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Weekly Overview November 29, 2010

Hope everyone had a family and friend filled holiday.  Your children had many stories that they recorded in their Journals this morning!!!

Please remember that Friday is no school for students-Staff Development day.

Also, just a reminder that if your child brings their  cell phone to school, it must stay off at all times and kept in their backpack and in their locker.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We are on Lesson 8 with new Target and Spelling words.  Ask your child what the Target words are, what they mean and see if they can use them in sentences during your conversations!!  Thanks.  Our focus will be author’s Point of View and we will discuss Understanding Character development in the story.  Your child will be taking their Journey book home with them tonight.  Please browse the book with them and have them read (at least part of)  Me and Uncle Romie-starting on page 201.  EVERYONE must bring back the book tomorrow-we use it almost everyday.  Thanks.

Homework:  Read the story tonight.  Also,  Thursday, December 9th is Ray School International Night!!!  Your child has a “coat of arms” outline with them today.  They have/should pick a country that they want to create a present-day cultural coat of arms for.  We will discuss this afternoon and your child will have an idea of what to do.  This completed project is due Wednesday-they will have two nights to work on it.

The coat of arms can include the following:  (they will choose a country)

-colors that represent the culture

-important symbols from the culture

-important historical events from the culture

-major figures from the culture

-flags, geography, etc.  The coat of arms can be drawn or they can gather pictures.  It should be colorful and will be displayed on International Night!!!  Ask your child about our conversation regarding this assignment.  They will have the coat of arms outline with them.  Again, due Wednesday.  Thanks.

Math:  We will complete lessons 4.2 through 4.5-focusing on decimals-including decimal addition and subtraction-please review with your children at home-some students will need extra help with decimals and grasping the concepts.  Thanks.  We will also continue to have several multiplication and division facts tests.

Homework:  Monday-Wednesday, lessons 4.2 – 4.4.  We will complete lesson 4.5 homework in school on Thursday.

Social Studies:  We will continue with chapter 2 – We The People-focusing on our diverse landscapes and its people.  We will  be reading with partners this week in our book-adding to our social studies vocabulary.

Science:  We are getting under way with our Solar System mini unit.  Thanks for the books that have been coming in-we are adding them to our classroom library for the next few weeks.

Art:  Your children have created wonderful “stain glass” pieces that will be displayed outside our room.  Please come and see!!  We will do a little art on Thursday related to our Solar System unit.

We are also starting our second round of MAPS testing and your children will be taking the Reading portion of it this Thursday.

Have a great week!  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview November 15, 2010

Hello Again!!!  Hope everyone had a good 4 days!!!!  It looks like cold weather is approaching…please have your children bring an extra sweater for the  classroom if they have been cold-our room can be a little chilly!!  (Especially on Monday!!)

Thanks for all the snacks coming in…we are having snacks almost every day.  If your child has not brought anything in, please do, if you can.  They then put a sticker next to their name on our Snack Chart!!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday for report card pick up.  You can sign in on the bulletin board just inside the main entrance of Ray.  If it is really stressful or impossible for you to make it on that day, please let me know and we can schedule another day.

Language Arts:  We will continue with lesson 6 – comparing and contrasting story elements/ cause and effect.  We are discussing how old and new fairy tales are alike and different.  We will continue with our spelling words and target words that we were practicing last week.  (we are also incorporating many of our social studies words-the curriculum has a very strong vocabulary component.)  We will work with Venn Diagrams this week-comparing and contrasting stories.  Ask your child about this.

Homework:  Writing “summaries”  is often challenging and all students need a lot of practice to get better at summarizing.  Your child has two identical worksheets today.  Both worksheets are due on Friday.  Your children should start this assignment tonight, trying to complete both by Wednesday night, then spend Thursday night reviewing and editing.  We are working on ALWAYS reviewing what we write, editing our work and making our writing stronger and more sophisticated.  Ask your child how they can do this.  An illustration is extra credit-your children seem to love ways in which to get extra credit-that is great!!  We will use this kind of worksheet many times this year.  Thanks for your help.

Math:  Lessons 3.10-3.12 will be completed.  Our focus will be to review th use of parentheses in number sentences (algebra),  practice solving open sentences and reviewing all Unit 3 objectives.  Your child will have their Math Journal 1 with them on Thursday.  They should return it on Friday and we will have our Unit 3 Test on Friday.  The test will also include a multiplication  timed test so please practice this at home each night if your child is not close to doing 100 problems in 5 minutes!!!

Homework:  Monday and Tuesday 3.10 and 3.11 (We will grade 3.11 on Thursday.)  They will have their Math Journal with them on Thursday to review for the test on Friday.  Thanks.

