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Weekly Overview April 25, 2011

Welcome!!!  Everyone has been talking about their Spring Break and all seem happy to be back at school.  Well, at least not too sad to be back!!  I have heard lots of fun stories!!  (Their homework will focus around their Spring Break.)

As you have probably heard, we are now serving breakfast everyday to everyone at school.  It is actually going very smoothly.  Your child picks a bag up as they walk in (just so you know….tardy students do not get a breakfast!!!)  They then get settled in their desk and eat their breakfast.  They only thing I would like you to go over with them is to discuss that they should eat their breakfast and get to reading.  I have told them that they can read while they eat, but we really want the breakfast to not take more than 10 minutes or so.  Thanks for giving them an extra reminder of this at home.  It is really nice, they seem to enjoy it. I think a note is being sent home this Wednesday about breakfast at Ray.

We are out of snacks, maybe we won’t need so many now that most kids are choosing to eat breakfast.  We’ll see.  But, we are really completely out, so I am sure we will still have days when they will want a snack still.  Thank  *Oops, I was just asked (before I got this sent off) if we were going to have a snack. 🙂

Spanish Spelling Bee is this Wednesday at 9:40- hopefully your child has told you about this.

Language Arts:  We are starting a new Lesson 24 – We will read Owen and Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship-it’s a really sweet story.  This week we are focusing on using commas when we write and suffixes -ed and -ly.  We are also incorporating our target and vocabulary words into what we did during our Spring Break.

We have 6 weeks of school left, but you (and your child) should be thinking about completing their AR goal in the next 4 or 5 weeks!!!  We had MANY AR tests taken this morning!!!  Many, Many Thanks!!!!  Lots of reading over the Spring Break!!!

Homework:  Your child has started their homework project-due this Friday.  They are making a Spring Break  Mobile, using art and sentence writing with our target and vocabulary words.  We will assemble these together at school using a hanger.  I have enough hangers, but if you have an extra one or two at home and could bring in, that would be great, a few kids have already asked if they can make 2!!  They are to work on at least 2 cut-outs (writing 4 sentences) each night.  They can explain the project to you this evening.  Thanks.

Math:  We are working in Unit 8 – Perimeter and Area.  We will also be discussing and using Scales (i.e. if 1 inch = 13 miles, how many miles  in 2.5 inches, etc.)  We will complete lessons 8.2-8.6 this week.  We worked on lessons 8.2 and 8.3 today, so even though it is unusual, they will have two homework sheets tonight- 8.2 and 8.3.

Homework:  Tonight 8.2 and 8.3, then 8.4 through 8.6 Tuesday through Thursday.  Thanks.

Science:  We will continue to plant and watch things grow over the next few weeks.  We will also start our Land and Water FOSS  Science Unit next week.  It really is a good unit to follow our planting activities.

Social Studies:  We will finish up with studying about The Southeast this week.  We will be working in the workbook and working on some mapping of that area.

Art:  This weeks lesson is Blended Colors.  When two primary colors are mixed, they make a secondary color.  There are virtually unlimited possibilities for mixing variations of colors.  Should be fun!!  They will learn a technique with double-loaded brush painting.

Weekly Overview April 11, 2011

We have a very busy week planned right before Spring Break!!!

Language Arts:  It is the Week Of The Young Child!!!  We will be writing a lot about events that happened when we were young!!!  (We are now sooo old!!!)  We have started this today, will continue as homework, and will be sharing all week with our classmates!!  We are also reading a new story, with new vocabulary words, starting tomorrow.

Homework:  Due Thursday-we will read to our buddies on Friday.  (Or maybe Thursday if your child will not be here on Friday.)  Your child will write at least 2 paragraphs about an event or a time-a true story…about   When I was young…..   They have started this, but will start again tonight for homework.  They should write at least two paragraphs, then an illustration to go along with their story.  We went over the format in class.  Again, this is due Thursday.

Math:  We will review concepts from Unit 7 today and tomorrow, completing our Unit 7 workbook.  Unit 7 test will be on Wednesday.

Homework:  Monday:  A multiplication and division fact sheet.  Make it a timed test, if you wish.  Return tomorrow.

Tuesday-They will each have their Math Journal 2 with them to study for the Unit 7 test.  Please return on Wednesday.

Wednesday-no homework, math test.

Thursday-Parent Unit 8 letter plus 8.1 in homework.

Science:  We are planting all week and learning about seeds and bulbs, how they grow and their life cycle.  We are welcoming in SPRING!!!

Social Studies:  We are still reading and learning about The Southeast.  What can your child tell you?

Art:  Look for our project on Thursday…..

Have a wonderful Spring Break and see you in a week!!
Jean Clement

Weekly Overview April 4, 2011 Jean Clement

Hello Everyone…

First of all, I want to say thank you to Michala’s mom  and Anya’s mom for running our Bena Bag Toss!!!!  The student are counting the tickets today!!!  We will buy some new classroom books for our room with the money.  Ask your child how much we made!!!!  We’ll finish counting the tickets no later than tomorrow.  Also thank you to Madison’s mom-we sold ovre $200.00 in Ray logo!!!!!!!  I think everyone had a fun evening!!!

Please remember that Wednesday is report card pick up.

Tomorrow is Picture Day!!!!!!  You have the forms and I believe they can be returned without money and you can turn the money in later.  Thanks

Snacks are coming in slowly…..thanks to those parents!!!

Hope you have heard about own spring mural outside our room and we are planting in the room!!!!  We are watching spring grow!!  We are also starting to grow our own snacks.  We are watching our Alfalfa seeds sprout!!  We will snack on them this week!!

Language Arts:  We are reading about Jane Addams and will read about Esther Morris this week.  Strong women who said “I Could Do That!”  Ask your children about Jane Addams and after tomorrow about Esther Morris.  We have new target words that we will be working with.  We have also started putting these words in our own sentences.

Homework:    Your child will have their Focus Wall with them today.  This is due Friday.  Using the target and vocabulary words, your child will write at least 2 paragraphs describing something they would work hard to achieve.  These 2 paragraphs are due this Friday.  They can write more paragraphs if they wish.  An illustration turned in with the paragraphs on Friday is extra credit.  Thanks.  Please make sure that they edit their paragraphs, re-reading their work.

Math:  We will complete lessons 7.10-7.12 this week.  We will be review fractions, decimals and completing several probability experiments!!