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Weekly Overview March 26, 2012

Wow!!  Feels like spring break, which is next week!!!  We have been enjoying the warm weather with drawing a still life of flowers and doing some planting with seeds.  We will continu;e to plant this week-using different seeds and some bulbs-science is so fun in the spring time!!

Please remember that Book Fair is this week.  We go today-hopefully you knew that-but if your child forgot and you want them to buy a book, they can bring money in through Thursday and go back to the book fair.  Thanks.  Aslo-we lost to the free pizza party by only about 5 dollars!!!  Boo!!  But, we did collect over 64 dollars so that will go to buying some new classroom books for us!!!  Many, many thanks to the parents and students who contributed money!!  thank you very much!!!

Also, please remember that this Thursday is Picture Day!!!!  Smile!!!

Langauge arts:  This week’s target skill is Theme!!  We will also spend some time on discussing summarizing a story (this is, at times, difficult for students)-please go over at home.  (The big picture!!)    We will review adverbs and adjectives and your children should be able to explain what they mean and give examples!!  Thanks.  We will also discuss multiple-meaning words!!  Lastly, we will have a test on Lesson 21 on Friday.

Homework:  At least 30 min;utes of Reading each night.  Also, your child should be working on their Young Author’s Book EACH or MOST nights!!  Your child needs to bring in their work on Friday for a homework check!!  Please remember that the completed Book is due Monday April 9th-the day we get back from Spring Break!!!  Thanks for supporting your child-many have the book almost completed and they are very proud of their work!! Thanks.

Math:  We will complete Lessons 7.5 through 7.8 this week.  These lessons are all about fractions- addition and subtraction of fractions; many names for fractions; equivalent fractions and fractions and decimals!!!  Please review how your child handles the homework each night, and practice extra if needed!!  Thanks.

Homework:  Lessons 7.5-7.8, Monday through Thursday.

Science:  In addition to all our planting, Mr. Long is continuing the Human Body Unit.  Also, we will be doing an extra activity in the human body.  Ms. Cobb and I will be having the students make a skeleton, naming all the parts.  These will be displayed on our bulletin boards for Science Week at Ray-April 16-20!!!

Art:  Our spring pictures are beautiful!!  You can see them on display during our Science Week!!  This week we will work on our skeletons.

Social Studies:  We are doing some work on regions-political, cultural, economical and physical.  We will discuss the 5 regions of the U.S. and our Neighboring Countries.

Weekly Overview March 19, 2012

Good Morning and hope everyone enjoyed the warm March weekend!!!  Wow!!  Should we enjoy or feel nervous!!??  Anyway, we will continue to welcome in the spring this week with some planting in the room by Friday.

Tomorrow we walk to Kenwood at 11:15-Please let us know if you can walk with us!!!!  I need parents!!!  Many, many thanks!!!

Please rmeember gym shoes on Tuesday and Thursday.

Book Fair is next week and our class is going down to visit the store in the techer’s lounge on Monday-the first day of the fair.  Your child will have with them today a scholastic magazine with some of the books that we will have-you can also go on their web page-it’s listed in the magazine that your child will have.  They can bring in money on Monday and buy that day (please remember about 10% for tax) or if they bring money in later in the week, I will send them with a friend to the store.  Please do remember that they do run out of books -hence-my first day slot!!  So-if your child sees something-they should by sooner- not later.  And-most kids will not buy, so no worries.  I have also gotten about $20.00 from some of you (your children have been putting money in our classroom box to buy classroom books at the fair) so we will all have some new books for the classroom.

Language Arts:  We will complete Lesson 20, with a test on Friday.   Main idea and details will be a our target skill this week.  We will also discuss compound words, abbreviations and punctuations.  Our story this week is Sacagawea and we will read some Native American Nature Poetry.

Homoework:  Young Author Books should have been started!!!!!  I am going to see every FRIDAY what your child has been working on during the week and they will get a homework grade!!!  Most students, last Friday, showed us what they had completed so far and were really proud of their work!!!  So, your child should be working on their story each night and have something to show on Friday.  Again, the completed story is due April 8th.

Your child should also be reading each night-which most of them seem to love!!!

Math:  We will be starting Unit 7 today with their new Math Journal 2.  You should have their math journal 1 at home-we are finished working in it, but it can always be reviewed by you if you feel your child could use extra practice in any of it.  Many thanks!!

Unit 7-Fractions and their uses and Chance and Probablitity-a fun unit!!  Lessons 1 through 4 will be completed this week.  We will have a few fraction quizzes over the next few weeks.

Homework:  Lessons 1-4, Monday through Thursday.

Science:  The Human Body-refer to Mr. Long’s blog.

