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Weekly Overview March 28, 2011


Just a reminder that there is no school on Friday.  I will be touring the Chicago Water Filtration Plant!!  I am very excited and hope to make a field trip out of it-will let you know if that works out!!

Report card pick up in next Wednesday, April 6th-you can sign up for a conference inside the doors of the main entrance.

Thanks for the snacks all year-we are running very low…if you have not brought in any snacks in awhile, please do so…your children enjoy a mid-morning snack!!

Ray Festival is this Thursday evening!!!  I need volunteers to help at our classroom booth!!!  I will make a sign-up sheet in the room and ask your child if they would like to work!!  I will need at least two volunteers per one hour shift-the kids can run the Bean Bag Toss game!!  Please come and play-all money from our game goes back into our classroom for supplies!!

Language Arts:  We are on Lesson 21-reading for accuracy and reviewing adjectives and adverbs.  Please go over at home!!  We will read together the story The World According to Humphrey starting tomorrow.  We are also working in our Journeys workbooks.   And, as always, we are starting off each morning, reading our AR book.   I believe the last day for an AR test will be next Monday.

Homework:  We have started to read the Young Authors stories that were due today.  If your child did not turn their work in, it is due!!  We will spend some time reading these and sharing our stories in our class and with our buddies over the next week or so.

Due Wednesday….your child will design and create a Festival poster.  Your child should use as many Adjectives as they can think of in creating their poster that will be displayed somewhere in the school.   The poster should be illustrated and bright!!!   I will go over this with them this afternoon.  I will also give them the paper to complete this project.

Math:  We will complete lessons 7.6-7.8 this week.  We are heavily into working with fractions!!!!  It is a little challenging-please go over homework and extra practice at home if it is needed.  Thanks for your help!!!

Homework:  Monday through Wednesday 7.6-7.8

Social Studies:  We have moved on to reading about the Southeast!!  We are also listening to tapes that go along with the chapters-they really seem to enjoy this.

Science:  We have created Series and Parallel circuits -your children have learned much!!!  They are understanding the basics of electricity!!!  Under their groins…this will be the LAST week we will be working with circuits!  They have been keeping notes in their science journal and recording what they have been learning!!

Art:  No school Friday, but I will try and find some time to continue to work on our Spring Mural which we are “watching grow”  outside our room.

Weekly Overview March 21, 2011

Hello Everyone!!!  ISAT testing if over for this year.  Your children did very well-they stayed as focused as they could and did their best!!  What more could we ask for?  I will let you know as soon as I can give you some idea of when you can expect to see the results.

Tomorrow is our field trip!!!  Your children heard the story today and we completed some projects so that they all have a very good idea of the story line.  Ask them what they know.  They also have the Acts, a map and their idea of what a “Genie” looks like.  Please ask them to see their work!!  Your child should bring in lunch from home.  I have 5 parents signed up to go!!!  Many, many thanks-it should be fun!!

Language Arts:  These first 3 days will be spent on the play Sinbad.  We will then spend the last 2 days reading Sacagawea again, discussing punctuations, abbreviations and compound words in our Journeys workbooks.  Your children should also all know where they are in their AR goals and should be reading at least 30 minutes each evening.

Homework:  They should all be working on their Young Authors Book which is due next Monday, March 28, 2011.  If they think they are finished, have them review, edit, make a new illustration or just read their book and see if they want to improve or change any of their story.  Thanks.  Again, they should turn the book in no later than next Monday, March 11.  Thanks.  They all seem very excited about their story and eager to share with their classmates.

Math:  We will complete lessons 7.3-7.6 this week.  These lessons are mostly on fractions and probability.  Please refer to the parent letter when needed.  Thanks.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, lessons 7.3 through 7.6

Social Studies:  We are learning about the Northeast and will move on to Exploring the Southeast.

Science:  We will spend our last week on our Electricity and Magnetism Unit this week.  Time will be spent on using all the equipment to build and explore creating their own circuits.  They will have a quiz on Friday –  drawing an illustration of a circuit and explaining why/why not it is opened or closed and whether their “bulb” would light.

Art:  We have started to create a “Spring Mural”  outside our classroom.  We will continue to “grow” this mural along with doing some planting on Friday to help welcome in the Spring!!!

Thanks for snacks coming in.  Most students have brought in at least one snack this year-please remember that ALL students eat snacks almost every day, so please bring a snack in if you can.  Your child adds a sticker next to their name on the snack chart.  Ask your child how many stickers are next to their name!!

Weekly Overview March 14, 2011

Hello!!!!  Only one day of ISAT testing to go!!!  We test tomorrow again in Science, then we are finished with this testing!!!  Your children were wonderful.  They stayed focused and did their very best!!!  I think we will have a celebration this week-I will talk with the class and we will think of something fun to do to celebrate their hard work!!

There will be no homework through this Wednesday.  Tonight, I would just ask your children to go over either their ISAT Science book or to go on the Internet  ISAT practice in Science.  You have smart children and you should be very proud of them!!

By Wednesday we will get back to a somewhat normal schedule.

Language Arts:  We will move on to Lesson 20- and reading about Sacagawea-a Native American-through nature and poetry.  Please expect the Focus Wall Sheet on Wednesday.

Please remind your children that they should be working on their Young Author’s Book-due Monday, March 28th!!!

Homework: Due Friday-your child will design a book jacket for our story Sacagawea.  The design should include at least 10 of their Spelling and/or Target Vocabulary words.  We will discuss this in class and I will show them an example.

Math:  We will begin Unit 7-Fractions and Their USes, Chance and Probability on Wednesday.  Please look for the Parent Letter on Wednesday.

Homework:  Wednesday and Thursday-lessons 1 and 2.

Science:  On Thursday we will experiment with Series and Parallel Circuits-using light bulbs and switches (of course, wires and D cells.)  What can your child tell you?

Social Studies:  We will spend some time on Wednesday afternoon, regrouping and reading and working in our workbook.

Art or???…  Friday afternoon-to be decided.  I will talk with the class and we will see what reward we want to give ourselves for doing our very best on the ISAT’s!!

As always, thank you very much for all your help in so many ways!!

Jean Clement