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Weekly Overview October 25, 2010


Just a quick note…

The Field Trip was wonderful today!!!

Tomorrow we will walk to Kenwood. They should again, bring a lunch.  Thanks.  Please have your child wear their Ray School shirt, if they have one.  Thanks.

Your children will also sing in the Spanish Assembly at 9:30 and 1:30.

Homework:  Tonight they should read (or read again) the Opera.  They should practice reading with Expression.

Math: 3.1 and they have the Unit 3 Parent Letter.

more later.  Ms. Clement

Weekly Overview October 18, 2010

The 7th week of school!!!  WOW!!!

Two Field Trip Notices….

Just a reminder that we are going on a field trip to see a few short films from The International Children’s Film Festival.

I have a request.  I have over 12 parents signed up to go and we are calling at lunch, but I think that is too many.  (they charge $6.00 for over 2 or 3 parents and the other two classes have almost as many.)

We are also going on a field trip next week on TUESDAY !!!  Look for the permission slip today.  We are walking to Kenwood to see an abridged version of the Rossini Opera The Barber of Seville!!!  This is free, please sing the form and return tomorrow.  Can some parents, who have the flexibility, walk with us on Tuesday and not go on Monday???  I need about 5 or 6 parents on Tuesday.  We will leave Ray about 11:00, returning by about 1:30.

The note that you receive today will give you more detail.  I am so excited that so many parents wanted to go on Monday, but we have over 30 parents!!!!  We have back-to-back field trips, but they both should be great!!

Language Arts:  We are on lesson 4-Our focus this week is Intonation.  Ask your child what that means.  I am going to start and have your children keep one copy of the focus wall lesson here at school and I will make another copy for them to take home today, and keep at home for their use.  This focus wall sheet is a great summary of our weeks lessons and focus, strategies (prefixes), etc.  Please review this with your children each night.  Incorporate it into their nightly reading.  Thanks.

Homework:  They will write one paragraph each night for three nights, turning the work in on Thursday.  The three paragraphs do not need to be related, but can be.  Each paragraph should be a short story.  Illustrations are extra credit.  Your child can use more than these spelling/target words, but does not need to.

Paragraph 1:  Incorporate the words:  odd, oatmeal and throat.

Paragraph 2:  Incorporate the words:  coast, locate and globe.

Paragraph 3:  Incorporate the words:  shock, solve and fellow.

Math:  We are completing lessons 2.9 and 2.10 on Monday and Tuesday.  We also reviewed today and will again tomorrow Unit 2.  The unit 2 test will be on Wednesday.  Your child will take their Math Journal 2 home on Tuesday night for you to review their work.  They must return it on Wednesday!!!

Homework:  Monday Worksheet from lesson 2.9-due tomorrow.  Tuesday-with their Math Journal 1, they should study for the test.  Wednesday-a two-sided math fact sheet.

Science:  We are completing our dissection of the Owl Pellets!  I think they are all learning a lot from this experience.

Social Studies:  This week we will be focusing on the climate in the United States and  reading a Line Graph on average temperatures.

Art:  Their Line Drawing of the Gorilla were amazing!!!  I wanted to keep them here for a display, but they were all very proud and wanted to take them home!!  We probably will not have art class this week.  I might focus on some art in Social Studies.

No school on Friday for the students-it is a Staff Development Day.

Have a nice week.  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview October 12, 2010

Hope you had a nice Monday…

Thanks for the Field Trip forms coming in but I still need quite a few.  Please return by tomorrow.  Thanks.  Also, many, many thanks, but I have 14 parents signed up to walk with us!!!  I would love everyone to go, but only 2 parents can go free.  The other 4th grades also had many parents volunteer!!  So…we are also going to walk to Kenwood Academy to hear an abridged version of Rossini’s The Barber of Seville…could some of you volunteer to walk to that instead?  We are going there on Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 10:00 (the time has not been confirmed-either 10:00 or noon.)  Please send a note with your child-we do not have the field trip confirmed yet, but I am sure it will be.

Language Arts:  We will continue with Lesson 3 “How Tia Lola Came to Stay”  Our focus will be grammar (kinds of sentences), vocabulary strategies (using our Target Vocab and Spelling words from last week) and reading with fluency.  We will also be working in both our Journal Notebooks and our Writer’s Notebooks.  As always, we begin our day by silent reading in our AR books.  Hopefully you have also heard from your child about their buddy from Ms. Jane’s room.  Your child goes there once a week.

Homework:  Your child will have 2 worksheets (one double-sided paper) each night this week to complete and return the next day for review.

Math:  We will complete lessons 2.7-2.8 this week.  Your child has learned 2 ways in which to add multidigit numbers-they have a two-sided worksheet tonight in math.  They should also have their SRB with them to help YOU understand these addition strategies.  🙂  We will be working with reading graphs with a bar graph.  Both of these lessons will be two day lessons.

Homework:  Tuesday 2.7 (two sides), Tuesday-multiplication facts, Wednesday – 2.8 and Thursday multidigit addiition facts.

Science:  We are dissecting Owl Pellets!  Please ask your child about this.

Social Studies:  We will be discussion the United States Time Line this week.  Ask you child about this after tomorrow.  If I have a child-friendly time sheet to send home, I will.

Art:  Drawing The Line.  Students will make contour drawings of familiar but complex objects.  As always, I will use a series of slide to guide the lesson.

Have a great week!    Remember the candy sale is due!!!

Thanks,  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview October 4, 2010

Look for midterm reports to be sent home next week!!!  This week is already the 5th week of school!!!

Candy sale ends this week!!!  Hope everyone is participating.  Thanks for your heYOUR school appreciates it!!

Language Arts:  Your child should have a new Focus Wall sheet with them today.  Please become familiar with this-it is a good over view of the lesson.  Just to let you know, the lessons are about 5 days, some of them longer.  Our writing will focus around “voice” –  hearing our own voice in our writing.  Review spelling and target words with your child.  We will focus on “cause and effect” in story telling.

Your child has with them today a record of their AR so far.  Many children have more than 5 stories that they have read and taken  a test on.  A few students have not taken one test yet and it is the 5th week of school!!!  They have about 30 minutes of reading during each day in the classroom.  Everyone is also to be reading at least 30 minutes each evening.  There has been plenty of time to be reading and testing!!!  Please talk with your child about this this evening and make sure they show you ther reading log.  Thanks.

We are reading “Shiloh” together-they can also take a test on that when we finish.  Everyone seems to be enjoying the story!!

Homework:  Reading at least 30 minutes each evening!!!  Your child, using the Focus Wall Lesson 3 spelling and target words, will create their own story in their own “voice”.  They should use at least 10 of the new words in their story.  Have your children underline the words that they use.  The story should have at least 3 paragraphs and is due Friday.  Your child can first tell you a story in their own words to help them get started.  An illustration is extra credit.  Many of your children seemed excited by this assignment!!  Have fun!

Math:  We will complete lessons 2.3-2.6 this week-working on place value, organizing and displaying data and the Median (middle number).  We will also start our Math Word Bank in our Mental Math Journals.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday- lessons 2.3-2.6.

Social Studies:  Lessons this week will continue to be on longitude and latitude.  We will be discussing landforms in the United States as well.

Art:  A fun lesson titled “Figures Posed For Action.”  We will show the general shape, no details, in drawing action figures.

Science:  Shhh-I have not told your kids yet, but we will be dissecting Owl Pellets this week!!

Have a great week.  Jean Clement