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Weekly Overview November 28, 2011

Hope everyone had a good holiday with family and friends…

We have a full week of school!!!

Language Arts:  We are on to Lesson 10.  The focus is Author’s Purpose (for writing.)  We will go over the target vocabulary -?what words can your child tell you?  We are also focusing on pronouns-ask your child to name many pronouns!!!  We will also review Idioms and Antonyms and Synonyms this week.

Homework:  Each night your child will have their Writer’s Notebook with them.  They will have written a writing prompt and must write at leat one paragraph in answering the prompt.  These prompts will focus on their AR book.  Each paragraph is due the next day and will be shared with a classmate. 30 minutes of reading each night…

Math:  We will complete Lessons 4.2-4.5 this week.  All these lessons will focus on the decimal and it’s uses.  Today’s lesson was a bit of a challenge-they have their worksheet and should show it to you!!!

Homework:  Lessons 42.through 4.5, Monday through Thursday.

Science:  We are making series and parallel circuits.  Your child should be able to explain the difference!!  What else can they tell you about the flow of energy?D-Cells?  Wires (insulators and conductors)?  Ask them to explain what they have learned!!

Social Studies:  We will learn about government, our economy (or lack there-of:(  ), free market and how these controls work.  Ask your child what they learned today.

Art:  We finally have a Friday and will be creating Optical Illusions.  It’s a great project!!

Thanks for all your help with homework and your child reading at least 30 minutes each night!!!  It does make a difference!!!

Weekly Overview November 21, 2011

A short three day week, but we will be busy!!!  Thanks for all the food coming in for our Food Drive!!!  Your child will receive a certificate when they bring in food-and they seem to be proud when I hand them the recognition!!  Thanks!!!

Also,in keeping with the “giving” theme, Wednesday will be Ray School Spirit Day!!!   We are thankful for our good school!! Please have your child wear their green and white!!!  Ray logo can be purchased from me-white t-shirts are $6.00 and can be worn every gym day!!!  (also a good holiday gift…shhh)

I think the 4th grades will watch a show this week-maybe tomorrow- about Thanksgiving and it’s history.

Language Arts:  We will discuss antonyms, the use of commas (which I don’t like to use much :)) and story generalizations.  We will have a test on Wednesday on these items. (Lesson 9)

Homework:  Let’s try and read a little extra this week at home-maybe spend an extra 30 minutes or so of quiet reading!!!  Then your child should be able to tell you about antonyms and the use of commas and study for the test on Wednesday.  I will remind everyone to take their Journeys book home Tuesday evening.  Thanks.

Math:  We will have lessons on the use of decimals each day. 

Homework:  Monday and Tuesday.  We will have a lesson on Wednesday and try to have time to complete the homework at the end of the lesson.

Social Studies:  We will focus on a few Thanksgiving Activities.

Science:  We will continue to work with electricity and building circuits.  Your children are learning and I see their “light bulbs” going off!!!!

Have a wonderful Holiday and I hope everyone will have some extra time to spend with family and friends.

Jean Clement




Weekly Overview November 14, 2011

Hope everyone had a nice, long weekend!!  This weeek is also disjointed!!  No school on Wednesday, but hope to see you!  There are not enough hours to meet with everyone, so if you just pick up the report card and we need to meet at another time, we can schedule that.  Thanks.  Also, if you still want to meet, please send me an email with your first choice of a time and I can schedule that.  Thanks.  I still have some empty slots.  Or you can write me a note in our child’s passport/assignment book-which several of you have already done!

We also do not have students on this Friday-staff development day!

Language Arts:  We will start Lesson 9 this week, but will continue with it next week and have our lesson test next Tuesday.  Our focus will be drawing conclusions and generalizations, work with Questions and commas and learning Antonyms!!

Homework- Your child will have a list of all words that we will be working with this week.  They should use all of these words in a 4 paragraph story (at least) with an illustration (for extra credit).  This story is due Thursday.  No school on Friday!  Your child should underline all these words and write in neat, complete sentences.  No computers this time-let’s practice on our penmanship, too!  Please help your child edit their work.  I would like to have some of the students read their work to the class on Thursday.  Thanks.

Math:  We will have our Unit 3 math test tomorrow-Tuesday.  Please look for the Unit 4 Parent Letter tomorrow along with their first Unit 4 math homework.  Unit 4 mostly focuses on the use of decimals-ordering, placement, addition and subtraction with decimals will be covered in the  next few weeks.  Please work with these at home if your child needs extra practice.

Homework:  Tonight-review for Unit 3 test -look at homework and your child should have their SRB.  Tuesday- lesson 4.1 and parent letter. (turn in homework on Thursday)

Science:  We will be working with not only D-cells and light bulbs, but motors and switches this week.  What canyour child tell you about how a circuit works?

Social Studies- We are getting into discussions and readings about our government, using vocabulary and  learning about our constitution, democracy, our branches of government and checks and balances.  Lots of vocabulary and learning how our government is organized!  They should also be able to tell you some about Benjamin Franklin and George Washington and the city of Philadelphia.  We will be discussing over the next few weeks.

Have a great week and see you Wednesday!  Jean Clement



Weekly Overview November 7, 2011

We have a very short-but busy week!!!  We have school Monday through Wednesday, with Thursday being a staff development day and no school on Friday!!

By the way:  Your child will have another book order with them today.  If you would like any of these orders to be gifts-just turn in the order in an envelope with a note that it is a surprise or a gift and I can call you when the order is in.  There are some nice books that would make good holiday gifts.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  As your child probably told you, we did not finish Lesson 8 last week, so we will continue in this lesson, taking a test on Wednesday.  The test will focus on the story  Me and Uncle Romie, Idioms and understanding Character Development.  I will remind them to take their book home tomorrow to study.

Homework:  Monday- Worksheet:  Understanding characters – complete both sides.  Return tomorrow.  Tuesday-They will take home the Journeys book to help study for the test on Wednesday.  Your child should always be reading at least 30 minutes each night and taking AR tests at school-how is your child doing?  I will print their effort so far and you should ask your child for their’s tonight.  Thanks.

Math:  We will complete lessons 3.10- using parentheses in number sentences and 3.11- Open sentences.  We will take Unit 3 test next Tuesday.  Next Monday will be a review of the test.

Homework:  3.10 and 3.11 Monday and Tuesday.

Science:  We will continue with building circuits.  What can your child tell you?  They are having fun and learning!!!

Social Studies:  We will begin Chapter 2- We the People.  Today we will read about and discuss The American People-focusing on Mount Rushmore and other monuments.

Oh-I will be outside in the morning and in the afternoon with a sign up sheet for Report Card Pick Up!!  Please sign up – thanks.

I’m looking forward to a fun week!!

Weekly Overview October 31, 2011

Halloween Pass on all Homework tonight!!!!!!!  Thanks for all the snacks that you brought in-we will have a fun party this afternoon and your child should have several projects to show you.

Last week your child took both a math and reading core curriculum test on a computer -the first of 4 for the year.  This week your child will take a writing and a short math test to go along with this test series which I will administer.  Probably the writing test tomorrow and the math on Wednesday.

Language Arts:  We are moving on to Lesson 8-our focus will be Understanding  Characters and Figurative Language (we will not start this lesson until tomorrow.)  We will read and discuss the story and work in the workbook in class.  Homework will be on our reading at home.  We will have a quiz on the story on Friday.

Homework:  Tomorrow your child will have a worksheet that they will complete and return the next day.  Each worksheet will be the same.

Math:  We will complete lessons 3.8 – 3. 10 this week.  Homework each night, as usual. 

Science:  We will be Lighting Bulbs this week.  Ask your child about this.