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Weekly Overview May 31, 2011

Hope everyone had a nice three day week end.  And I hope that everyone received a calendar from your child that indicated all the events going on until the end of the year!!!  You should have a calendar will all these activities!!!

Tomorrow is our walking field trip to the Japanese Gardens behind the Museum of Science of Industry.  Your child should bring their lunch, maybe in an empty bag pack so that they can easily carry their lunch.  They should also bring an extra water-it might be hot!!!  We will leave Ray around 10:15-thanks to all the parents who have signed up to walk with us!!!  It should be fun.  We will then create some Spring Murals from our observations to have displayed at the Spring/Spanish Assembly!!!  Speaking of the assembly, please remember that your children will be performing a Spanish Dance and playing the recorder!

Language Arts:  We will move on to Lesson 29 this week.  All the lessons in our end of year Journeys  Magazine focus around nature, ecosystems and our world around us.  Eveyone seems to be enjoying the stories and discussions!  The story this week is titled Save Timber Woods-we will start this probably Thursday.  Today we read about and discussed “Trash”, wich was still part of Lesson 28 that we did not get to last week.  We will work  in our workbooks, journal and writer’s notebooks and read from our AR stories.

Homework:  They each has a Time Magazine.  They have read the Tracking Space Trash article and we have discussed.  They are each to write at least two paragraphs about at least three ways they think we could help reduce or “collect” Space Trash.  They should use the article as a starting point.  After they have written their paragraphs-at least two paragraphs, they should make an illustration about at least one of their ideas.  This is due on Friday.

Math:  We will have our Unit 9 Math Test on Thursday.  We are reviewing today, and maybe will have some time tomorrow.  Their Math Journal will go home tomorrow for review.

Tuesday-no math homework-only math journal review if your child took their book home (they had the option.) Wednesday-study for the unit test.  Thursday- Unit 10 parent letter and lesson 10.1 homework.

Art:  We will start to create Spring Murals for the Assembly on June 7th.  We will also be working with clay, probably next week, as a follow up to our story A Single Shard.  It was a beautiful story-hope you heard about it!

Social Studies:  Midwest is being studied.  What has your child told you???  We are reading about the past and present history of the Midwest.

Science:  We are still learning about and watching our Button Quail and Mallard Ducks grow, eat and explore their environment.  We will continue to plant and watch Spring bloom into action!  Lots of discussion around recycling and being an active part of our community.


Weely Overview May 16, 2011

Let’s see if this works this week…..if not your child will have a hard copy with them….

We are the proud parents of 2 Mallard Ducks  100% hatch and 4 Button Quails (so far…) 4/15.    A perfect introduction into our math lesson today!!!   Please stop by and see our birds, they are very cute and entertaining!!!  Your children have learned so very much about so many, man things in caring for the eggs, and now the birds!!!!

Olympics are tomorrow for our class!!!  your child should wear a white shirt with their number on the shirt.  Have your child bring a marker in if you want your child to get everyone to sign their shirt!!!  Here’s hoping for a little warmer weather and no rain!!!  Please feel free to come and stay in the morning to help or simply watch and enjoy.  I think awards will be given after lunch, around 1:30.

We will be going on our Filed Trip to The Little Red School House next Monday.  Please remember a sack lunch and join us if you can!!  We will try and leave right at 9:10, so I will try and pick the kids up even a little bit before 9, so don’t be late for school next Monday!!!!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We are going to read about and write about our eggs, Quails and Ducks all week!!!  We will also work on Lesson 27-Amphibian Alert this week.  Also a great connecting – compare and contrast- story to our “birds”!!!

Your child should also be reading each night for at least 30 minutes!!!  How is your child’s AR goal coming along!!!!?

Homework:   Your child is going to write a story, at least 4 paragraphs, with illustrations, about our Mallard Ducks and Button Quails.  Your child should use at least 10 of our spelling and target vocabulary words in their story.  They should come up with the characters (ducks and quails included) , a problem, and a way that they solve the problem!!  They are excited about this.  They should make a little story, that they then will read to their buddies, probably after the trip that we will take with them next Monday.  Your children should underline the words in their story that are from the Lesson 27 word list.  Thanks.   All this is due this Friday, May 20, 2011.  Thanks.

Math:  We have started Unit 9 – All about fractions, decimals and percentages.  Please have extra practice at home if needed.  Lessons 9.3-9.5 will be completed this week.  No homework tomorrow, Tuesday, because of the Olympics!!  Ask what percentage of the quail and duck eggs hatched??!!

Homework, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  Lessons 9.3-9.5

Science:  All week activities will evolve around our animals!!!

Social Studies:  We are learning about The Midwest!!

Art:  We are finishing our “Closet full of crazy critters-have added a quail and a duck” and these will be displayed outside our room-please stop by and enjoy!!!  We will do some art activity related to our Chapter book that we are reading and will finish this week- A Single Shard.  Ask your child about it-hopefully you have heard!!!

Have a great week!!  Jean Clement