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September 24, 2012 Weekly Overview

Good Morning- Hopefully every Monday you with hear from me on our  Blog.  The idea is to give your a brief overview of the week-what we will accomplish in all subject areas, what lessons we are on and all homework assignments.  Please feel free to email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  You can also write a note in your child’s passport and have them show it to me in the morning.    Thanks

Language Arts:  You should have seen your child’s first Lesson 1 Test on Friday.  Your child will get use to grading their own work and with their calculator (which I will give them), they will learn how to convert their fraction grade to a percent so they can keep track of their own grade/score. 

Accelerated Reading is not up and working on the computers yet, but your child should be reading a just-right leveled book each day (part of their 30 minutes of reading each night) and will hopefully be able to start taking tests on their books shortly.  We will let you know when this is working.  I will send home a computer print out about twice a month so you can also see how they are doing.

We will complete Lesson 2 in Journeys and have a test on Friday-this will be one of our weekly routines in language arts.  This week we will discuss Author’s Purpose, the prefixes in-, im-, il-, and ir-, and subjects and predicates.  We will also work with our target vocabulary words.  Your child can take their Journeys book home any day-just make sure that they bring it back to school-we will work in it most days.  Thanks.

Homework:  This week your child will decorate a “bag” for their “bag talk” that they will present to the class starting this Friday.  Their Bag is due this Friday.  I will give them a bag or they can use a bag from home (often old gift bags work nicely),  They will work on their bag each night and give a three minute presentation, using their bag as a guide.  The bag rubric is as follows:  (I will also show them an example of a bag to help them get started.)

The bag should include:  Name, birth date, favorite books, at least 7 things about your child and their family (for example, family members, things they like, where they live, go to school etc.).  The bag should also include at least 2 three-D objects (again, I will show them examples)  Have your child be creative in designing their bag for their bag talk-a fun activity to get everyone in front of the class talking and we can all learn about each other.  The bags are due Friday and your child will sign up for their bag talk on Friday , too.  Thanks

I will often give a language arts homework assignment on Monday that will be due on Friday.  Thanks

Math:  We will complete lessons 1.5-1.8 this week.  We are reviewing polygons, drawing circles with a compass, constructing circles, hexagons and triangles.

Homework:  Homework will be lessons 1.5-1.8, Monday through Thursday.  The homework Homelink is always due the next day.  Our routine is that your child takes their homework out at the beginning of each math class, with a red marker/pen/pencil and they grade their own homework.  We then put the homwork right back in their Ray School folder for you to see each night.   I put a math homework grade on gradebook each day so you can see if they have turned in their homework.

Social Studies:  We have completed 2 lessons-Where is the United States? and The American Landscape.  Our social studies book is wonderful-a lot of strong vocabulary learning about the States and Regions of  the United States of America.    Most of this work will be completed in class, but your child will sometimes have note cards to show you will vocabulary that they are working with. 

Art/music/gym:  Your child will be taking these 3 classes three times each quarter.  Your child had gym twice already (and will miss the third class due to the strike)-  These classes will be each Friday.  For the next three Fridays your child will have music class. 

A few notes:  Please turn in the class fee of $85.00.  We use this money to buy the books for math, social studies and language arts, plus some science, art, and social studies supplies.  Thank you very much.

Thanks for the snacks coming in-your children are enjoying each day.  Did you hear about our “green”  snack on Friday to support our Spirit Day and Healthy eating?

Each Friday, our room 312 will celebrate Ray School by wearing our green and white Ray School Logo!!!  So if your child has their Ray Logo remind them to wear it each and every Friday!!!!  I sell the logo, so your child can bring in money and purchase some Ray wear whenever they like.  Ask them about prices-they should know, we have already talked about it.  Thanks.

Latin and Spanish classes are up and have been running and are going very well!!!  Latin is in our room and Spanish in Mr. Perez’s room every day from 10:45-11:30!!!!!  I am working on my Latin, too!!!

Other supplies needed:  copying paper and kleenex tissue!!  Many, many thanks.

And last, but certainly not least, this Thursday is an LSC meeting at 7:30 in the morning at Ray and our first PTA meeting will also be this Thursday starting at 6:00.  Please join us for pizza and then our first meeting!!  Become a Ray PTA member -the family membership is $20.00 and shows that you support all the program at Ray school!!!  We can’t do it without you!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Have a great week.  Thanks  Jean Clement


Welcome to my first post of the year.  Just wanted to say hello and glad to be back at work!!!  Please look for this post every Monday.  I am not sure what time I will be posting this each Monday-stay tuned.  We have had a wonderful week back and we are getting use to our routines, structures and schedules.  Thanks and we will keep in touch.

Jean Clement