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November 26, 2012 Weekly Overview

Hope everyone had a family- filled long weekend!!! 

-A Field Trip coming up-We will go to The Nutcracker on December 14th at 10:00.  We will walk to Mandell Hall, which is a few blocks way.  The cost is $7.00 per student and is due  this week,  next MONDAY,  December 3, 2012 by the latest!!!  We have a classmate in the performance-our very own Russell!!!!  I have everyone’s permission slip-just need the $7.00-please send it in this week!!!

-PTA meeting this Thursday-we will have a discussion on Bullying-please come if you can.  The meeting starts at 6:30!  Pizza served at 6.

-International Night-December 6, 2012-please look for the flyer being sent home today with your child!!!

-Thanks for the snack coming in-please have your child bring one in-they love giving themselves a sticker on our Snack Chart!!!  Thanks

Language Arts:  Lesson 9 this week.  We will focus on comma use, antonyms, writing and asking Questions, and reading for accuracy.  We will have a test on Friday.

Homework:  Your child will work on a Poem this week.  Your child will have an announcement with them today.  Please review will your child.  There is a contest celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of community and what a beloved community mean.  We will review this in class, but by Thursday, your child should turn in one or more poems with this theme in mind.  Your child will have a flyer describing this contest.  The poem criteria is very broad, but I would like to turn at least one poem into this contest per, if you child writes more than one, we can choose which one to enter.  Thanks

Math:  Lessons 4.6 through 4.9 will be completed.  We are working on decimals in money, thousandths place value, metric units of length and personal reference in the metric length.  We will also continue to have 5-minute math fact tests with multiplication and division.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, Lessons 4.6 through 4.9  Thanks.

Science:  in the science lessons this week we will be building circuits, making and discussing open and closed circuits.

Social Studies:  We will complete and review our reading and work on The American People, United States Government and United States Economy.  We will work on these each day and have a quiz on Thursday.  I will have your child take their book home both Tuesday and Wednesday will pages to review for the quiz.  Pages 42-67.  We have read these in class and will also review again in class.

Have a good week.  As always, thank you for all your help!!  Jean Clement



November 19, 2012 Weekly Overview

Hello!!  A short three day week.  Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

A few items..

1.  Thanks for coming in on Report Card pick up.  Pleas help your child with everything discussed 🙂 and thanks for all the great work your children do!!  We really do have a wonderful class that mostly always works together!!!  Please work on AR and your child’s reading at home each night.  Also, please remember that math homework is each night-Monday through Thursday.

2.  Bullying-The 4th grade classrooms-last week-practiced walking in the hallways quietly, respecting all learning in the building.  We also discussed Bullying in 4th grade and in general.  I, of course, think this class is wonderful!!   But, please talk with your child about always doing the right thing-making the right choices-even at recess, lunch and during Ray University.  I think if I have these discussions, along with you reinforcing good behavior at home, we will all continue to make good decisions, even when an adult might not see us.  Thanks.  The next PTA meeting will actually address some of these school-wide issues-it certainly is not just a 4th grade concern!!!  Again, thanks for your help.

3.  Computer Class-  For the next several lessons, Ms. Cobb is going to be working on typing on the computer, using correct finger placement.  We will give your child some practice here, but if your child can spend about ten minutes a night on correct finger placement, etc. -this will really help.  I am seeing many students, using only two fingers to type.  Ask your child what they did (two weeks ago) and we will practice this again tomorrow.

4.  Please remind your child to wear their Ray School Logo every Friday!!!  We are keeping to our Ray Spirit Day each Friday!!!!  Thanks.

5.  Lastly, thanks for the snacks, but we can now use some more!!  Your children do enjoy them toward the end of each day.  Thanks

Language-We completed some of Lesson 8 two weeks ago.  We will work on finishing this lesson today and tomorrow and take the test on Wednesday.  I will go over the comprehension concepts and vocabulary words a little extra during today and tomorrow.

Homework:  Using the 10 target words, your child will write a short story.  This story is due Wednesday.  They can illustrate the story for extra credit.  Tuesday-I will have them take the book home for extra practice for the test on Wednesday.  Thanks.

Math:  We are into Unit 4.  We will complete lessons 4.3-4.5 this week.  We are working on decimals and their placements on a number line-comparing and ordering decimals, and their relationship to fractions.  We also are discussing “money” and how we use decimals with money less than one dollar.

Homework:  Monday and Tuesday, 4.3 and 4.4.  We will do 4.5 in class on Wednesday.

Social Studies:  We are learning about how our government and economy work and how it is organized.

Science:  Besides working with lightbulbs and D-cells, we will add working with motors to our circuits!!  What is an open and/or a closed circuit?  What can they tell you about how electricity works?

As always, please ask your children what they are learning and doing in either Latin or Spanish Class.  Thanks

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and see you Monday!!  Jean Clement

November 5, 2012 Weekly Overview

November already!!!  It’s hard to believe but report card pick up is next week-Tuesday November 13.  I think the easiest way to sign up will be for me to have the sign up schedule with me from now on in the morning before morning fitness and in the afternoon at 3:45-dismissal time.  Please see me then if you can and sign up.  If not, just write a good time for you in your child’s passport and I will communicate with you through the passport.  I believe the schedule is from noon-6:45?  I will have a lunch break in there somewhere-I think 3:00-3:45-just to give you an idea of when you might be able to come in.

This Friday is a half day-students are dismissed at 12:15.

 Monday is Veterans Day-no school.

Language Arts:  We will return to our Journeys program this week and complete Lesson 7-working on expression, verbs, suffixes -y and -ous and Compare and Contrast with Infer/Predict.  We will have a test Friday morning.

We are also working in our AR books-your child should be reading each night, taking tests when they have finished the book.  How is your child doing?  You should have already received at least two print outs of their tests scores this quarter.

Homework:  Your child will have a writing assignment each night.  They should write a paragraph-answering the question.  The paragraph should be at least five sentences, more if you see needed.  Friday’s homework is an outline, not a paragraph.    Please have your child edit their work.  I will have your child write their work in their Writer’s Notebook-please look for it each night.  Thanks.

Monday-Why do you think the Cinderella story appeals to people around the world?

Tuesday:  Explain why you think the boy storyteller doesn’t care for the girl’s story.

Wednesday:  Tell why being a good listener may have helped Diane become a storyteller.

Thursday:  Write an outline (not a paragraph) of a favorite story that you would use in telling a story.

Math:  We will complete lessons 3.9-3.11-true or false sentences, parentheses in number sentences and open sentences.  We will review this week and have our Unit 3 test on Thursday.  As always, look for your child’s Math Journal to come home for review on Wednesday.  No homework Thursday evening.

Science:  We will build circuits today and light a bulb.  We will then, on Thursday-Make a motor run!!  We will discuss open and closed circuits.  Can your child explain filament, circuit, and tell you what a schematic diagram is?

Thanks Jean Clement