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Weekly Overview January 24, 2011

Just a reminder that the end of the quarter is this week.  The last day your child can take an AR test is this Wednesday-All grades will be in this week (although if you check impact, most of the grades are already in.)  Report cards go out next week.

Also, we are going to create a wood/recycled sculpture with our preschool buddies.  Hopefully your child came home on Friday talking about collecting wood and recyclable items to bring into school!!!

We had a very busy and fun week last week, but didn’t get to everything I thought we would!!!  Hope you stop by the room and see the beautiful Chinese brush paintings!!!  Your children had TWO! wonderful lessons in the art of brush strokes-it was wonderful-thanks to Lu!!(Adrian’s mom and the artist that she brought!!)

We also did not get as much covered in Social Studies, but we will keep working on Chapter3 this week-moving on to Chapter 4 by the end of the week.

Language Arts:  We will start Lesson 14 today-the Focus Wall sheet will come home tonight-please review with your child.  Ask your child about the “Ant” story.

Homework:  Language Arts/Social Studies:  Due Thursday.  Students are to write a business plan-  Their task is to decide a product that they want to sell and why people would want to buy that product.  Students should begin their paragraph with a topic sentence that states the main idea.  The other sentences in the paragraph should give more information about the main idea.  Students should start this tonight, bring in their rough draft tomorrow or Wednesday so we can read them together.  The final draft is due Thursday.  They should also illustrate their product.  We will discuss in class and give some ideas for a product.  I will type out a sheet for them to start this project and they will have this with them today.  Thanks.

Math:  We will review Unit 5 today and the test will be given tomorrow.  They should have their Math Journal 1 with them today.  The book should be returned tomorrow!!!  Thanks.

Look for the Parent Letter for Unit 6 on Wednesday.  We will complete lessons 1 and 2 on Wednesday and Thursday, with homework each night, due the next day.  No math homework Tuesday.

Science:  We have started our unit on Electricity and Magnetism!!!  Hope you have heard!!  What vocabulary can they tell you about?   (north and south poles, repel, attract,property, iron, (ceramic ferrite-what is that???), force, and of course, magnet and magnetism.  Can they tell you what they have learned?

No school this Friday-it is a Staff Development Day.

Thanks for the snacks coming in, but we could still use more from everyone!!!  Thanks, your children do enjoy the morning snack!!