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Weekly Overview April 26, 2010

Hello.  We are in our last quarter and are busy as ever…

Please remember the play we are seeing tomorrow…Henry and Mudge.  The bus will leave as close to 9:00 as possible, so please be to school a little early…5 minutes or so…tomorrow.  Thanks.  Have your child bring a lunch-if it is nice we will eat outside, otherwise, we will have a picnic in our room!!

We are dancing to The Charleston every Tuesday and Thursday mornings for about 50 minutes!!  Your child should be practicing each night!!!  The music can be found on the internet-the dance instructor said that You-tube has a great African-American from the 20’s/30’s??  dancing and thought your children should see that.  Your children should talk to you about that.

We still need snacks!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We are reading every morning in our AR books.  We are learning about Animal Wishing Poetry and we will create some Onomatopoeia Poetry.  We are also reading out of a “Chicago” book (social studies) and working on our city maps (also social studies).  We are also listening to the last of our Young Author Book Talks.  It is very nice to see everyone reading their book and leading a class discussion.  They have all gone very well.  As always, each child still has one day a week that they go down to Ms. Jane’s room and read to their buddy.

Homework:  Monday and Wednesday nights-an Animal Wish Poetry poem that they will create and return the next day.  Illustrations are extra credit.  Tuesday and Thursday-they will have an Onomatopoeia Poem that they will create and return the next day.  Again, an illustration is extra credit.  They have their cursive sheets that are due on Friday.  Many of their cursive work is looking wonderful!!

Math:  Lessons 9.4-9.7  Did your child show you have to multiply with the partial-Products method?  Many of the children loved learning this and were very successful multiplying in this way.  We will be working on number stories-these are a little challenging-work extra with your child at home if needed.  Thanks.  The Unit 9 Math Test will probably be next Friday.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday-lessons 9.4-9.7

Art:  We are working on our Chicago Maps and creating an Earth Day poster-we will continue on both of these this week.

Social Studies:  See above with the Chicago Book and Maps.  We are also working in our Map Essentials Book.  The activity this week is Reading a Community Map-fits right in with our Chicago Map!

Science:  We are finishing up our Earth Materials Unit.  What properties can your child tell you about Calcite and how it reacts and is detected in rocks?  What can they tell you about rocks and minerals?  We will just touch on a Sound Unit (this information is reviewed in upper grades again) and we will be starting a Life Science Unit in about 2 weeks.

Weekly Overview April 19, 2010

Our walking field trip to Mandel Hall’s Concert was wonderful.  The quartet did a really nice job teaching the students about music (classical, romantic and early 20th century).  What can your chldren tell you?

Next field trip is April 28th to see the play Henry and Mudge and is $12.00.  If you have not done so, please return the permission slip with the $12.00!!  Thanks.

Report card pick up is this Wednesday.  Please sign up ahead of time if you can.  Hope to meet with everyone on Wednesday.  Thanks.

***Look for 3rd grade Chicago Play info under Social Studies!!!

We could also use some more snacks for the classroom-if you have not brought any in, please do so-everyone eats snacks almost everyday!!!  Please bring enough for 30 students-thanks.

Language Arts:  We will continue with our Poetry Unit-learning about “Change Poetry and Animal Poetry” this week.  We are also working on reading our AR books, writing in our Journals and Writer’s Notebooks and listening to or giving our Young Author’s Book Talks.  Has your child signed up for their talk?  The talks are going really well-your children are confident and organized.

Homework:  No homework on Monday-the homework could be for your child to tell you about the concert.  Tuesday:  Your child will have a worksheet to help them create a “Change Poem”  Due Thursday.

On Thursday your child will have an “Animal Poetry” worksheet to help them create this poem-due Friday.  Your child should also be reading at least 30 minutes each night-part of homework!!

Math:  We are starting a new unit today Unit 9 -Multiplication and Division.  As we go through this unit, please have your child practice 15 to 20 minutes extra each night if they need the practice on multiplication and division facts.  Thanks for your help.

Homework:  Tonight look for Unit 9 parent letter and homework lesson 9.1

Tuesday and Thursday 9.2 and 9.3 Homelinks.

Art:  We will be working on our Chicago Murals-your children are working in groups to create different areas of Chicago.  What is your child doing?

Social Studies:  We are beginning  to read about Chicago and its history, people, land, etc.  Starting (hopefully) tomorrow we will be working with a dancer and start to create our third grade “Chicago” play.  We will let you know the date as soon as possible.  (And any other help we might need!!)  We will also be working in our Time Magazine and discussing and completing a worksheet on “Tigers”.  Look for on Tuesday.

