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January 28, 2012 Weekly Overview

We have a fun and busy week ahead of us!!  But first, snacks are dwindling in the classroom-please bring enough for 34 students!!!  Many thanks, they are asking for snacks!! 

Also, ISAT’s are March 4th- 7th.  Monday through Wednesday will be reading and Math and March 7th-Thursday will be science.  Please mark your calendar. (and see Science for Science/Language Arts homework for the next 5 week or so)

No school for students this Friday-Staff Development Day.

Thanks for the Kleenex tissue that has been coming in-we could still use more!!!  We have lots of runny noses, coughs and colds in the classroom!!!

–A friendly reminder that your child should come to school prepared with pencils, a red marking utensil for corrections and good energy to study!!!

Language Arts:  We will be focusing on Questions using Graphic Features,  recognizing suffixes and working with -able, and -ible and participles.  We will have a test on Thursday.

I hope your child showed you all the books that they have read and been tested on in AR!!!!  I have seen so very many gains it just makes me smile!!!  Thanks for your help!!  They seem to be enjoying their reading and their stories!!!

Homework:  (see science) But, I will also tell students to take home their Journeys Book for re-read the story-“The Life and Times of the Ant.”

Math:  We will complete lessons 6.9 and 6.10-working with latitude and longitude and reviewing division.  We will practice for our Unit Test on Wednesday and have our Unit 6 test on Thursday.

Homework:  Monday and Tuesday 6.9 and 6.10, Wednesday, review and study for the test.  Test on Thursday.

Science:  We have completed our Electricity Unit.  The science ISAT covers Life Science, Earth and Space, Physical and Scientific Inquiry-to name some.  Over the next 5 weeks, we will have about 20 short lessons , using a lot of vocabulary, on each of these sections in science.  We will be completing some of these in class and some of these will be for homework. 

Homework:  We set up a folder today and got through the first lesson-there are aabout 90 or 100 short lessons.  Your child will have a worksheet each night that they will be responsible for reading and completing both sides of the worksheet-2 lessons total.  Please have them tell you the homework system that we have put in place -again, for the next 5 or so weeks.  They should be bringing this new folder home each night for review on what we did in class and to complete the next -usually-2 lessons for homework.  Thanks for your help-it should be fun!!

Social Studies- We will be slowly finishing up Chapter 3- land resources, map reading, our neighboring countries,and looking at different regions that the United States is divided into.

If we get through all of this by Thursday afternoon it will be wonderful!!! 🙂 It sounds like a lot, even to me!!!  Have a good week.  Jean Clement


January 14, 2013 Weekly Overview

Good Morning!!  I was not in school on Friday and heard this morning that the classroom was a bit noisy and, as a group, could have worked together better….please talk with your child about this.  I am sure most students were fine, but we do need to work together, and be reminded, to be respectful even with a teacher that they are not familiar with!!   Thanks for your help!! 

In class free Field Trip tomorrow!!!!  Agriculture in the classroom – a lesson on agriculture in Illinois!!!  It should be informative!!  It’s about an hour and 15 minute presentation.  I will give each student a “pre-test” today and we will go over their answers tomorrow after the lesson to see what they knew and what they learned!! 

See below in Social Studies for some upcoming school events!!!

And…Thursday, January 24 will be the PTA State of the School Event-please come and give input!!!  If you can not make the evening event, there is also a morning meeting that day at 9:30 that you are invited to attend!!!  Please come to one of these meetings if you can!!!

Language Arts:  This week in lesson 12 we will focus on Sequencing of Events, Base Words and Endings and Synonyms.  We will also “write to persuade” in a few writing assignments.

Homework:  Your child will have the 10 target words with them.  They will write a sentence using each target word.  They 10 sentences are due Wednesday.  The sentences should be at least 10 words in length-encouraging the use of descriptive words.  Wednesday-Writing topic-Write about a time you were in a weather situation that concerned you.  Due Thursday.

Thursday evening:  Writing topic-Tell what you think of the decision to build Valencia Street on a landfill.  (from the story)-due Friday.

Math:  Lessons 6.-6.6-Division- partial-quotients, working with remainders in division, rotations and angles and using a full-circle protractor will all be covered this week.

Homework:  Lessons 6.3 – 6.6, Monday through Thursday homework.

