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Weeklly Overview October 24, 2011


A look at this week…

1.  We have literacy week upon us!!  I see many students wearing orange today!  Hope you know why!!!  Did you hear about the story??  Hope so!  Your child will have a flyer about the other stories this week…  What should they wear tomorrow??  Ask them!

2.  We will have extra testing this week-a curriculum core standards test..Wednesday will be reading and Thursday-math.  These will be about one hour long and be completed on computers.  When I receive the results, I will pass them along to you.  Thanks.  Because of this, and because of no school on Friday, we will not have a test this week on Lesson 7 in language arts, we will review all concepts through our class work.  Thanks.

3.  Halloween-we will have a celebration Monday afternoon-treats are welcomed, but not necessary!!  I will have a couple of fun activities planned!  4th graders will not dress up in costumes at school, but hope they do in the evening if it is your family tradition

4.  As mentioned, no school for students on Friday.

5.  PTA meeting tonight!!!  Please come if you can!

Language Arts:  Lesson 7 focus is around Fact and Opinion and summarizing in our reading.  We will also focus on punctuation and word parts phon, tele, auto, graph and photo.  Our grammar this week is simple verb tenses.

Homework:  Your child will write two sentences each night, bringing them in the next day to be read by a classmate.  One sentence should be a fact and one an opinion.  Each sentence should be at least 7 words in length.  The sentences should be about themselves (your child.)  Please edit for grammar with your child.  Thanks.  As always, your child can do more sentences if you/they wish.  Also, your child should be READING each night.  This should also be reflected in their AR record!!  Your child will have with them today, their current AR record.  If I indicated a phone call and/or signature, please call or sign and return by tomorrow.  Thanks.  Extra credit each night-your child can write a question that includes themself.  (Does my mother think that my handwriting is easy to read?)

Math:  We will complete lessons 3.43.7 this week-lots of Multiplication and Division fact work.  Have your child practice extra each night if they need the extra help.  Thanks.  We will also provide practice in measuring length and using a map scale. 

Homework:  Monday through Wednesday-Lessons 3.4 through 3.6.  We will complete lesson 3.7 homework in class on Thursday with a partner and they should have it to show you Thursday evening.  Thanks.

Art:  Hopefully we will complete our paintings this week-we will be working on them as students finish other work that they are doing.  Hopefully!!:)

Science:  We will continue to investigate magnetic properties.  How can we break the force? 

Social Studies:  This week we will review Chapter 1-exploring the United States and have a quiz on the first 4 lessons on Thursday.   Your child can take the book home to review, but we will also review Monday – Wednesday in the class.  The review will include Natural Resources,  climate, landscape and where in U.S. is using Latitude and Longitude.

Thanks for the snack coming in!!

Weekly Overview October 17, 2011

Hope you heard about the exciting event of Friday of the very large tree being cut down-very sad for me, I have been admiring the dead tree and it’s whimsical ways for years, but sadly, it probably was time….your child watched in amazement and learned much about tree cutting!!  A wonderful lesson!!

Langauge Arts:  We are moving on to Lesson 6-the main focus being Compare and Contrast and Infer and Predict: working with verbs, reading with expression, and endings of -y and -ous.  We will be reading and discussing a modern day fairy tale.

As usually, we will have a lesson test on Friday.  Your child has their Lesson 5 test with them today.  I see writing as a need for everyone to improve on… from sentence structure, vocabulary usage, and just plain grammar.  therefore…

Homework:  Your child will have their homework with them tonight.  They will write 5 sentences each night, turning all 20 sentences in on Friday.  The five sentences must include, but not limited to…

1.  Each sentence must include at least one target and one spelling word.  These words should be underlined. (no computer)

2.  The same word(s) can be used again in a new sentence. 

3.  Each sentence must be at least 7 words in length!!

4.  Your child should edit for spelling, grammar and try to use more adverbs and adjectives and descriptive words. 

5.  The sentences can be numbered 1-20 and be on the same paper (we have plenty of paper here).

7.  Ask your child how their paper should have a proper heading-they should know how to do this and what is included.

8.  All sentences should be neat!!

9.  Extra credit-they can then, after the 20 sentences; a) make a story in addition to the sentences, b)illustrate a sentence or two.

All this is due Friday.  Thanks

Math:  Math test on Unit 2 today-no math homework.

Tuesday-Friday-  We will begin Unit 3 tomorrow-Multiplication and Division:  Number Sentences (this is usually a bit of a challenge) and Algebra.

Homework:  Tuesday through Thursday-lessons 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.

Social Studies:  Lesson 4 in our Chaper 1 is all about Natural Resources.  We are reading together, having some great discussions and working in our workbooks.

Art:  Hopefully you heard about the Beatrix Potter movie-it was a wonderful character development theme and we learned a lot about the author!!  We will finish our paintings this week.

Science:  We are learning about magnets and will work with D cells this week.  Next week we will move on to circuits!!


Weekly Overview October 11, 2011

Hello-It is already Wednesday and we had a busy day yesterday!!!

Language Arts:  We have moved on to Lesson 5-focusing on understanding characters, working with nouns, and learning about Homophones!!  Ask your children what they are learning.  Test on Lesson 5 this Friday.  Your child should be taking their book home each night if they need to review the vocabulary and story and the concepts being taught.  Thanks.  I will also remind them.

