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Weekly Overview March 22, 2010

I’m looking forward to a fun, busy week.

Language Arts:  This week we will be finishing our Read Aloud- “The Secret Garden”.  You child can take an AR test on it if they wish and if they have been listening carefully to the story-most kids say they want to take it.  It is a 7th grade book, worth 14 points.  We are all enjoying the story!  I will probably finish the story on Thursday. (Maybe we will see the movie of Friday.)  All week our focus will be on writing book reports.  We have started today.  Your child is using their AR book and all work will be completed in the classroom.  Look for your child’s report on Friday.  If your child finishes one report, they will start on a second.  Ask them about what they are doing.

Homework:  The Young Authors Book is due Friday.  If your child finishes it before, please have them bring it in.  We are all reading them and they will become part of our classroom library for the next month.  Three cursive sheets will also be given out today, due Friday.  Reading at least 30 minutes each night is also a “fun” requirement.

Math:  We will take our Unit 7 math assessment tomorrow.  We will review today and your child will have their Math Journal 2 with them tonight for review.  As always, have your child look over their homework assignments for review.   Lessons 8.1 and 8.2 will be completed Wednesday and Thursday, with homework each night.  Look for the Unit 8 parent letter on Wednesday.

Art:  We will finish up our Tree Mural outside our room.  We might also draw our own “secret garden”.

Science:  Hopefully you heard about our investigation of “taking the mock rocks apart”.  After each investigation, your child is recording their observations and questions in their “lab notes”.  What can your child tell you?  This week we will be “observing crystals” and “testing for hardness”.

Social Studies:  Our Map Essentials Activity is titled “Mountains of the World”.  In both science and social studies we are thinking like a geographer!  We will be looking at mountain ranges around the world, undersea mountains and the highest mountain peaks on each continent.

As I said, we have a fun and busy week planned.  Thanks, Jean Clement

Weekly Overview March 15, 2010

Glad to be having a full week of school!!  Don’t forget that PTA is tonight!!

Language Arts:  We are reading our AR books and working on our Young Authors Books.  Students who brought in their Young Authors stories, shared with others.  Everyone worked on their books today in class.  Our readings this week for language arts will focus around “Earth Materials” readings and information.  We will be adding “science words” to our vocabulary word bank in our science books.

Homework:  Your child should be reading each night and working on their Young Authors Book.  They should be spending at least 30 minutes each night on their story.  They have two more weeks to complete this-due March 26th.  They also have three cursive worksheets that are due Friday.  Please help them as needed.

Math:  Lessons 7.6-7.9 will be completed this week-multiplication and division.  We will be taking a math fact test each day this week.  100 facts in 5 minutes-over half the class received 90% or better!!!  They have their first test with them today-practice at home!  The students who completed all 100 problems will be given more challenging problems and will be given 2 sheets-200problems!!!  We will have the Unit 7 assessment next Tuesday.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday and practice math facts!!

Art:  We will be finishing up our Tree Mural from last week.  We will also move on to our next lesson-“Country Landscape” this Wednesday.

Science:  Our Earth Materials Unit is under way!  We will be investigating our “mock rocks”-observing and describing.  (color, shape, texture, mass, etc.-describing properties.)  We will then be taking them apart and describing our observations.  As we add to our word bank, ask your children what new words they are learning.  (geologist,  entomologist, biology, properties, etc.)  Some students have brought in their own rocks-we will add rocks to our rock museum.

Social Studies:  We are working in our Map Essentials (what can your child tell you about our hemispheres-they should know about all 4 hemispheres, the boundaries and why we have them).  We will do some more map reading -looking at geography and communities in Australia.

Your students really like to have snack everyday-we are out of snacks as of today!!!  Please bring in and remind your child to put a sticker next to their name on our “snack chart”!  Thanks.

Hope you have a great week!  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview March 8, 2010

ISAT’s.  We have completed the Reading sessions and we have ISAT’one more ISAT Math tomorrow.  Your children are doing very well.  They are all trying to stay focused and they are doing their best work!  The increase in their writing skills alone in the past several months  is wonderful.  Their math skills and reading skills have also improved so very much!  Over half the class was rated “exceeds” in math and almost that many students in reading in the last learning first tests!!!!  They are a smart group of focused kids!  Thanks for all your help.

Language Arts:  We are reading the chapter book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  Your children can take the AR test if they wish.  I will finished the book in about two and a half weeks.  It is a beautiful springtime story.  Your child should have shared their AR record with you yesterday.  We are half way through the quarter (midterm reports go out Wednesday) so they should be half way to their AR goal.    Along with our Social Studies this week, we will be reading some of the stories for our language arts time.  The articles are about “Testing” and the Olympics.  We will be reading these articles, discussing and working with a partner, asking some questions about these articles.  We will also, starting Wednesday, getting back to reading to our Buddies in Ms. Jane’s room.  Lastly, we will continue to work on our cursive writing.

Homework for Wednesday and Thursday will be for your children to read at least45 minutes each night.

Math: Your child has taken the Unit 6 Math Test.  I read them the problems to help them with the test. (A little extra help because they have been working so hard on the ISAT’s.)  Your child has their test today to show you.  Most students did very well.  We have started Unit 7 and you should have the parent letter.  We will complet lessons 7.2 through 7.5 this week.

Homework.  Math homework will start again tomorrow with lesson 7.3  I will do homework 7.1 and 7.2 in class.

Science:  Today you should receive the Science News Parent Letter about our new science unit Earth Material.  We are making the Mock Rock today and setting up their new science unit lab notes in our Science Notebook.  We will also start a new Word Bank in our science notebooks for this unit.  Remember to ask your children what new “science” words they are learning.

Social Studies:  See above with language arts.  Thanks.

Art: Our lesson this week is titled “A Forest and Its Trees”.  Working with a variety of papers and watercolor paints, we will create a mural using the “double-loading” techniques to paint the foliage. (ask your child about this after Wednesday.)

Thanks and have a great week.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview March 2, 2010

Wow!  One down.  Six to go!  Your children were very well prepared for this morning in  ISAT  Reading.  I  think most everyone did very well.  They stayed focused (and confident and happy).  This afternoon we will have our Expository Writing, then on to more Reading and Math.  Please refer to the testing schedule that you have.

Homework for the week:  I will be sending home both the ISAT Reading and Math to be reviewed as you see needed.  I would encourage them to go over what they have already seen, just for review and confidence.  I will also be going over some of this in class as we have time, so please have them return with both books each day to school.  Thanks.

As most of the mornings are taken up with ISAT, only in the afternoon will we continue with some math.  We will also try and have some quiet reading time each day.  Spanish class will continue as usual because it is last period.

We will also be doing some extra art projects and by Thursday we will start making “rocks” to study.  A parent letter will go home on Science on Thursday.

Thanks for the snacks-we could use more this week.  Thanks to the parents who brought snacks, gum and mints in today.  Everyone enjoyed!