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Weekly Overview January 18, 2011

So sorry about last weeks blog.  I don’t know what happened… disappeared!!!

Many thanks to all the parents who walk with us last week on the field trip!!!  Thank you!!!  Tomorrow, Adrian’s mom, Lu, will follow up with an art project related to what we saw.

We need snacks!!!!  Many, many thanks.  If your family has not brought a snack in, please contribute!!!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We are on to lesson 13.  A great non-fiction story.  Ask your child about it.  They will have their book with them tomorrow to read at home.  They have their Focus Wall sheet with them tonight.  Please review with them.  Thanks.  What book is your child reading for AR?  They should be reading at least 30 minutes each night!  We have students in MANY of our AR Point Clubs!!!!  What club is your child in???

Homework:  One paragraph due tomorrow using at least 5 of the target words.  An illustration and/or using more than 5 words in extra credit.  They will have an extended-response question to answer the next 2 nights (Wednesday and Thursday evenings.)  These extended-response questions should be answered in about 30 minutes-each night and returned the next day.  We will share responses with the class.

Math:  Lessons 5.9 through 5.11 will be completed.  We will review the unit on Friday and Monday and have Unit 5 Testing on Tuesday of next week.  We are introducing exponential notation for powers of 10, working with large numbers and looking at Data and Graphs.

Homework:  Tuesday through Thursday.  Look for Math Journal One on next Monday.

Science:  We have started a new and very fun unit Magnetism and Electricity.  Please ask your child what they learned today and what they wrote about in their Science Journal!!!

Social Studies:  We will complete Chapter 3 this week, your child will have their book with them Wednesday evening and we will have an open book test on Friday.  I will go over with everyone what the questions will be and we will review Wednesday and Thursday.

Art:  On Friday we will have an extension of the positive shape, negative space art we created last week.  They will be displayed outside our classroom-please come and enjoy!!!