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February 25, 2010

Hello.  Just a quick note to let you know to look for a parent letter tonight.  Attached to the letter are many items- the ISAT test schedule, your child’s current Math and Reading Benchmark Assessement Results, a practice math ISAT  (that you should go over with your child) plus other information.

Your child will have both their Math and Reading ISAT books with them tomorrow.  The math extended response will also go home tomorrow (not today) so look for items both today and tomorrow.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow for the Black History Month Gallery Walk.

Again, many thanks for all your help.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview February 8, 2010

A three day week!!!!  Wow!  Lots to do….

First of all…did you know that your children collected over $110.00 for Haiti!!!!  I know we could not have done it without you, but your children are amazing-they all cared enough to go home and talk about it with you!!  Many, many thanks.

Secondly….Valentine’s  Day is Sunday….so we will celebrate it this Wednesday from about 2:00 until 2:45.  We then go to Spanish class.  Your child has a class list with them today.  If your child wants to make cards (hand made are great!) or bring in a treat, that is fine, but not necessary.  We have 30 students!!!

Your children are all working very hard.  I hear “do we get to read now?”, “when do we get to write-I love writing…”  These comments make my day!!!  Thanks for all your help.  I am seeing wonderful learners.  I have seen so many gains in every one’s writing and reading skills.  They are all critically viewing their work and can see their own gains-it is wonderful!

Language Arts:  Each day we will complete an ISAT Reading Lesson and your child will take their ISAT book home to review what they have learned.  Today was extended-response writing.  Please look what your child did, they should complete their writing if they did not.  Tomorrow’s lesson will be “Theme” of a story and on Wednesday we will have another extended-response lesson.  They will have their books both Monday and Tuesday evenings to show you their work.  They will also have time to do their 30 or more minutes of reading and have time to work on their Valentine’s.  Can your child tell you about Expository Writing and Extended-Response writing and the difference??  They should be able to articulate the differences.

Most film boxes came in today-they look wonderful and are on display in the hallway.  Your child will sign up for a three minute talk about the person they researched.  Ask your child what day their talk is and have them practice at home.  I have a rubric I will get to them today or tomorrow.

Math:  We are working in our ISAT books – learning about Volume and Number Sentences this week.  We will also complete lessons 6.4 and 6.5.  Homework both Monday and Tuesday.

Social Studies:  We will continue to read and discuss famous African Americans and their stories.

Art:  We will do a holiday art project on Wednesday.  I will do the President Obama art project with them the last week of February.

Weekly Overview February 1, 2010

February!!!  It is hard to believe!!!  Black Literature Night this Friday-your child has a note about this.

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!! The biographies came in and everyone seemed so pleased with their report!!  They will be displayed in the hallway.  If your child needed their report to do their “film box”, I have made a copy of their report for them-they should have it.

Homework for L.A. – due next Monday-February 8, 2010 – is the film box.  Your child has been painting their box-we will finish the painting today and they will take the box home tomorrow.  Today they will have the film strips to start their project.  You have the directions and we have gone over them many times in the classroom-they should know what to do.  We have painted the box, but the boxes should be further decorated with illustrations, scenes, prompts, etc. as your child wants.  At least nine film frames  should be completed.  They should be illustrated with a short phrase or word or date(s) to go along with the pictures.

Thanks for the snacks coming in-your children appreciate them.

*Just an early notice- I have planned a field trip to see a play “Henry and Mudge” April 28th-a Wednesday at Copernicus Center 5216 W. Lawrence.  Just to let you know ahead of time-mark your calendar, but I will send permission slip later-the cost is $12.00.  This covers the play and the bus.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  Besides the African American Project we will be reading stories each day about African Americans or stories that have been written by African Americans.  Last week, in writing, we practiced writing an introduction- 1.  Starting with a  “grabber” – an interesting sentence-, the second sentence actually answering the question being asked, and the third and fourth sentences giving 2 previews or generalizations of what the next two paragraphs will be.

Example:  How would you change the lunchroom?  Start with a grabber.  Then name two changes-say noise level and furniture (or food, or whatever).

This week we will write our first paragraph – our intro – then move on to the next two paragraph and give details about our two previews – say the noise (one paragraph, giving how we would improve the noise level) and the furniture (second paragraph giving detail about what we might change and how)  All week we will work on the two detail paragraphs using different prompts each day.

We are also working in our ISAT language arts book-at least three lessons this week.

I have asked your children to review with you, tonight, a new AR goal for them this quarter.  Please discuss this with them and they should come in tomorrow with some idea of how many points they want to aim for this quarter.

Homework:  Again, the “film strip” with box due next Monday.  I will again send three cursive worksheets today, due Friday.  I received many complaints from your children that they did not get any last week!!  Most of the kids seem to really want to practice.

Math:  Unit 6, lessons 1 through 4.  Look for the parent letter Unit 6 today.  In addition we will cover 3 or 4 ISAT lessons in math, grading and reviewing as we go along.

Homework each night, Monday through Thursday.

Art:  We will do an “Andy Warholish” project on Obama this week-it will be displayed in the hallway for all to enjoy.

Social Studeis:  Lots of African American discussions, books being read and reports being presented.  Your child will sign up to give their three minute talk this week.  I have a rubric that I will get to them.