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Weekly Overview January 31, 2011

Hello Everyone.  We have a busy, fun week planned.

Several notes:

1)  Your child has a Black History Month schedule of events with them today.  Please look over and please join the activities as you can.  Please note that the Black History Gallery Walk will be held on February 25th.  Your child will complete a project for the walk.  Your child should be thinking about an influential African-American that they are interested in writing a report about.  We will discuss more this week and your child should have someone in mind by next Monday.  Thanks.  More information will come.  The projects will be due no later than February 22-that is a Monday.

2)  ISAT’s will start on February 28-Monday.  This whole month we will continue to practice math, language arts and science materials that they should know.  A lot of this material comes naturally through our programs, but I will also be working in the ISAT material that we have.  I hope everyone has been working in their books at home.  Thank you for all the letters  from you that have told me where you are in each book.

I am asking you to have your children bring in their ISAT books tomorrow.  I would like to go over some of the material and regroup.  I know I have different students working in the book differently-I just want to touch base and we might do things differently this month.  Thanks.

3)Thanks for all the wood and recycled material that continues to come in!!!  We will start our sculptures this Thursday with our preschoolers!!!

4)  Chinese New Year!!!  Your children will have a special treat this week during lunch!!  Our art will also focus around Lunar New Year!

Language Arts:  As stated above, we will be reading and responding to content of material, then correcting our own work for the next four weeks.  We will still read from our Journeys stories and review concepts and vocabulary and target words.  We are on lesson 15 this week.  Your child will have their focus wall sheet to share with you later this week, but homework will not come from this.  Again, please have your children bring in their ISAT book tomorrow.

Homework:  Your child has a Language Arts Glossary Book and some worksheets that they will be working on all week.  We have reviewed and completed the first “word box” together.  Ask your children what they should do.  The instructions are on the worksheet your child has.  They should work each night and return with the language arts homework each day.  Thanks.  All these vocabulary words should be becoming very familiar -please review with your child.  Thanks.  The completed book is due Friday-your child knows that extra pages can be added if they need more.  Thanks for your help-they all seem excited about this homework!!

Math:  We will have division fact tests all month!!!  Practice at home.  Also, we will complete lessons 6.3-6.6 this week.  I hope you reviewed the Unit 6 parent letter that your child had last week.  Thanks.  Lots of division practice this week!!!  Can your child show you Partial-Quotients????  Ask them!!

Science:  We will continue in our Magnetism and Electricity Unit this week, working with a battery and light bulb!!!  They will have a blast along with a lot of learning!!!!

Art:  We will focus on a Chinese New Year theme in creating our art this week.

Social Studies:  Our last lesson in Chapter 3 will focus around the Northeast.  We will start Chapter 4, Exploring the Northeast, by Thursday.

Thanks for the snacks coming in!!!!

Weekly Overview January 24, 2011

Just a reminder that the end of the quarter is this week.  The last day your child can take an AR test is this Wednesday-All grades will be in this week (although if you check impact, most of the grades are already in.)  Report cards go out next week.

Also, we are going to create a wood/recycled sculpture with our preschool buddies.  Hopefully your child came home on Friday talking about collecting wood and recyclable items to bring into school!!!

We had a very busy and fun week last week, but didn’t get to everything I thought we would!!!  Hope you stop by the room and see the beautiful Chinese brush paintings!!!  Your children had TWO! wonderful lessons in the art of brush strokes-it was wonderful-thanks to Lu!!(Adrian’s mom and the artist that she brought!!)

We also did not get as much covered in Social Studies, but we will keep working on Chapter3 this week-moving on to Chapter 4 by the end of the week.

Language Arts:  We will start Lesson 14 today-the Focus Wall sheet will come home tonight-please review with your child.  Ask your child about the “Ant” story.

Homework:  Language Arts/Social Studies:  Due Thursday.  Students are to write a business plan-  Their task is to decide a product that they want to sell and why people would want to buy that product.  Students should begin their paragraph with a topic sentence that states the main idea.  The other sentences in the paragraph should give more information about the main idea.  Students should start this tonight, bring in their rough draft tomorrow or Wednesday so we can read them together.  The final draft is due Thursday.  They should also illustrate their product.  We will discuss in class and give some ideas for a product.  I will type out a sheet for them to start this project and they will have this with them today.  Thanks.

Math:  We will review Unit 5 today and the test will be given tomorrow.  They should have their Math Journal 1 with them today.  The book should be returned tomorrow!!!  Thanks.

Look for the Parent Letter for Unit 6 on Wednesday.  We will complete lessons 1 and 2 on Wednesday and Thursday, with homework each night, due the next day.  No math homework Tuesday.

Science:  We have started our unit on Electricity and Magnetism!!!  Hope you have heard!!  What vocabulary can they tell you about?   (north and south poles, repel, attract,property, iron, (ceramic ferrite-what is that???), force, and of course, magnet and magnetism.  Can they tell you what they have learned?

