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Weekly Overview April 30, 2012

We are almost into May!!! 

Please remember that we are going on a Field Trip next week-on Tuesday.  We will take a bus to The Little Red School House.  I still need some returned forms and the $6.00.  Parents go free.  Please come if you can and let me know!!! Thanks.  Also, your child should bring a lunch-we will picnic there.  Remember that your child should wear comfortable shoes and clothing-it is a nature center and we will be outside walking!! 

This week we have our last MAPS Testing of 4th grade.  We take the Reading this afternoon.  We will take Math this Thursday and this Friday we will take the Science part of the MAPS Test.  I will share with you and your child their results-actually, your child knows to look right when they finish each test to see how they scored-remember to ask them!!!  They can see their gains!!!

We will have regular gym tomorrow and I will take the kids out for an extra gym time on Thursday because they will be taking their Maps Math Test during their regular gym time.

Language Arts:  We will continue with Beowulf this week.  We will not have a long language arts class everyday this week, so I will not assign extra homework for Beowulf. 
Homework:  Please remind your child that they should be reading each night at home.  How are they doing with their reading at home?  Thanks for your help!!

Math:  We will not have math class today, no Homework for Monday night.

Tuesday through Thursday we will complete Lessons 8.5 through 8.7.  We will complete lesson 8.8 on Monday.  We have go on our Field Trip next Tuesday and our Unit 8 math test will be next

Lessons 8.5-8.7 are all about Area of a Rectangle, Area of a Parallelogram and Area of a triangle. 

Homework:  Tuesday through Thursday evening.  Thanks.  Plese work extra with your child each night if they need help with the formula for an area of each of these shapes.  Ask them each night what the formula is and how to get it.  Thanks for the extra help.

Social Studies-We will have a lesson this week that will focus on Illinois again.

Art:  Have you heard about their Closet Full of Crazy Critters?  We will complete these this week.

We have a busy week that I am looking forward to.  We are all excited about the testing this week-keeping a very positive atmosphere in being proud of our accomplishments and test scores!!!

Have a great week.  Jean Clement





Weekly Overview April 23, 2012

Thanks for snacks, signed permission slips and money for our next May 8th Field Trip and thanks for coming in for report card pick up!!!  We have about 9 weeks of school left and lots planned!! 

Language ARts:  We will continue to read and discuss Beowulf over the next few weeks.  Hope you have heard about the story!!!  Ask your child.  We are fcusing on character development (and are there some characters!!!), settings and vocabulary.  We are also reading our individual Ar books, the read aloud The Trumpet of the Swan and working on computers in the classroom for NWEA test practice.  Our last MAPS testing this year starts next week.

Homework:  Your child will have a copied sheet of some pages from Beowulf today.  They should circle 10 vocabulary words and write 10 sentences, using these words in a complete sentence.  Encourage descriptive langauge-the book is full of it!!!  Due Tuesday

Tuesday:  They will take their copied pages and write all the Similes and Metaphors that they see.  Due Wednesday.

Wednesday:  They will write and describe in a paragraph a character of their choice.  Again, please review and encourage discriptive langauge-can they use a metaphor? a simile? Due Thursday.

Thursday:  Illustrate in detail their character-we will display these with their paragraph.  Due Friday.

Math:  We will begin Unit 8 today-Perimeter and Area.  This unit is only 8 lessons, so we will complete it in two weeks.  We will probably take the test on Unit 8 next Friday.  Please go over perimeter and area at home, for extra practice if your child needs the extra help.  Thanks.

Science:  The Human Body.  Plus, we will continue to plant and watch bulbs and seeds grow in the classroom!!

Social Studies:  We will focus on Illinois this week-ask your child what they are learning about Illinois.

As always, please remind your child to wear gym shoes Tuesday and Thursday.  Also, if you child has their Ray logo-they should be wearing it for gym class!!!  Remind them for tomorrow!!  Thanks.

Again, as always, thanks for all your help.  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview April 16, 2012

Good morning.  A few reminders for this week.

First of all, many, many thaks to Ms. Coward and the 312 studnets who ran our booth for Ray Festival!!!  We made about $100.00!!!  Many, many thanks!!!  Also, if you would like your child to buy any Ray School T-shirts, sweat pants, etc. please talk with them and they can bring money in!!  I selll it and we encourage all kids to wear it for gym class!!!  Thanks

Tomorrow we will walk to Kenwood for our Field Trip.  I only have 2 parents signed up so far.  Hope a few more can walk with us.  Please write in your child’s passport if you can go!!  Thanks.  If the weather is nice tomorrow, we will leave Ray about 10:30, walk to the park, have our lunch there, then walk on to Kenwood.  The concert if 12:00-1:00 and we will return to Ray about 1:30.

