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October 29, 2012 Weekly Overview

Tomorrow is our walking field trip to 915 E.60th St.,Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts.  -one block east of Cottage Grove Ave on the Midway Plaisance.  We will leave Ray right at 9:00-it is free and please walk with us!!!  The show starts at 9:45 and lasts about an hour.  The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival will present a series of short films.  Please have your child wear gloves, hat, good walking shoes and a warm coat!!!  It will be cold.  We will be back for our regular lunch schedule.  We will NOT wear costumes tomorrow, but will have an afternoon Halloween party, so treats, juice, etc. would be fun to bring!!

Language Arts:  We are working on writing a story this week.  We will not have Lesson 7-we will continue with that next week. 

Homework:  We will be celebrating the Day of the Dead-please read the homework note with your child tonight.  They should write a paragraph and bring in an artifact that reminds them of their family member that they are remembering.   Again, pleae ask your child to share the note with you.  Some students have already brought in an artifact!!  Due Friday.

Math:  Lessons 3.6-3.9 will be completed, with homework each night.  These lessons are focusing on multiplication and division!!  Practice at home if your child needs the extra practice.  I have some students completing 100 problems in less than 5 minutes!!!


PTA Directory

Calling all Parents….

You have received the Ray School PTA form for our Directory!!!  Please turn them in tomorrow-they are DUE!!!  Your child will not be in the yearly directory if we do not have your permission!!  I  have most of them-please return the form tomorrow!!!  Many thanks

Jean Clement

October 15, 2012 Weekly Overview


1.  As you know, October 26th- Friday, we will be taking a bus to see “Hallowed Haunts” at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra –  220 South Michigan Avenue.  We will leave Ray about 9:00-please be on time on that Friday!!!  We will eat a quick breakfast, the show starts at 10″15, lasts about one hour, then we will return to Ray by noon or so and eat our lunch in the classroom.  Please have your child bring a lunch from home on this day.  I think we will be a little late to eat in the cafeteria.  If you can not or forget a lunch-I will send a few kids to the lunch room to pick up a few lunches-so no worries.  I still need a few students to pay the $11.00!!!  It is due!!  Thanks.

2.  NEW!!  We will go on a FREE walking field trip on  Wednesday, October 31, 2012.  We will see a program by the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival titled Halloween Program:  Inside Out!!  Please walk with us if you can!!!!  The program starts at 9:45 and we will walk to 915 E. 60th Street-one block east of Cottage Grove Ave-on the U of C campus-Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts.  It is FREE and should be great!!  Parents who can walk with us, plese send a note in your child’s passport so I know how many parents will be walking!!  Again, we will have a quick breakfast and try to leave Ray about 9:00-no later than 9:10!!  Thanks.

Mid-term reports go out Wednesday.  Also on Wednesday-Library-please remind your child.

Language Arts:  We will complete Lesson 5 and have our usual test on Friday.  This week our focusis reading with Expression, nouns, understanding characters and infer/predict.  We will also study Homophones and work with our target vocabulary words.

Our Accelerated Reading Computer program is up and working!!!  Ask your child if they have taken a test yet on a book they have been reading.  I will meet with each individual student this week and we will set a point goal that is individualized for your child.  Ask them what their goal is!!!  This will become part of their grade next marking period.  Your child has about 30 minutes each day at school and should be reading at least 30 minutes each night at home.  When your child finishs their “just right” book, they will then take a comprehension test on our classroom computer.  This year is different in that they will also have a vocabulary test to also take with each book/test.  I will print out your child’s AR progress report about once a month for you to see how they are doing.

Homework:  A Washington D.C.  Monument  Brochure is due this Friday!! (Sorry- I thought that we would have computer class last week but testing was still going on!)  But, this Tuesday, we will show your child a brochure program that they can work from or at least give them an idea of how to set their Brochure up.  Your child will choose a Monument today and they will have it written in their passports to show you tonight.  It might be on the Monument that they wrote a paragraph about or it might be a different monument.

Math:  We will complete Unit 2 today, review Unit 2 tomorrow and will have our Unit 2 test this Wednesday.  We will start Unit 3-Multiplication and Division: Number Sentences and Algebra on Thursday.  Lesson 3.1 and 3.2-Thursday and Friday.

Homework:  Lessons 2.8 and 2.9 tonight.  Tuesday-With Math Journal 1-they should study for the test.  No homework Wednesday (test day). Thursday-lesson 3.1-due Friday.

Science:  We will continue working with Magnets and moving on to D-Cells and lightbulbs -“Lighting a Bulb” on Thursday. 

Social Studies:  We will complete Lessons 1-4 in our workbooks -with a review and little “test prep” on Thursday.  This will be self-graded on Thursday-ask your child how they did.  What can they tell your about latitude and longitude, using an elevation map and reading a map and what do they know about Natural Resources in the United States -we just touched on this-and will revisit again.

Art:  This week we will have an art class on Friday.

Have a nice week.  Jean Clement


October 8, 2012 Weekly Overview

A few notes for the week…

1.  Wednesday is a half day…students only come in the a.m.-I believe they leave at 12:15.

2.  Thursday is Picture Day…come with smiles on… and please turn in the envelope if you would like pictures.  I will let you know about retake day as soon as I know.  Some parents have already asked about that-no worries-there will be another date to have a picture taken.

3.  Please turn in your $85.00 classroom fee and please join the PTA for a family membership of $20.00 for the year!!!   Many, many thanks.

4. Those of you who ordered books from the scholastic book order either on-line or sent me a check-they should be here this week. 

