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Weekly Overview September 26, 2011

Welcome to the 4th week of 4th Grade!!!!  Already!!!!

PTA meeting is tonight-hope you can join us and be involved in the PTA this year!!  Thanks

Language Arts: We will begin Lesson 3  in Journeys this week.  The target skill is Cause and Effect and we will be focusing on this skill during our reading.  We will be reading the story How Tia Lola Came to stay. We will be working in our workbook and in both our writing books-Writer’s Notebook and Journaling…

Homework:  Your child will write a story (for others to read on Friday) about an event that had a cause/effect experience.

Cause:  an event that makes something else happen

Effect:  an event that happens because of an earlier action or experience

Your child should think of their story.  The story can be fiction or nonfiction.  The story should be at least 2 paragraphs (each paragraph must be at least 5 complete sentences )and include an illustration.  The first paragraph should state the “cause” with details.  The 2nd paragraph should be the “effect”.  Your child should use details and work in at least 5 of our new target words for this week.  Your child has the list of target words with them.  Finally, your child should illustrate their story.  The final story is due Friday.  Please check for grammer and punctuation. 

As always, your child should be reading at least 30 minutes each evening.  Please sign next to where they wrote 30 min. of reading in their assignment book so that we both can keep track that your child is reading each night.  Thanks for your help.

**In the past, I have given credit for students editing my blog!!-just a fun fact!!

Math:  We will begin Unit 2 and complete lessons 2.1-2.4 this week.  Please also look for the Unit 2 Parent Letter today.  Unit 2 is all about using Numbers and Organizing Data.  As always, please have your child try and complete their math homework independently and then you review and correct with them after it has been completed.  Thanks for your help.

Homework:  Lessons 2.1 through 2.4- Monday through Thursday.  Always due the next day.  Thanks.

Science:  We have started our Magnetism and Electricity Unit and will go to the Science Lab tomorrow to work with magnets.

Social Studies:  We will be working on a map of the United States this week, and will be looking at the different regions and organizing how we will be learning information about the regions.  We have discussed Hemispheres and will discuss latitude and longitude this week.

Art:  On Friday we will create Figures Posed For Action-by drawing and creating figures from foil.

Please remember snack, classroom fee of $85.00 and Lunch money collected the first day of the week!!  Thanks for all of your help.  Have a great week.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview September 19, 2011

Hello Everyone-

My blog is up and running!!!  Hope to see everyone here on Wednesday evening!!!  you will learn all about your child’s 4th grade year!!  i am looking forward to meeting with everyone.

We have spent much of the first few weeks getting organized with our expectations and curriculum outlines.  you will hear all about this on Wednesday.

In general, this blog will be used to help you know what to expect for the week, what we will be doing in all areas of the curriculum andany homework assignments.

For this week, we will be having our first Unit 1 test in math on Wednesday. 

I realize that I have not used this yet this year, so I will have a more comprehensive blog next week.

Just wanted to say hi and I will let your children know tomorrow ath this is up and working.

Thanks Jean Clement