Social Studies:  We will begin Chapter 2 – We The People this week.  The focus is expressing how the United States has diversity in its landscapes and its people.  I think I have said that we have a new book this year.  It is a wonderful book full of information, strong vocabulary and lots of learning!  Your child will have this book with them on Tuesday, to keep until Thursday-please return on Thursday-so you can have the opportunity to review the book with your child.

Science:  We are going to spend the next few weeks on learning (reviewing) the Solar System.  This is not a focus of our science in 4th grade, but it is a focus on the ISAT.  We will have several mini lessons and reading on our Solar System.  If you have books at home that you would like to share in our classroom library over the next three weeks, please have your child bring them in.  By the way, thanks for all the books that came in about the Human Body-everyone really enjoyed!

Art:  On Friday our Art Lesson is titled “A Framework Of Lines.”  Our focus will be to use bold, structures lines in creating a painting .  (Think of stain glass.)  As always, we will view and discuss a variety of both famous and student art to lead our discussion.  After school on Friday, ask your child about Vincent Van Gogh and Jean Dubuffet.  Who else did they learn about?

Weekly Overview November 8, 2010

A very short, but busy week!!!  No school Thursday or Friday..

Language Arts:  We are starting our Lesson 6 today and will continue this through next week.  Our focus this week will be on “verbs”, short u sounds and suffixes -y and -ous.

Homework:  Due Wednesday.  Your child will have with them today the Lesson 6 Focus Wall words.  They should practice all Spelling and Target Vocabulary words with you.  They should then choose at least 5 of the Target Vocabulary words and write an entertaining story, using at least 5 of the Target words.  The story (final draft) is due Wednesday.  They should always review and edit their story.  Draft writing is very important!!  An illustration is extra credit.

Math:  We will complete lessons 3. 7 through 3.9.  Today, using the globe, we found air distances between cities.  Our next two lessons will on solving number stories.  We will also continue with our multiplication fact tests.  We have been discussing division and these tests will start to include division facts.  Ask your child how they can remember that division is a turn around fact of multiplication.  (Hint:  put a multiplication sign above the equal sign in division problems.)

Homework:  3.7 and 3.8, Monday and Tuesday.  We will complete homework 3.9 in class on Wednesday.

Science:  No new science class this week.  But, if you child wants to take the “Naming Bones” test again on Wednesday, they will have that option.    The students that studied, mostly got 100%  (25 out of 25-or close to that!!)  Your child has their test with them today.

Social Studies:  They will have a quiz this afternoon on Chapter One.  We went over all the information again this morning-a nice study/review session.    The quiz will also be an open-book quiz.  They can use their book if they feel they need some help.

Your child have been busy and are staying quite focused.  I can see that creating independent learners and the ability to stay focused are goals we will continue to reinforce in the classroom.  Please encourage at home.  As always, thank you for your help!!!  We have a wonderful group of students!!!  Many, many thanks.

Weekly Overview November 1, 2010

Hello Everyone!  Hope your week end was a nice one.

We certainly had a busy last week!  Both field trips were wonderful!!!  Hope your child has a new love of Opera!!!

Language Arts:  We will continue with Lesson 5-our same story Stormalong and Target and Spelling words.  We are practicing reading and writing these words in our lessons in the classroom.  Our focus this week will be on Nouns, Homophones and reading with Expression.

Homework: The ISAT’s are going to be here before we know it-they begin at the end of February.  This week your child has (will have with them today) a Practice ISAT Book.  They should really complete this booklet in about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  They can do it over several days or in just one sitting.  Whichever works best for you.  This booklet is really good practice.  You will get the book back after Friday to keep.  The completed booklet is due Friday.  Please go over the answers with your children before then.  Thanks

Math:  Lessons 3.4-3.7.  We are practicing our Multiplication and Division Facts all week!!!  Please work with your child at home.  Many students are completing well over 100 problems in less than 5 minutes!!  Practice at home!!

Homework:  Lessons 3.4 through 3.7.  As always, these are due the next day.  Thanks.

Science:  We will complete our Human Body Unit this Week.  We will have a test on “Joints” on Tuesday (tomorrow)-a little test.  They will then a test on naming the bones on a skeleton on Thursday.  Practice these at home.  They all should have several skeleton sheets to practice from.

Social Studies:  We are coming to the end of our first Chapter.  Your children have been learning about landforms, reading maps and graphs (elevations and temperatures).  We will have a quiz on next Monday-I will have them take home their Social Studies Book on Friday, but please, it must be returned on Monday.  Thanks.

Art:  We will be making action figures with foil this week.

As always, thank you so much for your help.

I would also like to put in a request for a few supplies, if you can.  We need zip-loc baggies (large or small) and copying paper (white is fine, but some colored might be fun, too.)  Thanks.  And thank you for all the snacks-your children appreciate them!!

Jean Clement