Also, Wednesday is report card pick up from 12:00-3:00 and 3:50-6:00.  I will be outside this afternoon at 3:30 and tomorrow morning and afternoon if you want to sign up then.  You can also (which some of you have done) write in your child’s passport when is the best time for you to come and I will add you to the list.  Thanks.

Thanks for the snacks that have come in-if you haven’t brought any in for a while-please do so.  Thanks!

Langauge Arts:  This week we will read the book Beawulf by Robert Nye together.  We will focus on vocabulary, style, setting and characters.  It should be fun and a little break from our regular language arts, but we will focus on same skill developments.  I am also reading to them-which hope you have heard about-The Trumpet of the Swan.  They should be able to take a test on that towards the end of the week.

Homework:  Today your child will again have an end of Unit 4 comprehension reading test to take at home, this should be completed and returned tomorrow for grading.  Thanks.

Tuesday-Thursday-Will focus around vocabulary development and illustrating the setting and a character from Beowulf.

Math:  I am going to do something new.  We will review for Unit 7 test today and work on any workbook pages that have not been completed.  Your child will take the Math Journal home tonight to finish anything that needs to be completed.  Tomorrow, I will give your child the Math Test Unit 7 for homework.  A take-home test!!  Your child should complete the test And THE OPEN RESPONSE and turn it in on Thursday.  We will grade it together.  They will have Tuesday evening and Wednesday to work on it.  We will start Unit 8 on Friday.

Homework:  Completing Workbook Unit 7 tonight.  Tuesday and Wednesday-they will have their Unit 7 take-home test to complete and turn in on Thursday.  No math homework on Thursday.

Social Studies:  We will start Chapter 4 this week.   Just for your information, we are going to start and work more in our social studies book during some of our language arts time over the next several weeks.  More information later.

Science:  Your child is working on the Human Body unit with Mr. Long.  I also have special guest speaker coming in today -a scientist – Neon Brooks-field of study-gesture and learning.  This is today from 2:30-3:30-please ask your child about it today!!!

Have a nice week and see you on Wednesday.    Jean Clement

Weekly Overview April 9, 2012

Welcome back!!  Hope everyone had a good break.  I am glad to be back and excited about the last 11 weeks or so!!!  This Friday is staff development day, so the students do not attend.  report card pick up next week.

Field Trip:  Please remember that we are going on a Filed Trip to the Little Red Schoolhouse on May 8th-the cost is $6.00.  We are going with our buddies and it should be fun.  Please join us if you can!!  It is free to adults!!  Just let me know or write it on the form when you give permission and turn in the money-thanks.

Langauge Arts:  This week we will not have a regular Journeys lesson with a test on Friday.  We are going to do some writing and  have some lessons were we will  focus on our Young Authors Story.  Your children will be reading and presenting their book to other students and they will have time to read and enjoy the stories of their classmates!!  We will also have a test that will be over general reading, comprehension and concepts learned in Unit 4.  This test is review-they will read several short stories and answer multiple choice questions-nothinbg to really study for.

Homework:  Monday and Tuesday:  Tonight your child will write a paragraph about what they enjoyed about the writing of their book.  Due Tomorrow-Tuesday.  Tuesday-your child will write a paragraph about how they could change or improve their book or story.

Wednesday and Thursday – I will give a part of the Unit 4 test to take home each day so you can see how your child is doing.  They will have a different story to read each night and then should answer the questions.  These will both be due the next day.  Thanks.

Math:  We will complete Lessons 7.8 through 7.11-all working on Fractions and Decimals and probability.

Homework:  Monday-Thursday-Lessons 7.8 through 7.11.  (again, no school on Friday)

Science:  Please refer to Mr. Long’s blog, but your child is still in The Human Body Unit and we have some Skeletons displayed in our hallway!!!! 

We are also going to continue to do some planting and watching Spring grow!!!

Social Studies:  We will discuss and do some map work with Neighboring Countries on this continent and will be summarizing Physical Regions, Political Regions and Economic or Cultural Regions in the United States.

Art:  We will finish all our Skeletons and our Still Life drawing of flowers.  Please ask your child about both of these projects.

Just a reminder that we  used up-ate!!- all of our snacks before break, so we could really use some more!  Thanks.

Have a great week!

Jean Clement