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Weekly Overview Mary 29, 2012

Wow!! Almost June and our classroom feels like it!!!

We will see the Latin Play tomorrow-should be fun!!

SPIRIT DAY IS THURSDAY!!!!!  YOUR CHILD SHOULD WEAR THEIR RAY LOGO!!!  Everything is for sale in our room if your child still needs their Ray Logo!!!  White shirts are $6.00-get an extra for the summer!!!

Language Arts:  We will complete Lesson 24 this week-Owen and Mzee-ask your child today about the story!!!  Our focus is:  Intonation, commas, compare and contrast and suffixes -ed, and -ly.  We will have a test on Friday.

Homework:  Again this week, your child will have a writing prompt each night, Tuesday through Thursday.  Plese read what they write and encourage them to focus for at least 20 minutes in their writing.  Thanks.

Math:  We will complete lessons 9.8-9.9 and review with lesson 9.10 and have our Unit 9 test on Friday also.  We will cover muliplication of decimals and division of decimals!!!  Please allow for extra practice at home if your child needs the extra help.

Homework:  Tuesday and Wednesday, lessons 9.8 and 9.9  Thursday study for math test.  Friday-math test in Unit 9.

Art:  We are making Chicago Skylines and posters for our Spirit Day on Thursday.  Please see the skyline posters in the cafeteria after Wednesday-they are amazing!!!!

Have a great week-and als always, thanks for your help.  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview May 21, 2012

Tomorrow is our Olympic Day!!!!!!!  Your child should wear their t-shirt that has their number on it!!!!!  They can still buy a Ray shirt for $6.00!!!!!  It should be a very fun day!!!  Your child can bring extra water if you think they will need it.  They will play the games from 9:30-11:00, then the awards assembly will be from 1:15-2:00-  Please come to any of these events!!!

Monday evening-  Tonight is our last PTA meeting of the year and we are focusing on YOU!!  It is a volunteer appreciation gathering to thank you for all the work that you have helped with this year!!  Please come and celebrate with us!!!!  You have helped make this year so successful!!!  Many, many thanks!!

Language Arts:  We will return to our Journeys Book with Lesson 23-with a good story- The Ever-Living Tree.  We will work in our book all week and have a test on Friday.  We will stress “Quotations”, the prefixes pre-, inter-, and ex- and use graphic features when discussing the story.

Homework:  Each night, Monday through Thursday, your child will have a writing prompt.  They need to write for at least 20 minutes-they should organize their thoughts, edit their work and include a question somewhere in their response.  They will be writing in their writer’s notebooks and will have the book with them with the writing prompt already written.

Math:  Lessons 9.4-9.7 will be completed this week.  We will cover lesson 9.4 and some of 9.5 today.  All these lessons are on fractions, percents and decimals and renaming these expressions using a calculator.  We will compare some date and do our own classroom survey.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, 9.4 through 9.7.  We will have homework on Tuesday (even though we have Olympics)

Social Studies-  What can your child tell you about NATO?  Please ask them-they should know quite a bit.  We are moving away from Illinois and on to learning about the Northeast for the next week.  Again, what can your child tell you this week?  We are also doing some extra map work and working in a mini map book that they will take home in a week or two.

Art:  I hope your heard about their drawing last week of a piece of Amanda’s Garden!!  We will complete the drawings this week.  They are wonderful!!!

Science:  The next Unit is Chemicals!!  Please check Mr. Long’s blog.  Thanks

Have a great week!! Ms. Clement



Weekly Overview Mary 14, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!

Hello!!  Our last field trip to Kenwood is tomorrow!!!!  Can you please walk with us?  We will leave Ray at  11:15-to picnic at Nichols Park after the performance!!  Please let me know by writing a note that you can walk with us.  The Rhythmunity Ensemble starts at noon and we will picnic at Nichols Park afterwards..  Many, many thanks to those parents who can walk with us!!!

Also-Next Monday is Volunteer Appreciation Night at 6:00 hosted by the PTA to have all Volunteers come and celebrate the year with us!!!  We will have dinner and dessert and celebrate the year.  If you have worked in the classroom, gone on a field trip or in any way helped out this year at school, please come and celebrate your extra effort!!!!  Many, many thanks to all of you who have helped your child this year-as always, I could not have accomplished as much as we have, without your help!!  Thanks.

Ray school all day picnic is June 13th-a Wednesday.

Language Arts:  We will finish Beowulf this week-working on book reports, book jackets and writing about the story.  Your child should also be reading at least 30 minutes each night-please monitor this.  Thanks.

Homework:  Monday and Tuesday- Your child should will have a book report-they will have tonight and tomorow night to complete-please review with them and help them walk through the steps if needed.  The report should be neat and complete!!

Wednesday and Thursday –  Your child will make a Book Jacket that is due Friday.  This will be discussed on Wednesday with your child.  Thanks.

Math:  We will begin Unit 9 today-Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.  We will complete lessons 9.1-9.4 Monday through Thursday.  All 4 lessons are on fractions, deimals and percents and using a calculator in converting fractions and decimals and percents.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday- lessons 9.1 through 9.4

Social Studies:  We will continue with Illinois and the United States Regions and will add a map book that we will be working on over the next four weeks.  I think this will be a fun project.

Art:  We have completed our Closet Full of Crazy Critters and our Cursive Name art.  This week we will work on a Spring Collage.  If you have wrapping paper, magazines, bits of fabric, wallpaper and so on-please have your child bring in by Friday.  Thanks.

Thanks for the snacks coming in.  Have a nice week.  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview May 7, 2012

Hello!!  Just a reminder that tomorrow is our Field Trip to The Little Red School House.  We will have breakfast, then leave right away-by 9:15 or at the latest, 9:30-we want to be there by 10:00.  A fe things:

1.  Bring a lunch.

2. No open-toed shoes-buggy and wet!!  Your child should wear boots or gym shoes-they might get muddy!!!

3.  You can put bug spray on your child if you have some-they don’t want you putting it on once we get there.

4.  It might be a little chilly-they should wear long pants (also for bug protection) and bring a jacket.

It should be fun-I’m looking forward to it!!  thanks for the 7 parents who are coming-I have you divided into groups-nice small groups to walk around.  More tomorrow.

Language Arts:  We will finish Beowulf this week.  We are continuing to do all our language arts activities around this story.  We are also reading leveled books and writing in our Journal each week.

homework:  A book report for Beowulf will be workede on this week.  Night your child should one character from the story.  They should then write a one or two paragraph character sketch of that character.  They should identify character traits based on what the character said, thought and did.

No homework Tuesday evening because of the Filed Trip.  Wednesday and Thursday I will have another book report prompt for them to complete and due the following day.

Math:  We will complete Lesson 8.8 today-measurements of Areas.  We will review Unit 8 on Wednesday and have our Unit 8 test on Thursday.

Homeowrk:  Tonight- lesson 8.8

Tuesday-no homework.  Wednesday-review for the test Thursday.

Thursday-no homework-Test day.

Art-We have completed Closet full of crazy critters and “names”.  This week we will hopefully work with some clay!!

Thanks and have a nice week.  Jean Clement