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Weekly Overview January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!  I am glad to be back and we are having a really good first day-

Please Note:  Your child has a field trip form-the trip is a walking trip to the Smart Museum of Art.  We will walk there next Thursday- January 13, 2011.  Please sign the permission slip, indicate if you can walk with us and return the slip tomorrow-this trip is free!!!  Thanks to Adrian’s mom for arranging this!!!

Language Arts:  We have started Lesson 11.  We have read the story – Please ask your child about it.  Your child has the new Focus Wall sheet and we have read and reviewed all Target Vocabulary.  Ask your child about these words and review the whole sheet with them.  The story has a great science connection with us – our owl pellets!!!

We have reviewed Reading-Extended Responses today and what a “4” means. (Basically an “A”)  Ask your child about this and what 4 criteria made up a score of 4.  Your child has a rubric on this that you should have seen.  We will be discussing and writing extended responses to our reading over the next 2 months.

We will also be having several classroom Spelling Bees over the next two weeks-has your child been practicing the words?  They do not have to participate-it is optional.  They each have a copy of the words to practice-and had these words over break-hopefully you saw them!!!

Homework:  The story we are reading is a non-fiction story.  I would like your child to write a response to the question:  What clues does the author give to suggest Twig is a caring person?  They should pull information from the story and then respond with a self-connection.  They each will have another copy of the extended-response sheet and will have their book with them tonight.  This paragraph is due on Wednesday, but I would like to see evidence of editing.  They can make corrections and/or write over on another piece of paper.  We will go over some of the responses on Wednesday.  As always, the book needs to be returned every day!!  Thanks.

On Wednesday, they will be given another question to answer that will be due on Friday.

Math:  We started Unit 5 this morning.  The Unit is all about Big Numbers, Estimation and Computation.  This week we will cover extended multiplication facts, estimating sums and products.  Please review these math vocabulary words with them.  Lessons 5.1 through 5.4 will be completed.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, Lessons 5.1 through 5.4.  Your child should also have the Unit 5 Parent Letter with them today.  Please use as a reference.  Thanks.

Social Studies:   We will first review Chapter 2 – We The People, then move on to Chapter 3 – Regions Around You.  Your child will have their Social Studies book with them tomorrow to browse Chapter 3 with you.  This book has a lot of good information and is great vocabulary builder.

Science:  I will review some quick ISAT practice lessons all week with the class. We will read and complete these lessons in class.

Art:  A lesson titled “Paper Cutouts” focuses on positive shape and negative space.