Language Arts:  We have Accelerated Reading up and running!!!  Has your child taken a test yet?    Your child and I will meet this week to set an AR point goal for them.  They will be reading their own  individual books, at their own level, then taking comprehension tests –I will also have your child taking the vocabulary test with each book-we can do that this year!!!   Your child will be able to join “clubs” as they move along through the quarter depending on how many points your child has and how they meet their own AR goal-each child will have an individualized point goal.  This is part of their reading time and school and the time they spend reading at home each night.  As soon as your child finishes a book, they can take the test in our room.  I will print out your child’s AR test scores about every 2 or 3 weeks.

We will also complete Lesson 4 -focusing on Theme, intonation, prefixes non- and mis-, and simple and compound sentences.  We will also work with our target vocabulary and spelling words.  A test will be given on Friday.

Homework:  Very Social Studies/Math related, your child will make a brochure on a monument in Washington, D.C.  This brochure is due Friday.  I will go over this with the class today and they will have an example and a rubric to follow.   The idea is that your child learns many facts about one of the monuments and presents their brochure to the class.  They can do as much research at home as your like and they also can take home their SRB (Student Reference Book-in math) to help them learn and guide them in their research.

We will have finished our “Bag Talks” by the end of this week.  We are all learning much about each other!!  The presentations have been very informative and your children have presented well!!

Math:  Hopefully you saw your child’s first Math Unit 1 test.  (All grades are posted on grade book almost daily, but at least as soon as I can get them posted, so please stay on top of how your child is performing  in each area.)     We will complete lessons 2.3-2.7 this week. 

Homework:  Lessons 2.3 and 2.4 homeworks are assigned today and due tomorrow.  Lessons 2.5 – 2.7, due Tuesday through Friday.  Thanks.

Science:  We have worked with magnets-what can your child tell you?  We will continue to investigate magnets and their properties this week.

Social Studies:  We will complete our Lessons 1-3 this week in our workbook-and move on to Lesson 4-Natural Resources.  We will have Chapter one review next week and have a quiz on what we have been studying.  Your child will let you know the date next week.  I’ll also have it in this blog.

This week your child will have music on Friday.


October 1, 2012 Weekly Overview

Hello!!  Our fourth week is up and running!!!  We are pretty much into our routine and your children are already becoming more of an independent learner!!!  They all seem to love  (and need) the structure. 

Another reminder to pay the $85.00 classroom fee and to join the PTA for $20.00 per family!!!  Thanks – the classroom fee goes to cover so many of our classroom costs.   Workbooks have been ordered and your child is using them!!!  Thanks for your attention to this!!!  And..the PTA helps support so many things for your child this year– our curriculum, all support staff needs, extra curricular activities, etc.!!  Please join if you can!!  Many, many thanks.

Please join us this Wednesday for Walk and Bike to School Day!!!  A great reminder to do this as much as we can!!!  Check the Ray web site for further details!!!

We had a fire drill practice this morning.  Your children were wonderful!!  Tomorrow we will practice a Shelter/Tornado Drill and on Wednesday a “Lock Down”  Please talk with your child and remind them why we are quiet and all work together to do the right thing-it keeps us all safe.  Thanks for your little talk with your child!!

Thanks for snacks coming in!!  Your child puts their snack for 32 kids in our blue bin, then gives themselves a sticker on our snack chart and we pull out a snack and all snack on the same thing each day!!  About 10 kids have a sticker next to their name!!  Many thanks.

Language Arts:  We will complete lesson 3 this week, ending with a test on Frida;y.  This week our target skill is cause and effect.  We will read for accuracy, using context clues and write to Hear Our Voice!!  We will practice our target vocabulary word and the short and long i sounds.

Your child should also be reading a book and hopefully the AR will be up and running this week-keep checking with your child and AR tests will be starting as soon as possible.

Homework:  Your child will have a two-page book report form with them today.  The completed Book Report is due Friday!!  The Book Report should be on the book they are reading during our reading time at school -the same book they are reading for at least 30 minutes each night at home.  The Report should be written neatly and with thought-encourage your child to take ownership in their work!!   Please go over the report with your child and help them space their time to have it completed by Thursday.  If your child completes their work early-have them write a two or more paragraph paper on :  What are some of the things you are wondered about while you are reading your story.  If your child is in the middle of a book, have them do the report on the book so far. (What has happened so far in the story..)  Thanks

Math:  We reviewed Unit 1 today and will have our Unit 1 math test tomorrow.  Your child will have their Math Journal 1 and their Mental Math Book with them tonight so they can use them as review and you can see what they have completed so far.  Both of these books MUST be returned tomorrow!!!! 

Tuesday Unit 1 Test

Wednesday–Friday- Unit 2-Using Numbers and Organizing Date- lessons 2.1-2.2 .  Lesson 1 is starting a “world tour” (ask your child about it after Wednesday).  The next two lessons are on equivalent names for numbers and place value.

Homework:  Tonight-study for the test.  No homework Wednesday -they will also have no homework after a test day.  Wednesday and Thursday -lessons 2.1 and 2.2

Science:  We have just begun our first unit on Magnetism and Electricity.  Ask your child what we did in our first lesson last week.  It is a really fun unit and your child WILL learn a lot!!!  More later…

Social Studies:  We will complete Lesson three this week-Climate in the United States.  We will now begin to work in our workbook that goes along with these lessons.  I just wanted to get your children familiar with the book and how it is organized before we began to use the workbook.  I will have the book go home next week for a night so that you can browse it with your child.

Music:  Your child will have their first music class this Friday!!  Last Friday the class was cancelled-sorry. 🙁

Have a great week.  Jean Clement