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Weekly Overview May 17, 2010

Wow!  We have a very busy week planned.  Just a reminder that Friday is our walking field trip to The Smart Museum.  Thanks to all the 8!!! parents who will walk with us-we will leave Ray about 9:30-9:35, returning about 11:00.

We will also continue to practice our dances Tuesday and Thursday.  Please remember that your children should wear very comfortable shoes to dance in (gym shoes)!  Have them practice the dances every night at home.   They have also learned a dance to go along with the Chicago Fire song.

Update:  Field Trip this Friday.

Trolley Field Trip next Friday-May 28th.  We will eat a picnic lunch in Grant park-make sure to pack one that day.  I still need many permission slip forms and money returned.  Please get that in this week or at least write me a note.  Thanks.

We will have one final field trip with our pre-school buddies on Friday, June 4th.  We will walk to the University of Chicago’s Botany Pond about 10:30, have a picnic there and return to Ray about 1:00-this is again, free!!!  Your child will need to bring a lunch on this day.  Thanks.  Please feel free to join us!!!

Language Arts:  We will focus this week on our Chicago Unit and on reading/writing around our Science Unit with our crayfish.

After reading more about Chicago today, we broke off in groups and your children are starting to write the script for the Chicago Play.  We will work on this over the next few days and your child should have the script by Friday.

We are reading our AR books and doing some of our writing in our Journals and Writer’s Notebooks.

Homework:  Due Friday.  Your child will write a Description of “How to Care for a Crayfish.”  We will go over the format in class.   The description should include, but not limited to,  1) what is a crayfish, 2) supplies needed,  3)care and maintenance 4) feeding and care, 5)cost and commitment.  Illustrations should be included.

Math:  We will begin Unit 10 today-Measurement and Data.  Please look for the Parent Unit 10 Letter.  We will cover lessons 10.1-10.4 this week.  Using tools and U.S. customary and metric systems, we will measure lengths, explore Volume and review Weight.  We have have a few fact tests this week.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday-lessons 10.1-10.4

Science:  Crayfish!!  We are also studying the life cycle of plants (we are sprouting Sunflower seeds) and will plant bean seeds this week.  What can your child tell you about expiration date and how our Sunflower seeds are growing?

Social Studies:  Again, these next weeks are all about Chicago and its History.  We will also work some in our Time Magazine.

Art:  ……still working on our Chicago Murals…we WILL be finished this week!!

Weekly Overview May 10, 2010

Field Trip Updates:

Thanks to everyone who has gotten The Smart Museum field trip for in.  If you have not, please do so.  It is free, but I need the permission slips as soon as possible!  Thanks to all the parents who can walk with us-we have 5 parents signed up to go!!!  Thanks!!

We will also be going on a Field Trip Friday May 28, 2010.  We will be taking the Chicago Trolley Car around the city for a Chicago Tour!!!  Should be wonderful!  We will have lunch in Grant Park (your child will need to bring a lunch.)  We will be leaving Ray at 10:00, returning around 2:00.  Your child has the permission slip-the cost is $13.00.  Pleas sign and return it as soon as you can.  Thanks.

We are practicing our dance every Tuesday and Thursday for one hour.  Please remember that your child should wear comfortable shoes to dance in on those days.  Thanks.

Mid-term reports will go home next week.

We will see the Chicago Children Choir perform this afternoon.

Language Arts:  Monday and Tuesday during our language arts time, your children are taking the Learning First Test.  When I receive the results, I will send them on to you. Today was Reading, tomorrow will be Math.

In addition, we will be reading all week about Chicago.  We are creating a folder-book with all our work.  Ask your child what they have learned!  This week we will also create a Chicago Poem.  Please continue to have your child read each night for at least 30 minutes.  What AR book are they enjoying?  As always, thanks for your help.  I will print out your child’s AR report so far this quarter.  Look for it on Wednesday.  The quarter is almost half over, so your child should have about half of their AR goal for this quarter.

Homework:  The Chicago Brochure is due by Friday.   Your child will also have another cursive worksheet-I want to say thank you for helping your child to learn cursive at home.  It is something that has helped many of the students improve on their handwriting and it is something they can practice at home-we are so busy during the day that it is great they can do the cursive at home.  Some of them are getting really good at it!!

If your child wants to do an extra Chicago Brochure for extra credit, that is fine.  When the brochures are turned in, they are being displayed next to their Skyscraper project in the hallway.  Please stop by and see!!

We are also writing in our Journals and in our Writer’s Notebook.

Math:  We will be completing Unit 9 this week.  Lessons 9.11-9.14 will be completed, Monday through Thursday.  Our Unit 9 Test will be on Friday.  Your child will have their Math Journal 2 with them on Thursday to review for the test.

Homework:  Monday through Wednesday, with the Math Journal 2 going home on Thursday.  The Journal must be returned on Friday.  Thanks.

Social Studies:  Along with our Chicago Unit we are also working in our Time Magazine and keeping up on some current events.

Art:  Our Chicago Posters have taken on a life of their own!!  We will work on them Wednesday and Thursday and try to have them finished this week.

Science:  We are doing a few experiments in our Sound Unit this week.  Today-how sound travels.

We will have crayfish delivered here on Wednesday to also start our Life Science Unit.  It should be lots of fun!!

Weekly Overview May 3, 2010

Hope you heard about the play last week-it was good for the students to see performers dancing and singing, since they will be on stage June 8th!!!  Your children all have copies of all the songs, please help them practice is nice, loud singing voices at home.  Thanks.  We will be working on a script this week and next and your child will also have some lines in the play…more later.  As always now, we will be practicing The Charleston Dance each Tuesday and Thursday.  Please remind your children that they should stay focused (pay attention to August and listen)!!  Thanks for your help.

We will also be taking a Chicago Trolley around town on Friday,May 28th (a Chicago tour field trip).  Again, more information later.

Another Field Trip – Walking to Smart Gallery Friday, May 21, 2010..more information to follow.

Please save these dates!!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  All week our focus in reading will be through our Chicago Book.  We will have Read Aloud, Shared Reading and Silent Reading from this book.  Today we wrote in our Writer’s Notebook about our Likes and Dislikes of Chicago.  What did your children write about?  What can they tell you about Chicago and its history so far?

We are reading from our AR Books, writing in our Journals and Writer’s Notebooks, and enjoying our learning and skills.  I can tell by their focus and attentions to the tasks!!

We will also be working with our Poetry Unit and working in our Poetry Folder.

Homework:  Each child will create a Chicago Brochure.  Your child should work on their brochure each night this week, and next.  The brochure is due Friday, May 14, 2010.  Your child will have with them today some details and ideas on how to create this Chicago Brochure.  Thanks.

Math:  Lessons 9.8-9.11.  We will be working on Division, Lattice Multiplication (ask about this tomorrow), 2-digit multiplication and extending the partial-products method to products of 2-digit numbers.  Please review homework and give your child extra help with these objectives if needed.  Thanks.

Homework:  Lessons 9.8-9.11, Monday through Thursday.  Refer to Unit 9 Parent Letter when needed.

Unit 9 test will be next week.

Social Studies:  Our main focus this week will be on Chicago.  We will also do an activity on the volcano in Iceland.

Homework:  The Chicago Brochure.

Science:  We will spend the next two weeks on a Sound Unit.  Look for a parent letter tomorrow.

Art:  …still working on our Chicago Neighborhoods…