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Weekly Overview June 14, 2010

WOW!!!!  The year has gone by so very fast!!  Your children are wonderful!  I have enjoyed them all so much!  They are a great group of kids-you are lucky that your child has this group of students as their classmates!!!

Hope you saw the amazing 3rd grade play!!!  I was so impressed-everyone was great!!!

Wednesday is the all day picnic!!!  Your child can bring an extra drink and some snacks, but lunch will be provided.  Please come if you can.  Thanks.

If your child will not be coming on Friday, please pick up the report card in the office.  Thanks.

No school on Thursday, then Friday there is school from 9:00 through 10:00.  Please have your child, if they have not already, come to school with an empty back pack or a bag-so they can take home their things.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We will complete one more lesson in our Map Essentials book.  They are reading their AR books-please have them continue to read over the summer!!!  We will finish reading The Little Princess today and we will watch the movie tomorrow.

Math:  Your child has taken the Unit 10 math test.  If they did better on the test (better than their average) I counted the test.  If they did worse, I did not include the score in thir grade.  They are all taking the Unit 11 test today-we have gone over most of the material-they will do fine.  We made it through the Math Program!!!!   YEAH!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful summer!  I really will truly miss this class.  They are wonderful!!!

Thanks for all your help.  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview June 7, 2010


We hope everyone can come tomorrow at either 9:30 or 1:30.  Your children are wonderful!!!  Remember-they should come in appreciate dress-they all know!!!

We will have a cast party following the second performance-please bring drinks, and snack (carrots, apples, candy, cookies) anything-they will be ready for a party!!!!

Their homework for tonight is to practice their parts using a pretend microphone.  Ask them about this.  Thanks for your help!!!!

….more later….

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview June 1, 2010

The Field Trip in the Trolley was wonderful last Friday-Hope you heard all about it!!!

Your child will have a Field Trip form with them today for this Friday-we will be walking with our buddies to the Botany Pond at the University of Chicago.  Your child will need a picnic lunch.  We will walk there around 10:30, returning to Ray about 1:00.  The trip is free and please walk with us if you can.  Please return the filed trip form tomorrow.  Thanks.

The 3rd grade play is next Tuesday June 8, 2010  -at 9:30 and 1:30!!!  Please come and watch!!!  We need your children to wear the following:

girls:  Red tops (even if the shirt has something on it, maybe they can wear it inside out.-if you do not have red, orange), black leggings or black pants (if not black, a dark color) and black shoes if they have them.

boys:  Black pants, black shoes and a white collared shirt.  (dark pants and shoes, if they do not have black)

It should be lots of fun!!!  Your child should know the skit they are doing and should be memorizing the lines at home.  Most kids already have their lines memorizing.  We will have a cast party after the second show, so please bring snacks and/or juice for everyone!!!  Thanks!

Language Arts:  We are reading from our Chicago book and having some time for our AR Books.

Homework:  Your child should write at least 5 sentences each night about a fact or something they know or have learned about Chicago.  The sentences should be numbered and written in complete sentences.  The sentences should be returned to school each day-a total of 20 sentences will be turned in on Friday.  We will read some of the work each day and your child can continue with their sentences each night on the same paper.  I will give paper out for this project.

Math:  We are working in Unit 10 and will move on to Unit 11 as quickly as possible!!

Homework: Lessons 10.9-10.11 (parent letter Unit 10) plus 11.1

Science:  We are observing and caring for our Crayfish.  If you would like one for a pet at home, please bring in a note with a container to carry it home in!!!  Many kids have already taken one home!