Social Studies:  We will be reviewing and completed some work on regions-political, physical, economic and cultural.  We will also be looking at U.S. resources and where they are found.  We will be doing this together in class.  (for example:  forests, cattle, grains, oil, copper, coal, etc.)

Art:  We will focus on size and shape in a drawing-a springtime drawing!!

Again-remember the book fair next Monday!!!

Thanks for the snacks coming in, your children always enjoy!!


Weekly Overview March 13, 2012

ISAT testing is over for the most part.  Some students are making up testing that they missed last week, but after tomorow all ISAT testing will be over.  Your students did their very best!!!  Thanks for your help.

Please remember that next Tuesday, March 20th is our next field trip!!  We will be walking to Kenwood to see Raices Gitanas-Flamenco is the heart of Spain-tells the story of the Spanish gypsies in movement and song..  We will leave Ray at 11:15, return around 1:30.  Please write me a note in your child’s passport book or send me an email to let me know  that you can walk with us!!!  I need at least 5 parents!!  Many thanks ahead of time!!  Your child should bring a lunch at school next Tuesday-thanks.

FRIDAY IS SPIRIT DAY!!! WEAR RAY LOGO GREEN!!!!  We are going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and all this warm weather on this Friday, making it a Ray School Spirit Day!!!  Your child should wear their Ray Logo or any green that they have!!  Let’s all be in green on Friday!!!  Maybe a green snack???

Language Arts:  We have started Lesson 19-Can your child tell you about Cesar Chavez.  What does it mean to persuade??  We will have a lesson test this Friday.  As always, your child should be reading their leveled books each night at home.  How many points does your child have?   They are all doing very well and seem to be excited about their reading!!!  Many thanks to you!!!

Homeowrk:  Hopefully your child told you last night about our Young Authors Stories.  They are each to be working on a story or poem  over the next few weeks.  They can work with a friend in creating a story.  You should have the rubric.  If they want to rewrite their story from last year and add to it, that is fine.  The complete book is due April 9, 2012.

Homework:  THIS FRIDAY!!  Your child needs to bring to school what they have completed so far in their book.  It should not be a final draft, or even a finished story.  I will give them a homework grade each Friday for the next few weeks, to keep your child working on their book each week.  They should have maybe a few paragraphs written and maybe an illustration.  Please make sure that they can show me some work on Friday.  Thanks!!  Many of the students are very excited about this!!

Math:  We are finishing up Unit 6- we will have a test this Thursday.  I have already started to review for the test.  Lesson 6.10 today, Wednesday more review and the test on Thursday.  Look for your child’s Math Journal Unit 1 on Wednesday- they do not need to return this.  We will start in our 2nd math journal on Monday!

Homework:  Lesson 6.10 tonight, tomorrow study for test, Thursday no homework-they will have taken the Unit 6 test.

Social Studies-We will get back to learning about the Northeast.

Art:  We have been relaxing with some animala coloring and working on some fun designs and mazes.

Science:  Mr. Long is teaching the Human Body Unit-please see his blog!!!

Have a nice week.  Jean Clement




Weekly Overview March 6, 2012

March has brought in the ISAT’s!!

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday-Your child took the Reading Session I-30 muliple Choice items this a.m.

This afternoon, Math-40 Muliple Choice items

Wednesday:  Reading Session 2-20 Multiple Choice, 1 extended-response item (Remind your child to answer the question…repeat the question and say…because….; write:  according to the story, in the text it states,  the author thinks…. etc.         Then make a connection-This reminds me…;    then in conclusion…. This is why….or … These are some of the reasons….

Your child should be very use to doing this extended-response writing by now!!!  Please go over with them for tomorrow and for Thursday’s extended-response question.  Many, many thanks.

afternoon-Math-30 Multiple Choice, 3 short response items  (remind your child to circle their answer and write the word “answer”  next to their circled answer!!)

Thursday-Reading -session 3- 20 Multiple Choice items, 1 extended-response item

Math- 2-extended-response items  (remind your child to write out what they are thinking and doing, to circle their answer and to write out the steps that they are taking!!…again, they can number their steps if that helps them.)  Thanks for your help!!!

Friday- Science both morning and afternoon-41 Multiple Choice items each session.


No extra homework all week, but your child should be reading at least 30 minutes each night!!

Extra snacks are appreciated this week!!  Thanks.  We do have a snack chart that your child puts a sticker next to their name each time they bring in a snack!!

Finally, we could use some boxes of tissue paper (Kleenex) for the classroom-we are completely out!!!  Thanks!!

We’ll have time to relax and I have some fun projects for your children to work on and complete between tests.  The ISAT’s are only this week, unless your child is absent, then they will be able to complete the missed test one day next week.  All make-ups will be completed by next Friday!!

Thanks and have a good week.  Jean Clement