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June 11, 2012 Weekly Overview

The last blog of the year!!!   I have had a wonderful year getting to know your child and working with them!!  I will miss them.  Please have a safe and good summer!!  I want to say thank you for all the help you have given your child, the class and me through out this whole school year.  It has been greatly appreciated-and needed!!  Thank you very much!!

 We will stay busy this week with some language arts end of unit tests both today and tomorrow and getting through Math Unit 10!!

Homework:  Your child should continue to read each night-hopefully they will continue through the summer and beyond!!!  They will have math homework tonight-2 lessons in Unit 10.  No homework Tuesday.   Wednesday is the all day picnic. 

No school Thursday and your child will come for 1 hour on Friday-from 9:00-10:00.  If your child can not come that day, their report card will be in Room 312 mailbox in the office.

Tomorrow-Tuesday:  We will celebrate all summer birthdays!!  If you want to bring cookies, juice, cupcakes- anything to help us celebrate that would be great!!!

We will also have a picnic with our pre-school buddies tomorrow from 11:30-12:30, so your child can bring a bag lunch for this picnic.  If they do not bring a lunch, we will also be back in the cafeteria for our regular lunch, so they can also have a school lunch then,  if needed.

Wednesday is our all school picnic, the PTA is providing lunch, but I suggest that your child bring an extra water-they will be outside playing in the heat!! 

I miss your kids already!!!    Jean Clement



June 4, 2012 Weekly Overview

It’s June and your child has almost completed 4th grade!!!!  As always, it could not have been accomplished without you!!!

Langauge Arts:  We will complete Lesson 25 this week with our focus on Author’s Purpose, proper mechanics and the Greek and Latin word pars meter, therm, aud and fac.  We will have a test on all of this on Friday.

Homework:  Monday and Tuesday:   Your child will come home today with the 10 target vocabulary words.  They will write their own story using these words and illustrate the story.  This will be due Wednesday.

Wednesday:  They will have a writing prompt:  Explain if it would be better or worse to have a mechanical teacher.  Due Thursday.

Thursday:  Take the opposite viewpoint of their Wednesday assignment and write response. Due Friday.

Math:  We got a little behind last week.  We will review for our Unit 9 test today and have the test tomorrow.  We will start Unit 10 on Wednesday-reflect5ions and symmetry.  We have gone over some of this material already because of ISAT testing.

Homework:  Tonight they will have their Math Journal for review.

Tuesday-test-no homework.

Wednesday:  Lessons 10.1 and 10.2 homework-2 sheets.

Thursday:  Lesson 10.3 and 10.4

 Social Studies:  We will be studying the Southwest and working in our workbook.

By the way, we will be seeing the 3rd grade play on Wednesday!!!