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December 17, 2012 Weekly Overview

Oh what a sad weekend thinking of the tragedy in Conneticut.  I read a piece in the New York Times about how to address this issue with children.  It was really helpful and I will address the situation as your children talk about it.  Only one child came up to me today and we talked and hugged.  Again, the article was helpful if you want to look it up in the NYT.  I will take the students directives as needed.  I think we are all feeling as safe and secure as possible today in our relaxed, focused classroom environment.

This Friday we will have a classroom party in the afternoon with pizza!!  Your child should still bring a lunch in on Friday-the party will be later in the afternoon.  Thanks.

Just a reminder that morning fitness and school start at 8:45 each day!!!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We will be reading and working on winter poems this week.  We will create a poetry box that they will have with them of Friday.

Homework:  Your child will have copies of the poems and if they memorize a poem, recite it to the class this week, I will give them extra  credit.  Homeowrk should also include at least 30 minutes of reading each night and your child should be at least half way to their AR goal this quarter!!!  Thaks.

Math:  Lessons 5.6-5.9 will be covered this week.  Can your child explain how to do Partial-Products Multiplication with multi-digit numbers?  Ask them!!  I will also teach them (or review) Lattice Multiplication and our last lesson this week will be the introduction of exponential notation for powers of 10.

Homework:  Mondya through Thursday, lessons 5.6-5.9

Science:  We will have some time and continue to build working circuits.

Art:  We are also doing a few extra art-holiday related projects this week!!!  Look for some on Friday!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Winter Break filled with family and friends!!  See you in January!!  I must say thank you once again for all you do in helping to have this classroom and school year be the best that it can be!!  Thanks   Jean Clement

December 10, 2012 Weekly Overview

Two weeks before our Winter Break!!!  Still lots to do!!!

A few notes:

-Our Field rip this Friday to see the Nutcracker is still on!!!  I have many parents who have not paid, so please do so by tomorrow at the latest!!!!  The Hyde Park School of Dance is excited to put this on for school groups and the bill is overdue!!!!  The $7.00 fee also applies to parents, but please come with us if you can!!!  Again, please have all money turned in by tomorrow, as I will give a final count as to who is going.  Thanks!  On Friday, we will eat breakfast right away, use the washroom and leave for the performance-please be on time to school!!!  Thanks.

-Thanks for the snacks coming in, but we could use some more for the next two weeks-I think we have one snack left!!  Please bring a snack in if you have not done so recently.  Thanks.

-Hopefully you have heard that our class had the most participation in the Candy Sale so we get a pizza party!!!  We will have pizza delivered on Friday, December 21st, as part of our Winter Party Celebration!!!  Your child should still bring a lunch-we will have the party that Friday afternoon.

-LASTLY, please make sure that your child has pencils, a red marker of some kind (they are grading their work each day!!), and scissors in their desk every day!!!  Please ask them-everyone should come to school prepared!!  Thanks, it just makes starting a lesson and the work run very smoothly.  Thanks for asking your child if they have everything that they need.

Language Arts:  We reviewed Lesson 10 yesterday, just to make sure all concepts were covered and we will have the test today.  I gave the students an extra day, just because I had missed days and wanted to review what they had covered.  For the last three days this week, we will read some poetry and do a few projects related to the holidays.


Math:  We will complete lessons 5.1-5.5 This week.  Our new Unit 5 in math is on Big Numbers, Computation and Estimation.

Homework:  Lessons 5.3-5.5, Tuesday through Thursday.

Science:  We will try something new these next two weeks.  We have a lot going on, so I am going to set up, today, a science table in the back of the room.  The students will rotate through the activities, about 5 at a time.  in this way, your child will have the opportunity to build both Series and Parallel circuits (a good time to think about how Christmas lights work), using D-cells, switches, light bulbs and motors!!  They have learned about Schematic diagrams representing circuits-ask them about this.

Art:  In the classroom over the next two weeks, we will working on some extra, fun holiday-related art projects in the room!!

As always, thanks for all the help that you do in preparing your child for a productive day at school!!


December 3, 2012

-Field Trip to see The Nutcracker is on for Friday, December 14, at 10:00!!!!  The $7.00 ticket is now due!!!  Please turn in the money tomorrow Tuesday, if you have not.  Sorry, but parents must also pay the $7.00-it does support a local dance company!!!  And one of our own-Russell is in the show!!!  We will walk to Mandel Hall, leaving Ray by 9:20.

REMEMBER  $7.00 is due tomorrow!!!  Many thanks.

– This Thursday evening is International Night at Ray School!!!  Please come and enjoy the food and entertainment!!!  A note has ben sent home and also look on our Ray Web Site for more details!!!

Language Arts: