your child on Wednesday who they saw and learned about. (I am guessing this lesson might go into next week-we will see-it is the first time we will be using oil pastels.)

Jean Clement