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Weekly Overview Spetember 27, 2010

Welcome to our 4th week of 4th grade!!!  Thanks for all the snacks coming in!!!  On to a busy week…

Language Arts:  We will continue with our lesson 2 focus words and stories.  Our focus this week will be on “author’s purpose”.    Sometimes the author states a point of view or sometimes it is implied.    Authors may write to inform, to persuade, to entertain, or to express feelings.  We will also be reviewing all words from the Focus Wall.  Your children are using these words in their writing!!!!  YEAH!!

Homework:  Your child will turn in three completed paragraphs on Friday.  These paragraphs should be written, one per night, then edit them and the final paragraphs should be turned in on Friday.

First paragraph:  Think about something important you have learned from an adult.  Write a paragraph about that lesson and explain how it can help you become a strong leader.  (We started this in school today.)

Second paragraph:  Discuss with your adult at home why the author wrote about Martin Luther King’s childhood.  Write your paragraph about why you think this story was written.  Give a detail.

Third paragraph:  Answer:  Who is an adult you consider to be a role model?  Why?

All three paragraphs should be turned in on Friday.  Your child can illustrate one of the paragraphs for extra credit.  Encourage them to use the vocabulary from either of the first 2 Focus Wall words.

AR is up and working and your children should be reading, working on taking the AR tests.

We will have a small test on Friday on Author’s Purpose.  They will read a selection, then answer a few questions.   Look for an example on Thursday.

Math:  Your child has worksheets with them from Unit 1.  They should look through these tonight and practice for our first Unit 1 test tomorrow.  I have reviewed everything on the test and they should do fine.  Look for parent letter for Unit 2 tomorrow.

Homework:  Today, study for the test.  This is all review.  Thanks.  Tuesday (no math because of the test) Wednesday and  Thursday- Lessons 2.1 – 2.2.

Social Studies:  We will be discussing and doing several activities around Southeast and Northeast states in the U.S. and longitude and latitude.   What can your children tell you?  We will start a vocabulary word wall.

Art:  Friday is art class!!!  Focus:  Analyzing art for the use of line.   We will have a lesson on “Lines”.  Each child will create a “variety of lines.”

Science:  We will continue learning about the Skeleton.  We will look at the whole skeleton this week and see how much we know!!  (looking at a skeleton that is just not right!!)  We will start a vocabulary word wall.


Weekly Overview September 20, 2010

Hope to see everyone at Curriculum Night this Wednesday!!!  Please come and learn all about your child’s year in 4th grade!!  Also, PTA tonight at 6:00-pizza for everyone!!!

Language Arts:  We will be reading “My Brother Martin…Martin Luther King Jr.” and a poem by Langston Hughes “To You”.  We will also be on these stories next Monday.  No School This Friday!!!  Your child has a copy of the new Focus Wall Lesson 2 words and reading strategies.  Please review with them the Spelling words and the Target Vocabulary so the words become familiar. AR is up and running!  Many students have already been taking AR tests these past two weeks.  More information on Wednesday.   Homework:  Your child is to make a Book Jacket.  The book jacket should be on the book they have chosen for AR.  The book jacket should be illustrated on the front with the title and author of the book.  On the inside of the jacket, your child should write a paragraph about why they like the book.  The paragraph should include some of the words from the Spelling and/or Target Vocabulary words from the new list that they have.  The jackets will be displayed outside our room on the bulletin board.  These Book Jackets are due this Thursday. (No school Friday.)  If your child completes the jacket early, just bring it in and we will display them as they come in.  They have seen an example of what is expected.  Thanks.

Math:  We will complete lessons 1.7-1.9 this week.  Lesson 1.7 will be today and tomorrow (we did not get through it today.)  Homework:  Monday 1.7, tomorrow will be math practice sheets (2) that should be completed and returned on Wednesday and 1.8 Wednesday night.  We will complete lesson 1.8 homework in class on Thursday.  No homework Thursday night.

Science:  We have begun working on our Unit The Human Body-look for parent note tomorrow.  Did you see the skeleton your child brought home? (With practice for naming the bones??)

Social Studies:  This week we will read and discuss a Time Line (very broad) about the United States.  The United States from about 1500 through the present.   Again, you will have an opportunity to see our book this Wednesday.

Art:  We will focus our Art this week around our Math Lessons (which happen to be full of fun art!!).  No lesson, obviously, on Friday.

Thanks for all the snacks coming in!!!  Thanks for all who joined the PTA!!!!  I have many class fees, but please turn your fee in as soon as possible.  Thanks.  Have a great week.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 13, 2010

Welcome to 4th grade!!!  I am SO VERY EXCITED that I have most of my 3rd graders with me!!!!  I could not be a happier teacher!!  Not only am I glad to have the students back, but I am also very lucky to have you, the parents back!  We are off to a beginning of a  wonderful year….

Thank you for all who joined the PTA.  I am a teacher rep for the PTA, am very involved with the PTA, so please let me know if their is something that you would like the PTA to address this year.  Or if there is a way in which you would like to be involved with the PTA please let us know!!

I am now asking for all parents to turn in the $85.00 classroom fee.  It is needed to purchase and pay for the science materials, language arts and math materials, the art supplies and the social studies book,  to name most of where your money goes to.  Please send it in with your child as soon as possible.  I will give your child a receipt, so please look for that on the same day the fee was turned in.  Thanks.

We will also be having snack most days.  Thanks to all who have already brought some in.  We have 30 students-please bring in enough for everyone.  Your child puts a sticker next to their name on our posted snack chart when they bring in their snack.  Again, thanks!!!

I will be doing this blog every Monday morning.  As we all are trying to be more “green”, I will not send a hard copy home with the students.  (Except for this first one)  If you need a hard copy, please write me a note to let me know.  Thanks.

This blog will be an overview of the week.  You will learn what we are going to cover in each of the subjects and what homework will be.  Homework is ALWAYS reading every night for at least 30 minutes.  Please sign your child’s homework notebook (initial it) to let me know that you are confirming that they have read each night.  Thanks.

Also attached to this  weeks note is our schedule.

Language Arts:  We are reading from our new reader “Because of Winn-Dixie…”  Your child will have vocabulary words from this story.  I will (probably starting next week), set up several centers that your child will complete work at throughout the week.  I will also explain this more during Open House, September 22, 2010.  We are now just getting use to this new reader and how it is organized.

Homework:  I will copy two pages from the text.  Your child should take the vocabulary words, study them, write each in a new sentence and *make up a new context sentence that uses two Vocabulary words.  There are ten words in all.  All twenty sentence will be due on Friday.  For extra credit, your child can illustrate an event from the story and turn this in on Friday.

Math:  We will complete lessons 1.3-1.6 this week.  Please refer to the Parent Letter that you should have received from your child.  Homework:  Monday through Thursday.  Your child should complete the Study Links each night, returning it the next day.  We grade these together.  Check your child’s backpack each night to see that they have their graded homework.  Thanks.

Social Studies:  We also have a new Social Studies series.  We will be learning about the United States all year.  It is broken down in a variety of ways, looks like a lot of fun, interesting activities.   More on Open House.

Science:  Our first Unit, The Human Body, will start next week.  Look for a parent letter next Tuesday.

Art:  We will have art class every Friday.  Our first lesson was making a geometry picture for the lockers – I will laminate them and place them on the lockers.  They did a really nice job!!!

Please, any questions, concerns, etc., let me know right away.  I am sooo very excited about this year!!  We have a wonderful group of students who are already working together as a community!!