Homework:  Yesterday, they wrote 5 sentences using the Target Vocabulary Words.    Wednesday:  Your student will choose their most interesting sentence and create a story (at least two paragraphs) using a list of homophones that they will have with them today.  This story is due Friday-they will have two nights to create their story.  Please edit with them-they should be writing complete sentences.  Thanks. 

Math:  Lessons 2.9 and 2.10 will be taught this week.  We are working on organizing date (students should be comfortable with mode, median, range, maximum and minimum and know how to explain these terms to you)  We also subtracted yesterday (you should know from homework) multidigit numbers-if your child is struggling with this, please practice extra each night.  Thanks.

Homework:  Wednesday-Open Response worksheet -they have completed this in class-it is a review.  Thursday-they will have 2 fact tests that you should time them on-use your judgement-5 minutes (what did they complete?)  If they need more time, see what they can complete in another 5 or 10 minutes.  Both worksheets due the following day.  Thanks.

Unit 2 Math Test will be on Monday, October 17.  Your child should review homework, journal work (they will have their journal with them over the weekend and review any helpful information in their SRB).

Science:  We will work with properties of magnets tomorrow.

Social Studies:  We will read maps to study the elevations of a state.  We will also discuss climate and vocabulary words related to climate.  Ask your child what they remember.  Thanks.

*Thanks for those who have returned the directory form-they first class with the most returned forms will get a pizza party!!!!!

*Thanks for the snacks coming in.

*Please turn in the $85.00 classroom fee.  You can also pay the fee in smaller amounts over the next few months.  These fees cover books, science and art supplies, plus many other needed supplies to keep our class functioning the best it can!!!  Thanks.

Also thanks to the many parents who participated in the candy sale!!!  I am very involved in the PTA and this is a big fundraiser for us (you!!)-thanks.

Weekly Overview – October 3, 2011

Good Morning-Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Language Arts:  I hope you had a chance to look at your child’s AR record.  They should have showed you the print out of their AR -you were to sign it and it is to be returned this morning (Monday) so that I know you are following their progress!!  I will be sending these home at least once a month, if not every other week.  If you want them more often, just let me know.  Again, thanks for your help-this should be included in their 30 minutes of reading each night.  If your child is reading a book that is not on AR, I have a book report form that they can complete.  I will give them a few “AR points” for the report.  We are also keeping a list of all books read so far up on a poster in our room.  We will actually do this all year.  Ask your child how many books have been read and recorded???  We have discussed how many we think we will get each month, each quarter and by the end of the year!!  A fun way to keep track of what is being read, by whom.

We are moving on to Lesson 4 in Journeys this week.  Our main Target Skill is Theme:  the lesson or message of a story.  Please discuss with your child at home.  Thanks.   We will also focus on simple and compound sentences, the prefixes non- and mis- and “intonation” when we read.  Please look for the target vocabulary words at home and review.  They will not be part of homework this week, but we will be using them in class.

Homework:  look under social studies.

Math:  Lessons 2.5 through 2.8 will be taught.  Organizing and Displaying Data, The Median (the middle number), addition of Multidigit Numbers and Displaying Data with a Bar Graph will each be a lesson this week.

Homework:  2.4 through 2.8, each night, Monday through Thursday.  As usual, the homework is due the next day.  Please make sure your child has a red pencil, marker, etc.  We do a lot of self-correcting in the room.  Thanks.

Science:  We are into our Magnetism and Electricity Unit and will be working with magnets and discussing their properties this week.  Ask your child (after Tuesday) how we record data in our Lab Notes.  Thanks.

Social Studies:  We will focus on “Landscape” of the United States, in The East, The Middle and The West. 

Homework:  Due Friday.  Your child will have an outline map of the United States.  They need to label the map with names of States, major Rivers, Mountain ranges, etc.  If they can, your child can include labeling the Capitals of each state or other landmarks in a state.  They should label Oceans and the countries north and south of us.  The map should be labeled VERY neatly and clearly.  Monitor your child.  They should work on this each night.  Please have them color it with colored pencils or lightly colored with crayons.  Test your child on what they know.  After this map is completed, they should take an index card (which I will give them), choose one State and write at least 5 sentences about something that interests them about that state or something they have learned about that state.  Discuss Latitude and Longitude with them on this map.  Extra Credit:  Your child can turn in 2 (or more 🙂 ) index cards, writing about another state.

p.s.  Can your child tell you what the prime meridian is and where it is located?  They should be able to.  Ask them!!

Art:  I hope you saw and heard about their Figure Posed for Action-everyone really seemed to enjoy this.  Did you see their drawings of the figures posed in different ways?  Hope so.

This week we will start to create a painting of “A Framework of Lines”.  The lesson will take 2 art periods and hopefullly be completed next Friday!!  Look for the work to be displayed outside our room sometime after that.  Thanks.

Thanks for the snacks coming in-everyone is enjoying them.  I have had only a very few parents bring them in, so far.  Hopefully more will come in.  Does everyone want this??  Ask your children!!  Thanks.

Jean Clement