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(short) Weekly Overview June 6, 2011


Just a quick note-your children are heading to the auditorium to practice for the performance tomorrow as I am writing this!!  Boys should wear (OR ANYTHING CLOSE TO THIS!!!!) black pants and shoes and a white shirt!!!  If they are all dress pants, shirt and shoes-great.  If not, it is fine!!!!!  Girls are to wear something like a white shirt and dark leggings or pants-they will have a skirt and blouse to wear over the clothes for the spanish dance and they will have their matching outfit on with the boys for the music recital!!!  They have worked very hard-hope everyone will come and watch!!  9:30 and 1:30 performances-they shows are both the same!!!

Homework-each night at least 30 minutes of reading, Math Unit 10 Parent Letter and Lesson 10.1 today.Tuesday-homework will be reading only.   The rest of the week is Reading and a math lesson per night, as usual.

Ask your children about the play we read together-we will follow up with some fun activities around this reading lesson.

Have a great week!  Jean Clement