No school this Friday-it is a Staff Development Day.

Thanks for the snacks coming in, but we could still use more from everyone!!!  Thanks, your children do enjoy the morning snack!!

Weekly Overview January 18, 2011

So sorry about last weeks blog.  I don’t know what happened… disappeared!!!

Many thanks to all the parents who walk with us last week on the field trip!!!  Thank you!!!  Tomorrow, Adrian’s mom, Lu, will follow up with an art project related to what we saw.

We need snacks!!!!  Many, many thanks.  If your family has not brought a snack in, please contribute!!!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We are on to lesson 13.  A great non-fiction story.  Ask your child about it.  They will have their book with them tomorrow to read at home.  They have their Focus Wall sheet with them tonight.  Please review with them.  Thanks.  What book is your child reading for AR?  They should be reading at least 30 minutes each night!  We have students in MANY of our AR Point Clubs!!!!  What club is your child in???

Homework:  One paragraph due tomorrow using at least 5 of the target words.  An illustration and/or using more than 5 words in extra credit.  They will have an extended-response question to answer the next 2 nights (Wednesday and Thursday evenings.)  These extended-response questions should be answered in about 30 minutes-each night and returned the next day.  We will share responses with the class.

Math:  Lessons 5.9 through 5.11 will be completed.  We will review the unit on Friday and Monday and have Unit 5 Testing on Tuesday of next week.  We are introducing exponential notation for powers of 10, working with large numbers and looking at Data and Graphs.

Homework:  Tuesday through Thursday.  Look for Math Journal One on next Monday.

Science:  We have started a new and very fun unit Magnetism and Electricity.  Please ask your child what they learned today and what they wrote about in their Science Journal!!!

Social Studies:  We will complete Chapter 3 this week, your child will have their book with them Wednesday evening and we will have an open book test on Friday.  I will go over with everyone what the questions will be and we will review Wednesday and Thursday.

Art:  On Friday we will have an extension of the positive shape, negative space art we created last week.  They will be displayed outside our classroom-please come and enjoy!!!

Weekly Overview January 10, 2011

Homework:  Your child will have a worksheet each night this week (double sided) to complete and return the next day.  Homework Monday through Thursday.

Weekly Overview January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!  I am glad to be back and we are having a really good first day-

Please Note:  Your child has a field trip form-the trip is a walking trip to the Smart Museum of Art.  We will walk there next Thursday- January 13, 2011.  Please sign the permission slip, indicate if you can walk with us and return the slip tomorrow-this trip is free!!!  Thanks to Adrian’s mom for arranging this!!!

Language Arts:  We have started Lesson 11.  We have read the story – Please ask your child about it.  Your child has the new Focus Wall sheet and we have read and reviewed all Target Vocabulary.  Ask your child about these words and review the whole sheet with them.  The story has a great science connection with us – our owl pellets!!!

We have reviewed Reading-Extended Responses today and what a “4” means. (Basically an “A”)  Ask your child about this and what 4 criteria made up a score of 4.  Your child has a rubric on this that you should have seen.  We will be discussing and writing extended responses to our reading over the next 2 months.

We will also be having several classroom Spelling Bees over the next two weeks-has your child been practicing the words?  They do not have to participate-it is optional.  They each have a copy of the words to practice-and had these words over break-hopefully you saw them!!!

Homework:  The story we are reading is a non-fiction story.  I would like your child to write a response to the question:  What clues does the author give to suggest Twig is a caring person?  They should pull information from the story and then respond with a self-connection.  They each will have another copy of the extended-response sheet and will have their book with them tonight.  This paragraph is due on Wednesday, but I would like to see evidence of editing.  They can make corrections and/or write over on another piece of paper.  We will go over some of the responses on Wednesday.  As always, the book needs to be returned every day!!  Thanks.

On Wednesday, they will be given another question to answer that will be due on Friday.

Math:  We started Unit 5 this morning.  The Unit is all about Big Numbers, Estimation and Computation.  This week we will cover extended multiplication facts, estimating sums and products.  Please review these math vocabulary words with them.  Lessons 5.1 through 5.4 will be completed.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, Lessons 5.1 through 5.4.  Your child should also have the Unit 5 Parent Letter with them today.  Please use as a reference.  Thanks.

Social Studies:   We will first review Chapter 2 – We The People, then move on to Chapter 3 – Regions Around You.  Your child will have their Social Studies book with them tomorrow to browse Chapter 3 with you.  This book has a lot of good information and is great vocabulary builder.

Science:  I will review some quick ISAT practice lessons all week with the class. We will read and complete these lessons in class.

Art:  A lesson titled “Paper Cutouts” focuses on positive shape and negative space.