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Weekly Overview January 30, 2012

SPELLING BEE!!!  The Ray School spelling bee will be February 17th at 1:30 this year!!!!  Mark your calendar!!  We will be practicing in our room.  Please ask your child if they would like to be in it.  I have a list of practice words that I can copy for any student who will practice at home!!!  Talk with your child and they should let me know if they want to practice.  We will first have a few contests in our room, then the students who want and/or the two students who spell the most words correctly  in practices will be in the Ray competition on February 17th!!

You can now go onto Mr. Long’s Blog!!!  About 1/3 of my students see him for language arts and Mr. Long is teaching science to all 4th graders!  So, please check his blog along with this one!! Thanks.

Language Arts:  We will have a very busy short week (no school on Friday).  Along with Lesson 16, we will be taking an end-of Unit 3 comprehension test-probably over two days.  Moving on to Unit 4 in language arts, we will be focusing on Compare and Contrast skills, fluency rate (listen to your child read each night this week!!!), adjectives and our target and spelling words that we read and practice each day.  We will have our test on Thursday.

Homework:  Each night, your child will complete a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast eithe characters or a story.  I will provide the Diagrams and your child should return each day to school with a completed diagram to discuss.  Thank.  Monday through Wednesday.  Please have your child enjoy their reading each night for at leasat 30 minutes!!!

Math:  As you know, we will have the Unit 5 math test today.  We will start Unit 6 tomorrow-Division, Reference Frames: Measures of Angles. 

Homework:  Please look for the Parent Letter to Unit 6 tonight-no other homework in math.  Tuesday and Wednesday-homework-6.1 and 6.2.  Please work with your child a little each night in division, if they need the extra help.  Thanks.

Sicence:  See Mr. Long’s Blog.  Land and Water Unit.

Social Studies:  Besides our regular lessons, we will be focusing on Black History Month.  I will be reading and discussing African-American literature.  Ms. Cobb and I are planning a presentation for Black History Month Celebration-I believe Feb. 23 (but not sure of the date-We will let you know for sure when to come and watch our music presentation!!)

Art:  No school on Friday, but we will do a map/art related social studies project on Wednesday. Sort-of art related!!


Weekly Overview January 23, 2012

Hello Everyone!!

A reminder that this Friday is a staff development day-no school for students.

Report card grades have to be in tomorrow-so the last day for an AR test will be this Tuesday, January 24, 2012.  Also, I will get lesson 14 test in this week-probably today, but Lesson 15 test on Thursday will be for the next grading period.  Also, Lesson 15 is the end of Unit 3, so I will give a Unit 3 reading comprehension test next Monday.  The test involves reading a few short stories and answering the questions.  The best way to study for these kinds of tests is to make sure that your child is reading each night.  I would suggest that your child also reads aloud to you for a few minutes each night, in this way you can see how your child is reading and enjoying what your child is reading with them!!  As always, thanks for your help.

Language Arts:  As mentioned, we will complete Lesson 15 this week.  The target skill is Main Ideas and Details, Irregular Verbs (by the end of the week, ask your child!!), multiple-meaning words and three-syllable words.  We will have a test on this Thursday.  Your child will be meeting with me this week to discuss their new AR goal.  Discuss with your child tonight or tomorrow and we will have a new goal by the end of the week.  Have your child write their new goal in their assignment book-this will help them keep track of their goal.

Homework:  This week we are reviewing Main Idea and Details.  Each night, your child will be given a “Main Idea” and they will have to write a paragraph giving at least three details.  The Main Ideas are:

Monday:  Main Idea:  Getting an A  in Reading:  Your child needs to write a paragraph giving at least three details of how to get an A or a B in reading. Due Tuesday.

Tuesday:  Main Idea:  Getting an A or in Math:  (see above) Due Wednesday.

Wednesday:  Main Idea:  Getting an A in Social Studies:  (see above) Due Thursday.

Thursday:  Main Idea:  Getting an A in Writing:  (see above) Due Friday.

Math:  Lessons 5.9 through 5.11 -Powers of 10, Rounding and Reporting Large Numbers and Comparing Date.  We will review Unit 5 on Thursday and have our Unit 5 test on next Monday.  I will have your child take home their Math Journal 1 on Thursday for review and their SRB.  Please make sure that they bring both of these books back on Monday!!!  THANKS!!

Homework:  Monday through Wednesday-lessons 5.9-5.10.  Math fact worksheet on Thursday to be completed and kept at home-2-digit problems for extra practice.  How did they do?

