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Weekly Overview November 30, 2009

Welcome back!  We came back to school with a reminder that we won the prize for bringing in the most cans -58!!!  I (we) did not even know that we would get a pizza party-your children were so wonderful about helping others-thank you very much.  The pizza party will be tomorrow-your child does not need a lunch.  They can bring in an extra drink if they would like, but drinks will also be provided.  If your child paid for lunch for tomorrow, we will return that to you.  Yeah room 206!!!!

Language Arts:  We are reading Make Way For Ducklings this week.  A test will be given on Thursday.  (no school on Friday)  This is a third grade book and on AR.  Your child can choose to take the test this week when they are ready.  We are also reading The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snickett-a seventh grade book that they are all enjoying.  This is the first in a great series…

Homework:  Due Thursday.  Your child will have a web started today on Make Way For Ducklings.  They will complete the web at home, helping them to focus their writing.  They will answer the question  How can an environment be both safe and dangerous for its wildlife?  They will use information from Make Way For Ducklings and their own background information to answer this questions.  They will write one paragraph on “a safe environment” and one paragraph on “how an environment would be dangerous”.  They should use the web to help focus their sentences.  Ask them about their word list from the story.  They should conclude their writing with a final paragraph (at least two sentences– example….as you can see, an environment can be both…)  Can they also put in a question somewhere in their writing.  The web and the final writing should be turned in on Thursday.  Extra credit-they can draw an illustration of their writing.

Math:  Lessons 4.5-4.4.7 will be completed.  We are working on multiplication and division.  What strategies can your child tell you about solving these kind of problems.  Practice facts at home!

Homework-Monday through Wednesday.

Social Studies:  Our lesson this week will focus around “Directions” in map reading.  (North, South, East, West, NE, SW, etc.).  We will also make a compass this week.

Art:  Echo Masks- Your children will see that flat, cut-paper shapes can be made into bold three-dimensional paper sculptures.  Our class will make wearable masks!!

Science:  Your children have made and observed a thermometer.  What can they tell you about hot and cold water?  We will discuss water and energy from water by constructing a waterwheel and using it to lift objects.  We are also reading many books related to water and how important water is in so many ways to our lives and our Earth.  What can your child tell you?

Remember Pizza Party tomorrow!!!  Again, thanks for all your help and interest in our classroom.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview November 23, 2009

Thank you for everyone who came in on Report Card Pick up!!  I am enjoying teaching all your children.   Let us both push your child a little more in reading, writing and math.  Thanks for your help.

Language Art:  Many readings this week will focus around a Thanksgiving theme.  Ask your children what stories we are discussing.  “The Bad Beginning” is still being read-what can your child tell you?  What vocabulary do they remember from the story?  The story has many challenging words that we are making a list of and discussing.  Our writing will focus around journal writing a little more this week.  (We are finishing up any expository writing that is not completed.)

Homework:  (along with our social studies)  Your child has three worksheets that go along with our Time Magazine – Past and Present.  They will have their magazine and the worksheets with them today.  They should complete all three worksheets (one sheet is on both sides) and the worksheets are due on Wednesday.    There are a total of three bonus activities – one on the bottom of each page.  Your child can choose to do one, two or three of these activities and turn them in on Wednesday, along  with the worksheets.  These bonuses are extra credit.  Discuss this option with your child.  Thanks.  Also, the Home Journal Writing Books are still circulating.  Please spend some time reading the Journals with your child when it is their turn to write in them.    These Journals are graded just like homework.  Thanks.

Math:  Lessons 4.2-4.4 will be completed this week.  Homework Monday and Tuesday evenings.  We will do homework with a partner on Wednesday.

Your child has their Unit 3 test and a Unit 3 quiz with them.  Please review and sign and return if I requested that.  Thanks.  As always, go over the test/quiz with your child.  Please review anything that they do not yet have secured.  Thanks.  We are in to facts-multiplication and division!!!  Practice extra at home!

Social Studies:  The stories of Thanksgiving, Native American, sharing and friendship will all be discussed through many stories.

Art:  We will focus around a holiday art activity.

Have a wonderful Holiday and I will see you again next Monday.

Thanks, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview November 16, 2009

I hope to see you Wednesday on Report Card pick up day!!  Please sign up for a meeting inside the main entrance of the school.  Thanks.
Language Arts:  Expository Writing is our focus this week.  I will be sending home an information sheet about expository writing -explaining how to do “something”, or giving information about something.  Your children should be able to give you many details about Expository Writing.  Your child should have shone you their AR report.  Please discuss with them about how many points they are going to make as their goal this quarter.  We will also discuss at report card pick up.  What book is your child reading?

