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Weekly Overview – February 27, 2012

Well, just a reminder that next Tuesday is the beginning of  ISAT’s.  Monday is a holiday and the testing goes until March 16th, I believe.  When I get the schedule I will pass it along to you and your child.

We have been doing some extra work in reading, writing, math and science-especially going over some information that we would not get to in the fourth grade curriculum until after the testing.  Your child will be well-prepared!!!  Our days will be pretty much the same, just an hour or so each day of extra testing.  Extra snacks will be welcomed!!

Language Arts:  This week we will not have our usual language arts lesson.  We will be reviewing, writing and reading to further help us prepare for the ISAT’s. 

Homework:  Each night your child will have a worksheet to complete, due the next day.  As always, your child should be reading each night.

Math:  Monday through Friday we will, again be reviewing for the ISAT-this is fun-the students have been during this for the last week or two.  We have been doing this as a group and having fun-they are all feeling very smart!!!

Homework:  Monday through Thursday -students will be given a math problem that is an extended-response problem.  We have been working on these in the classroom.  Your child will have one math extended-response to do each night, due the next day.  Please review each of these with your child.  They all have been learning and completing these kinds of problems much better with practice!!  I will also send home a math rubric with them tonight.  Please ask to see it and review with your child.

Social Studies- During our time this week, I am going to have the students go out in the hallway and present their Black History Report to a small group of students.  We will try and have all of the students completing their presentations by the end of the week.

Art:  Again this week, your child will complete an art/math project.  This Friday we will be making three-dimentional objects.  Your child will be taking them home, so ask to see them on Friday!!  They should also be able to name the shapes.  (square pyramid, triangular prism, triangular pyramid, etc.)  They should also be able to tell you how many vertices, edges and faces each shape has.  (Good ISAT practice!!)

Please remind your child to wear gym shoes Tuesday and Thursday!!



Weekly Overview February 21, 2012

Hello!!!    It is already Tuesday and we have a very busy week planned!!   Many, many thanks to all the wonderful reports coming in for African-American History Month!!  The gallery walk is in the evening this year,  this Thursday, February 23rd.  Please look for the detailed note that will go home today with your child.  Thanks!!

And many congratulations to Jasper, Derek, Nathaniel and especially Gabriel who were all in our school Spelling Bee!!!  YEAH!!

Langauge Arts:  We will complete lesson 18 this week.  Our target skills this week include:  asking and writing questions, understanding characters;  the prefixes re-, un-, and dis-; homophones, homonyms, and homographs;  and prepositions and prepositional phrases!  Plus, as  always, we will be introducing target vocabulary!!  It seems like a lot, but we will get through it!!  Please go over and review all of these things at home!!  We will have a unit test on Friday.

All this being said, we will also organize and start to have small presentations on our Black History Month Reports!!

Homework:  For almost all of the students who completed and turned in their reports today, there is no extra language arts homework tonight-only 30 minutes or so of reading.  Wednesday-they will be given a worksheet to be completed about the above mentioned targeted skills.  Thursday, again no extra language arts homework-only 30 minutes or so of reading because of the Gallery Walk!!

Math:  We will be completing lesons 6.6-6.8-Using a full-circle protractor,  a half-circle protractor and practice using coordinates in locating points on a grid.  Your child will have a full circle protractor that I have copied if they do not have one at home.  Please have your child keep this at home to use.  Thanks.

Homework:  Tuesday through Thursday, 6.6,6.7 and 6.8.

Science:   Students are coming to the end of the Land and Water Unit.  Please see Mr. Long’s blog.

Social Studies:  We will focus on the History Reports this week.


Weekly Overview – February 6, 2012

A few important notes!!!

Our next field trip-walking to Kenwood is next Tuesday, February 14th!!  If you can walk with us, please write a note in your child’s assignment book.  I need at least 6 parents to walk with us.  Many thanks!!  We will be seeing Michael Salter Quartet.  We will leave Ray about 11:00, returning after the performance which starts right at noon and lasts about an hour.

Also, we will have a little Valentine’s Day party at the end of the day next Tuesday.  Your child can make cards and/or bring treats in (enough for 40 students).  We’ll celebrate the last period of the day.  I will be sending home a list of students, hopefully tomorrow. 

We will be celebrating Black History Month all month!!  Your child’s HOMEWORK for the next two weeks, due Tuesday, February 21, 2012 will be to complete a report on an African American that they want to learn more about or are interested in.  They should discuss this with you tonight and show you a rublic, along with a check-list of how to keep themselves organized over the next two weeks.  Please review this with them tonight and they should come to school tomorrow with a person that they think they want to write the report.  We will discuss this on-going to keep your child on tract and they will check off where they are as they complete each assignment.  Thanks for your help.  There will be a gallery walk on  February 23rd from 5:30-6:30 for you to come and enjoy all projects!!  I should mention that all room 312 students will be completing this homework.  Mr. Long will not being giving extra language arts homework to anyone over the next few weeks.

And finally, the Spelling Bee is scheduled for February 17th.  We will be practicing some in the room.  Your child has a list of the words and should be practicing each night if they want to participate in our classroom bee, then the top spellers will be in the school spelling bee on the 17th!!

Language Arts:  We will be working on Lesson 17 all week and have our lesson test on Friday.  This week we will be discussing “Summarize”-which can be a little challenging.  We will also learn about adverbs and endings of -tion.

Homework:  See above

Math:  Lessons 6.3 through 6.6 will be completed this week.  Please work with your child at home and allow them some time to show you how they can divide.  I am seeing many smiling faces as more and more students are feeling comfortable with division!!!

Homework:  Monday through Thursday.

Social Studies:  We will continue to work in our book but will also be reading and learning about African Americans in our February celebrations!!

Science:  With Mr. Long in our Land and Water Unit.

Art:  We will have an art lesson this week that hopefully will be displayed at our Gallery Walk.  Not sure what at this writin 🙂 but will have something by Friday!!

Thanks and have a good week. Jean Clement