Social Studies:  We will begin Chapter 3 this week-Regions Around You.  This includes Understanding Regions in the U.S. and the Countries Around Us.  There are 3 lessons and we will complete over the next three weeks.

Science:  Your child is working with the Land and Water Unit with Mr. Long.  I am also going over many science concepts to help your child’s knowledge in general science concepts.  Ask your child what they have been learning.  They should be able to tell you many things!!!

Have a great week!!

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview January 17, 2012

Hello.  Hope everyone had a nice weekend. 

Some students have brought in many snacks for all 40 students!!  Many, many thanks!!  If you have not brought in snacks recently, please do so.  Your children really enjoy a little snack when theyDO get hungry!!  Thanks.

Also, please remind your child to wear they Ray Logo every Tuesday and Thursday for our gym classes!!!  Some students wear their Ray Logo every gym day!!!  Yeah!!!  Just a reminder, the white Ray t-shirts are only $6.00 and can be purchased from me any day.

Just to let you know, the end of the quarter is in less than two weeks.  How is your child doing in their reading?  We have over 15 students in our 10 Point Club for AR!!!!!  What clubs have your children joined?    We have read and taken tests on over 350 books so far this school year!!!!! WOW!!!

Science:  Mr. Long is now teaching your child science (I will continue to do some science work in here).  The new science unit is Land and Water.  There is a 21 minute video on Google Videos called :  Magic School Bus Wet All Over- Mr. Long thought this would be a nice visual to the water cycle process.

Language Arts:  Lesson 14 covers how writers use test and graphic features to grab our attention and focus.  We will also review the suffixes -able and -ible, participles of speech (ask your child what this is and review) and working with our target and spelling words.  Test on Friday.

Homework:  Your child will have read a story on Ants after today.  (A note is that my book club just read Anthills-I highly recommend!!)  Anyway, your child will then write their own “ant” story -they will use all 10 of the target vocabulary words in their story.  They will then illustrate their story.  The story with illustration is due this Friday.  Their story should be at least 3 paragraphs.  Please have your child underline the 10 target words that they use in their story.  Thanks.

Math:  We will complete lessons 5.6 through 5.8 this week.  Can your child explain partial-products multiplication and the Lattice methods of solving “big” multiplication problems??  Work extra at home if needed.

Homework:  Lessons 5.6 through 5.8, Tuesday through Thursday.  Thanks.

Social Studies:  We will have an open book quiz on Chapter 2 tomorrow.  Your child will have their social studies book tonight for review.  I have gone over the concepts and vocabulary with all students several times.  Please review with them at home again.  Thanks.

Science:  As mentions, your students are on our Land and Water Unit.  I will also be going over, for 10 or so minutes each day, general science questions to prepare for the ISAT’s.  IF I gave you a science ISAT book, please practice each night in it, or return so that I can give it to someone else.  Many thanks.

Art:  Last week we all made lanterns to decorate our cafeteria for Monday, January 28th Lunar New Year PTA event!!!  Hope you can attend!!!  I will also be selling logo that night!!!  We will discuss and make another Lunar New Year related art project this Friday.

Have a great week. 

Jean Clement

January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!!!  Can’t believe the week has already slipped away!!!  We hit the ground running!!!

As you know, we have a new part time teacher, Mr. Long, who will be working with Ms. Cobb and myself in helping to teach both Science and Language Arts.  We are very excited about this and are happy that it will help to reduce class size during some of our lessons.

Language Arts:  We have been working on Lesson 13 this week in our Journeys book and will have a quiz tomorrow.  I think your children really enjoyed the story this week-hope you heard about it.  

Homework:  As you know, the homework has focused around our Geography Bee that was held yesterday!!  As always, your child should be reading at least 30 minutes each night.  They should also always be reading to take an AR test at their own level of reading!!  What AR clubs have your children joined?  Ask them!!  Within the next week, we are hoping that EVERYONE  has at least joined the 10 point club!!  We do have a club of over 100 points!!!!

Math:  We have had only one math lesson this week!!!  We will complete lesson 5.5 today, with homework tonight, due tomorrow.

Social Studies:  We have been reading from our book and working in our workbook this week.  We are disucussing our government, America and it’s people and our economy and how they all work and are related.  This chapter has three lessons that we have completed, but are reviewing vocabulary and concepts.  We will review today and tomorrow and have a quiz on Monday afternoon.  I will ask your child to remember and take their Social Studies book home over the week end for further review.  I think your children are enjoying the book and really learning from it!!

Again, happy new year and hope everyone has a good winter break.

Jean Clement