Homework:  Your child will have their first draft of their expository writing with them.  Have them read their writing to you.  They should spend about 30 minutes tonight editing their work.  Did they use signal words?  They do not need to finish their writing.  We will work on it again tomorrow.    Their homework for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night is answering in writing:  How I make my favorite sandwich:  Use their worksheet as a guide.  These should be turned in on Friday.  Thanks for your help.

I am going to keep their homework writing from last week and we will read them with a partner this week, editing their work.

Math:  We are studying for the Unit 3 test today.  The test will be given tomorrow.  Look for the Unit 4 Parent Letter on Thursday and we will begin Unit 4 on that day!!  Homework tonight is studying for the test-they will have their Math Journal 1 with them tonight.  Unit 4.1 homework will be due Friday.

Art:  We will finish painting our Textured Pinch Pots.  You will see them on display on Wednesday!

Social Studies:  In preparation for International Night, each student will be making a flag from their country to be displayed for that night.  What flag is your child working on?  They will start today.

Science:  Discussion and observations will focus around water vapor and exploration of the properties of water in liquid, solid, and gaseous states.

Weekly Overview November 9, 2009

FIELD TRIP TOMORROW!!!   The Hundred Dresses has gotten rave reviews!!!  I am very excited.  Please remind your children how to be sophisticated third graders when on a bus and watching the performance.   They should bring a lunch and we will eat in the classroom when we return.

Picture retake day is next Monday, November 16, 2009.

Your child has a scholastic book order form.  Please turn in forms by Friday if you want to order books.  Thanks.

Just a reminder, no school on Wednesday, Veteran’s Day.

Language Arts:  We have been reading The Hundred Dresses, writing about it in our Writer’s Notebook, discussing bullying and enjoying the story.  We will each draw either a dress or a motorboat today and take the drawings with us tomorrow.  Some of the art work will be displayed during the performance.  Journal writing, this week, will focus around two of the characters-Maddie and Jack.

Homework:  OK, homework for this week and next, as follows.  Your child has either a Learning First Booklet OR a Reading Benchmark Assessment with them.  They should work in their booklet for the next TWO weeks, becoming fluent in the readings and very comfortable with their answers to the questions that follow each story.  Your child should spend at least 30 minutes each night, reading and then answering the questions.  THESE BOOKLETS SHOULD NOT BE RETURNED TO SCHOOL.  Please, review your child’s answers with them, practicing at home.  In addition, your child has an extended response writing prompt.  On this Friday November 13, your child should bring their First Draft of their extended-response to school.  We will read them with a partner (and discuss how to improve), then your child will take the response home.  Your child should then rewrite their response, returning the final response on the following Friday, November 20, 2009.  Again, whatever booklet your child has should stay at home.  These are a good reminder, for parents, of what to expect on the ISAT’s.

Math:  Lessons 3.8-3.10 will be completed.  Please refer to Unit 3 parent letter and homework sheets 3.8-3.10.  Thanks.  In addition, we will working on facts (addition and subtraction)-taking a timed test each day this week!!!  Please practice these at home.  Thanks for your help.

Social Studies:  Working in our Map Essential books, we are learning about different types of maps and how to read information from them.

Science:  Investigation of Water Vapor will be our focus.  We will investigate the effect of surface area and air temperature on evaporation and observe condensation.

Art:  Hopefully you have heard about their Textured Pinch Pots!!  They really enjoyed working with clay and creating their pots!  We will paint the pots on Friday and they will be displayed in the hallway for all to see!!

Have a great week!   Jean Clement

Weekly Overview November 2, 2009


Pictures are coming home today!!!  No school this Friday.

We are having a great week…

Language Arts:  Our focus has been The Hundred Dresses.  Activities, vocabulary,  writing and drawing are all focused around this story that we will go see next Tuesday!!  Some discussions and writings have focused around bullying.   Your child should bring a lunch to school that day.  Thanks.

What can your child tell you about compound words and contractions?

Homework:  As you know, your child will get a worksheet each day, relating to the Time Magazine.  They are being graded and returned each day this week.

Math:  Lessons 3.5-3.7 will be completed.  We are covering lesson 3.6 in two days.  Tonight’s homework will be a fact sheet.  Time your child.  How long did the worksheet take them.  Due tomorrow.  3.7 homework will go home and be due Monday.  Thanks.  How is your child doing with perimeter and area?

Social Studies:  We are working in our Map Essentials book, reading aerial and photo maps.

Science:  Water.  Several read aloud stories focused around water and it’s importance to our world.

Art:  Tomorrow we will make “pinch pots”-a hand-formed ceramic pot!!

Sorry for the delay this week!  Have a nice rest of the week.

Just a reminder.  Please join the PTA if you have not.  We have a “GOAL” chart outside the office that your children made to help keep track of membership and we are watching it grow!!   $10.00 per family.  Many, many thanks!!