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Weekly Overview December 14, 2009

Yeah….hopefully this will go through….

Happy Holidays!!!!  We will have a Holiday Party this Friday.  Please feel free to bring treats and drinks.  We have been busy this week reading about different traditions and cultures and  their celebrations!!

Language Arts:  We are working in our AR books and working in our Academic Vocabulary Builder Books.  Your child will take this book home with them on Friday and I will give them extra papers if they want to work in it over break.  If they do, they can bring it back and I will give them extra credit points!  They are really enjoying this project and I am seeing many of your students using their new vocabulary words in their conversations and in their writing!  They are proud of themselves.  They are also pointing out the words in other literature that they are reading!

Math:  Unit 5 is underway.  Almost all of your students did really well on the Unit 4 math test.  I will have these recorded and returned by Friday.  As always, please review the test and give your child additional help as needed.  Thank you!

Art:  Lots of  little holiday art projects going on.

Have a great Winter Break and Happy New Year!!

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview December 7, 2009

I just noticed that my posting from last week-the weekly overview-was not published.  I guess it is lost in some space???  Here goes this week…

Just to let you plan…we will have a Holiday party, probably next Friday.  We have been reading about a variety of  traditions and cultures.  (see Art below)  We will welcome all snacks and drinks!!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  Our focus will be our read aloud “The Bad Beginning”.  We have started our own individual book “Building Academic Vocabulary”.  Working in this book daily, over the next two weeks, we will create our own mini-vocabulary building guide.  Ask your child about this project and look for their book next Friday.  I will attach extra sheets to their book so they can add to it over the Winter Break if they choose to.  We are all working towards our own AR goals-ask your child how they are doing, what they are reading and about the new charts in the room related to these goals.

Homework:  (Related to our map reading with Social Studies)  Your child will receive a map packet today containing maps of the United States, Canada and Mexico.  They should work on labeling the States or Providences, the Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, etc.  They should write neatly, coloring their maps when the labeling is completed.    Discuss directions (North, South, East and West).  Remind your children that proper nouns are Capitalized and the rest of the letters in the words are lower case.  Have your children review the maps, learning from them.  These three maps should be turned in this Friday.

Math:  Lessons 4.8-4.11 will be completed this week.  Lesson 4.11 will be review for two days-Thursday and Friday and the Unit 4 Test will be Monday.  Look for your child’s Math Journal 1 on Friday.  They can review their work over the week end, but please remind them to return the Journal on Monday.  Thanks.

Homework:  Monday-Wednesday.  Thursday’s homework will be extra math fact practice sheets, which should be returned for homework credit on Friday.

Social Studies:  Map reading.  (This actually goes along with math work this week, too.  I think lesson 4.9.-map reading.)

Art:  We will create some holiday projects.  *If your family has special Holiday Celebrations in any religion or culture that you would like to share with the class, please let me know.  I would love you to come in and read a story, do an art project or simply talk with the children about your culture or traditions.  Please help me help your children to continue to learn to be informed, bright, cultured individuals who are understanding and learning about difference in individuals and cultures.