Science:  Agriculture in the classroom-two days.  We will also have a post-test in electricity this week.  They will use their lab notes for review in class. 

Social Studies:  We will also be reading many stories and discussing many African-American’s and their influence on our culture and society over the next month during social studies time.    What can they tell you about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?  We did a writing assignment on our own character this morning.  We will be working on some kind of project for our
Gallery Walk on Thursday, February 28th from 4-6 o’clock.  Then our PTA meeting will follow with more activities and performances!!  Save the date!!!!

Also:  Lunar New Year Celebration during lunch on February 11th-which is a Monday.

Have a great week and remember that there is no school next Monday- Martin Luther King Day!!


January 7, 2013 Weekly Overview

..It’s feeling like January….our room can be a little cold…maybe make sure that if your child has a t-shirt on…to also leave a sweater in the room  🙂

 A few notes: 

1.We need some snacks…thanks

2.  Some supplies that we could use for the room:  Kleenex (tissue-lots of runny noses:)), PENCILS, red (pencils, markers, crayons,-anything to grade with)- thanks for your help.

3.  The second MAPS testing is this week.    Our room will have reading this Wednesday morning and Math on Thursday.    Thanks.

Language Arts:  This week our focus will be on Facts and Opinion, Infer and Predict, Proper Nouns and Compound Words and suffixes -ful, -less, -ness, and -ment.

We will Have a Test on Friday.

We are also reading our own AR appropriate leveled books each day for AR testing.  Please know where your child is in meeting their own target goal.  Thanks. 

Another writing activity this week-Your child will observe a piece of art work and write they own story from the illustration.  These will be edited by your child, then published on our board outside our room.  Please enjoy!!

Homework:  Your child will have the 20 compound words with them tonight.  They should be thinking of a story to write, using all the words.  The story is due this Thursday.  For extra credit they can illustrate their story.

Math:  We will review Unit 5, again, this afternoon and have our Unit 5 test tomorrow. Your child will have their Math Journal tonight for further review.  We will start Unit 6 tomorrow and you should expect 6.1 homework and the parent letter outlining the Unit’s goals.  Thanks.

Homework:  Tonight-study for test.  Tuesday through Thursday-6.1 through 6.3

Science:  We will finish our electricity unit this week-you will see a pre and post “Flow of Electricity” test-they have all learned a lot in this unit!!    We are also going to be reading and doing research from a variety of science books that I have in the room-we did one activity this morning-ask your child about what they did.

Thanks and have a good week.  Jean Clement


January 3, 2013 Two-Day Update!

Happy New Year!!!  Everyone seems glad to be back!!!  We have had a very nice morning!!  I must say thank you for all your help in making this year run as smoothly as it can-I could not do it without you!!!

We do have a few changes.  As you know, Ray University is no longer here.  You received a new schedule on the last day of school, but, for now, here are some of the changes.



Wednesday-Spanish (for all kids unless something changes)



Please note these changes!!  Thanks

Language Arts:  These two days we will focus on two things.  First, the Ray School spelling bee will be held Friday, January 18th at 2:00 in the auditorium.  Your child has the list of spelling bee words.  They can practice at home if they want to try and be in the spelling bee.  We will have some time to practice in the room and have a few spelling bee practices.  If your child wants to participate in these o bees, and they “win” they will then go on to the school bee on the 18th.  Talk with your child-it is an option-and see if they want to participate in the classroom bees.  If they do not participate, they will be in the audience and listen and watch the other students.  We will probably do this 3 times per week for 30 minutes or so.  Thanks. 

Secondly, we will do some community building related writing and discussion activities today and tomorrow.

Homework:  At least 30 minutes of reading tonight!

Math:  We will work on and review all of Unit 5 today and tomorrow.  We will then have our Unit 5 test on Monday.  Your child will have their Math Journal 1 tomorrow for review over the week end.  Please remind them to return with it on Monday-it will be a homework grade!!

Homework:   Thursday – Any make up homework for Unit 5 should be completed.

Friday-Your child will have their Math Journal 1 for review of Unit 5

Science:  We will finish up on our Electricity Unit next week.  Can your child explain the difference between a Series  and Parallel Circuit?  What other electricity vocabulary can they tell you about?  They know a lot!!!

Just a very short week, but it is really good to see all the bright, cheery faces greeting each other!!  Hope everyone had a nice break!!

Thanks Jean Clement