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December 20, 2011

So sorry…

Just saw that my long blog!!! was deleted!!!!..a short version…


Have a wonderful winter break!!

We will have a winter holiday party Thursday after the performance-we are not in the show but we are excited to watch!!  We willl also have an extra holiday activity and celebration on Friday!!  Your children can bring in extra snacks if you wish-we will also celebrate our December birthdays!

Homework for Langauge Arts:  You already have the 9-Patch grid that is due Friday.  If your child wants another, I have extras.  I also to them them they should practice reading the Patchwork Quilts sheet in a very “fluent” way.  Have them read it to you several times!!

Math:  You should have received the Unit 5 parent letter.  We will complete Lessons 51. through 5.3.  We will not have math class on Thursday because of the assembly.

Homework:  Monday through Wednesday.

Have a wonderful Winter Break!!

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview December 19, 2011


Weekly Overview December 12, 2011

A few items….

1.  Tomorrow is our walking field trip to Kenwood.  Your child should bring a lunch-if you forget, I am sure we can share.  We will eat a little before we leave and finish our lunch when we return.  Thanks to Robert, Roong, Dhana, Jake, CiCi, Livia and David-parents who are walking with us!!!  Please be to Ray by about 11:00-we will meet you at the front door and leave Ray by 11:15.  The concert is from noon until 1:00.  We will then walk back to Ray.  Many, many thanks!!  Parents, please have your child dress for WALKING-comfortable and warm shoes, hats, mittens, etc.  The walk might be a little cold!!! MANY THANKS!!!

2.  We took a MAPS test in reading last week, this week is Math on Wednesday and Science on Thursday.  I will share the results when I have them.

3.  Please remember that Homework each night includes READING at least 30 minutes-probably the most important homework!!!  Thanks

4.  If I have given your child extra practice books in Reading and/or Math, please correct with them.  If they bring in the completed book, I will return the book with a small “gift” for their extra work!!

5.  We will have a Winter Holiday Celebration next Thursday.  If you want your child to bring in drinks or snacks that is fine!!  Thanks 

6.  Our classroom has been a little chilly-I would suggest that your child has a sweater that they can keep in the room, over their chair if they are cold.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We will be learning about Sequencing Events in our readings this week.  We will also learn about Possessive Nouns, Synonyms, Base words and endings and will Write to Persuade!!  Lesson 12 test on these concepts on Friday.

Homework:  Your child will write an advertisement this week to Persuade a target group to buy their product.  Your child will get a”poster paper” today and the assignment is due this Friday!!  I will again give a rubric to your child so it will guide their work. 

Math:  We will complete Unit 4 by Wednesday and the test will be on Thursday-I will use Wednesday for a review since we will have a field trip tomorrow. 

We will start Unit 5 next Monday

Homework:  Lesson4.9 and 4.10-Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday Homework will be reviewing their Math Journal 1-they will have it with them on Wednesday.  No homework Thursday, as usual, after a Unit Test-they have no homework that day:)  

Science:  We will review their Flow of Electricty quiz and they will actually take the same quiz again to see how they can improve and learn from their mistakes-I did get back about 7 almost perfect descriptions of the flow of electricity!!!…and many will lots of learning and growth shone!!

Art:  We are sticking to our art curriculum but using holiday colors and discussions in our projects.  I have many religions celebrated in our room and each child can do their own art in any way they feel that they want-celebrating their family and traditions and everyone learning from each other!!  We have had some wonderful discussions!

Again, please remember our field trip tomorrow with a lunch and warm clothing!!

Thanks and have a nice week.  Jean Clement



Weekly Overview December 5, 2011

Wow!!!  It’s December!!!

I have a few notes..

1.  The office would like us to remind you that the Ray office hours are 8:30-4:30 each day. 

2.  Our first (of 5) walking field trips is to Kenwood Academy on December 13-next Tuesday.  We will see Kenwood Academy Concert Choir.  I would like 5 to 6 parents to walk with us.  The concert will start at 12:00.  We need to leave Ray by 11:15 and will return to Ray at 1:30-1:45.  Can you walk with us?  Please send me a note through your child (or email me) to let me know that you can walk with us.  Many, many thanks!!  This concert is free!!!  Please come if you can.

We will also walk to Kenwood on these following days-please note in your calendar:

February 14 -Michael Salter Quarter

March 20-Raices Gitanas (Flamenco in Spain)

April 17-Kenwood Academy Jazz Band

May 15-Rhythmunity Ensemble (West African, Middle East, Indian, Cuba and Brazilian music)

I will remind you in this blog-but please mark your calendars!!

3.  Mid-term report cards will be sent home on Monday, December 19th-please review with your child and sign and return.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We have completed Unit 2 in our language arts program.  Your child will be taking a comprehension test today.  This test is a series of short stories and then your child is asked a few multiplication questions after each story.  We will complete today and hopefully your child will have their graded test with them by tomorrow.  Thanks.  This is good practice for our MAPS testing!!

We will complete Lesson 11 this week-our first lesson in Unit 3.  We will target the skills of infer/predict, fact and opinion, work with Proper Nouns, Compound Words and suffixes -ful, -less, -ness, and -ment.  Please review with your child at home.

Homework:  Your child should work on each night and complete a Book Jacket to be turned in this Friday!!  These book jackets will be displayed for others to read.  Your child will have a rubric with them today to use as an outline for completing their homework.  The book jacket with Facts and Opinions anc complete with illustrations is due Friday!!!  I hope your child has told you about our Point Clubs!!!  They should be reading each night-at least 30 minutes, taking AR tests on the computer and working towards joining the clubs and meeting their AR goals.  The quarter is half over in 2 weeks!!!  Before our winter break, your child should be at least half way to their own personal goal!!!  Thanks for helping your child to have the love of reading!!

Math:  We will complete lessons 4.6 through 4.9.  Decimals in Money, and several lessons with decimals and measurement.  (mm, cm, meters) please review extra at home-measurement with centimeters and millimeters should be review at home each night-please go over with your child.  Look at the homework for a guideline.  Thanks.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, lessons 4.6 through 4.6  We will have our Unit 4 Test next Wednesday.  We will complete lesson 4.10 on Monday, review for the test on Tuesday. 

Social Studies:  We will review the United States Government-constitution,  democracy, rpublic, the the three branches of government are terms we will review.    We will also discuss how we are given certain right or freedoms and what that means.

Art:  We will have a few art projects over the next few weeks that incorporate the holidays.  We will stick to our art program,but will work in the colors and themes of the holidays as we can.  We will finish our optical illustions project this week.

Science:  Circuits will be made using all of our materials!! What can your child tell you about insolators and conductors in working with wires?  They should be able to tell you!!!  Thanks for your interest and help.

Please remember gym shoes on each Tuesday and Thursday!!

Have a wonderful week!  Jean Clement