Science:  Our Earth Materials Unit had us observing rocks and minerals last week to see if they contained Calcite.  What can your child tell you?  We are using the acid (vinegar), waiting for it to evaporate and we will observe this week what is left after the acid evaporation.  As always, we record our observations and questions  and illustrations in our Lab Science Notebooks.

Weekly Overview April 12, 2010 (again)

Oh….my WHOLE blog got deleted!!!

A short blog for now…

I have all field trip forms for next Monday.  If you can walk with us, please let me know.  Thanks.  Please sign and return the next field trip form for our April 28th play.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  Your child has an AR goal that you should sign and return.  We are working on Couplet and Giving Poetry.  We read an article on “Schools Bribing Students”.  What can your child tell you?  We are writing an Expository on this article.

Homework:  Monday and Tuesday-Giving poem.  Wednesday your child will be given the assignment to write both a couplet poem and a giving poem-both poems are due Friday.

Your child should have signed up to give a talk on their Young Author’s Book.  We have started these and the books and the talks have been wonderful!!!  When did your child sign up to give their talk?

Math:  Lessons 8.6-8.9 will be completed.  Your child will take home their Math Journal 2 workbook on Thursday evening to study for our Unit 8 Test on Friday.

Social Studies:  We are working on a Map Essentials review of lessons 1-10 today and tomorrow (if we do not finish, we will finish up on Thursday).

Art:  I hope you can stop by and see our “Skyscrapers”  They are the talk of the school!!! 🙂  They really are wonderful.  This week we will design a city block.  (Keeping Chicago in mind.)

Science:  We will look at minerals and rocks and observe the reactions we see when they are placed in vinegar.  As always, we will record our observations in our Science Lab Notes.

I will try and send this again-hope it works.  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview April 12, 2010


Weekly Overview April 5, 2010

Welcome back from Spring Break!  Hope everyone had time to enjoy some of the week!

The quarter ends this Thursday.  Please remember that Ray Festival is this Thursday evening, then no school on this Friday.  Our classroom will participate in festival with two events.  One is a clown -bean-bag-toss, the other is a painting spin art.  Your child will have a note today with them and if they can work a shift for our classroom that evening (the bean-bag-toss game) please sign and return the note with the hour indicating when they can work.  I’d like three kids working each shift.  Thanks for your help!!  It should be fun!  Remember, all money that goes to our classroom games will be used in our classroom-we talked about a pizza party and/or buying more classroom books!!

Language Arts:  Last day for AR points this quarter will be Thursday.  I read the obit from the NYTimes  last week on Sid Fleischman, the writer of The Whipping Boy to the class.  We discussed his life.  What can they tell you?  We are reading this short chapter book this week-worth 2.0 AR points-we will finish by Thursday if your child wishes to take the test.

All this month we will be working on Poetry!  Your child will start today a Poetry Folder, adding work to it all month, so you will get this completed folder at the end of April.  This week our focus will be on Couplets (couplets are composed of two-line stanzas that rhyme.) and Giving Poetry (giving poetry names a subject that gives an interesting or unusual gift.)  Each week we will discuss different types of Poetry and then your child will have the opportunity to write their own poetry in these different styles.  Can your child tell you and show you how to “sign” a poem they learned today?

We will also be writing each day in either our Journals or our Writer’s Notebooks.

Homework:  Your child should be reading at least 30 minutes each night.  Your child’s cursive work this week will focus around Langston Hughes poem The Dream Keeper.  Your child should practice reading this poem over and over.  Then your child should copy the poem, both in printing and then in cursive. (I have attached an extra sheet of paper for the cursive writing.  This is due back on Thursday.  For extra credit, your child should practice memorizing the poem and will recite it to the class any day this week that they are ready to recite it.  Thanks for your help.

Other homework:  Monday-your child should write a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) about “What does poetry mean to me?”  Due Tuesday.   Both Tuesday and Wednesday they will have a worksheet on a Couplet poem that they should complete and return each day.

Math:  We will complet lessons 8.3 through 8.5 this week-exploring shapes, fractions and equivalent fractins.  We will also have several multiplication/division fact tests.  They should be practicing their facts at home!  Homework Monday through Wednesday.

Social Studies:  We will work on Map Essentials-measuring distances and working with “scales”.

Art:  Our lesson is titled “Skyscrapers” and we will focus on the illusion of form or volume and how it can be created by shading (appear three-dimensional).

Health:  In thinking about health, as always, please remind your children to always practice good health habits-washing hands, using tissues, etc.  Thanks for helping to remind your children!