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February 25, 2012 Weekly Overview

A few important notes…

**A reminder that Wednesday is a half day-students leave school at 12:15.

1.  Thursday, March 28 is our Gallery Walk!!!  Please come and view all the hard work everyone has been doing!!  The Gallery Walk will blend into our PTA night!!!  Please come and enjoy!!!  More details on Ray E News.

2.  We have a Field Trip planned to see Alvin Ailey Dance Theater!!!!  I am so very excited!!!  We will go to the Auditorium Theatre on March 14-that is a Thursday!!!!  The trip is pricey  $17.00, but well worth it!!!  The money is due this week!!!  Actually I need it no later than Friday!!!   Thanks.

3.  ISAT’s.  Start next Monday.  I have purchased gum (after telling them all year to keep it at home Ha!), mints, candy, hot chocolate, etc.  Good motivational, fun rewards!!!  If you would like to contribute in any way, thanks!!

4.  Next Monday-RAY SPIRIT DAY!!!  EVERYONE should wear their GREEN and WHITE!!!   You can purchase Ray Logo from me for as little at $6.00!!!  The money goes to support our PTA and all the programs that YOU keep going at RAY!! 

5.  During ISAT’s there is very little homework….reading each night and only doing homework if they wish (with your input).  I will have some worksheets to complete, if they feel the need to do a little extra practice-but they will not be graded.  Just for home if you and your child feel like they would be helpful.  Thanks.

6.  Finally, please check to see if your child has their passport.  It seems that several students are leaving their passport at home, in their locker, or simply “can not find it/”  These passports are used every time your child leaves the room-so we know where they are going and to keep everyone safe and responsible.  I also have students check our my classroom library books in their passport.  DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILD’S PASSPORT IS??  Please look and make sure your child has it tomorrow!!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  Again this week, we will not be doing a regular  Journey’s skill, but will be reviewing a variety of skills that will be covered on ISAT’s.  Can your child tell your how to write an extended-response?  Ask them the steps and many ways to start sentences and their thought process. 

Homework:  Again this week, each night, your child will have a few worksheets-both language arts and science.  Again, these should be listed each day in their passport.  Every day at 3:30, we get out the passports and write down all homework.  Thanks for helping with this structure and reminding your child to do this.  Homework, Monday through Thursday.  Friday’s will be given for your child to keep at home.

Math:  We will do lessons in our math unit that cover graphing, volume, 3-dimensional shapes, fractions and decimals and some division.

Homework:  Again, your child will have at least one worksheet each night this week, Monday through Thursday, to be returned the following day for grading.  Thanks.

Science:  We are working on mostly Earth and Space Science this week.  Your child will have two lessons each night to read and do the follow-up “show what you know” answer.

Thanks for the copying paper and we can always use more kleenex tissue!!!  Thanks.

Have a great week!!  And thanks for your help.  Hope to see you Thursday!!! 

Jean Clement

February 18, 2013 Weekly Overview

Hello everyone…Another busy week…with a little bit of fun on this President’s day!!  We have just finished reading Holes and everyone, after today, will have taken a test on it.  Ask your child how they did?  We will see the movie this afternoon, after a very busy morning of science and math!!  Hot chocolate to be served!!

February 26th-ALL Black History reports are due!!!!  Gallery Walk is Thursday, February 28th from 4:30-:30.    Your child can also write a poem or recite a short piece that tells the story of Courage for the Gallery Walk!!!  Talk with your child and see if this is a good fit for your family to do during the Gallery night event!!!

Language Arts:  We will be reading short stories over the next two weeks, answering comprehension questions, discussing grammar, forms of speech, etc. etc.  Please ask your child what they are doing in language arts each day.

Homework:  30 minutes of reading each night for an AR test.  In addition, your child will have a short story to read and answer the few multiple choice questions after.  Monday through Thursday.

Math:  Again, we are going to be reviewing and working on a variety of overall math concepts.  e.i.  number sense, geometry, graphing, mode, range, median and mean, number placement, probability, decimals and fractions (to name a few 🙂  ). 

Homework:  Your child will have two worksheets each night this week, Monday through Thursday.  Again on Friday, I will give them a practice “test” to complete over the weekend and this should be turned in next Monday.  Thanks

Science:  We just finished our Life Science lessons.  We will start Earth Science tomorrow. 

Homework:  I will give the first two lessons tonight for homework in Earth Science.  IF both of these homework’s are too much -the math and the science-please let me know by writing a note in your child’s passport.  Both of these assignments should be able to be completed in 45 minutes, or so.  Good Stamina Building for the ISAT’s!!!

Again, thanks for all your help.

Jean Clement

February 11, 2013 Weekly Overview

–A few notes:

1.  Valentine’s Day is Thursday-We will have a small party in the afternoon.  Drinks and /or snacks are welcomed.  We have 35 students in the class if your child is planning on making cards for everyone.

2.  Hopefully you saw the Black History Report rubric and Biography checklist-.  Please use both of these in helping to guide your child’s report.  Your child should now know who their report will be about.  Please have your child work on this report a little each night.  Again, use the checklist and rubric as a guide.

The Completed Reports are due Tuesday, February 26.  The Gallery Walk is that Thursday-February 28th.  Your child can use a poster, but that is not necessary.  They can also make a diorama or include a Filmstrip with scenes, if they want.  I will show them (today) examples of both of these projects and they can include if they want.    This is a large homework and research assignment.  Please help to pace your child in completing their quality work.  Thanks.  I know I said TWO resources to gather facts, but listing three or more would be great-you help decide what works best for your child.  I would also like some kind of an illustration (diorama or filmstrip) or just a picture or two included in the report. 

All reports will be displayed for the Gallery Walk!!  Again-thanks for your help.

3.  We will all enjoy fortune cookies and snake making today in celebration of Lunar New Year!!!  What was your child’s fortune?

4.  No School tomorrow-Tuesday!!!

Language Arts:  We will be completing Lesson 19 this week-we will focus on Persuasion in our text, using a dictionary, and suffixes -ful, -less, -ness, -ment, and we will also be using a different base/root word each day and adding to that base word to make as many new words as we can.  Ask your child about this-a fun thing to do at home.

Homework:  In addition to your child taking the book home any day to study for the test, and reading for at least 30 minutes each night, your child should be working on their Black History Report that is due February 26th!!!  This is their language arts/social studies homework for the next two weeks!!!

Math:  We will complete lessons 7.4-7.6 this week.  We will also have extra ISAT type practice questions that we will be working on each day.

Your child had math homework over the weekend!!!  Almost everyone did it!!!  If your child did not, please have them do it over the next few days and review the answers with them.  Thanks.

Homework:  Tonight-(science)-Lessons 19 and 20.  Wednesday and Thursday, lessons 7.5 and 7.6  They will also have some lessons in science Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Science:  Again, we will be reviewing and working on a variety of Life Science related lessons.  Your child should be taking their new Science folder home to show you what they have been learning and all their new vocabulary words that they are becoming familiar with!!!

Thanks for helping to put in a little more effort at home in ISAT practice.

Have a nice week.  Jean Clement


February 4, 2013 Weekly Overview

Hello and welcome to the completion of the first half of 4th grade!!!  In general, I have seen so much growth in academic and social skills in so many areas of your children’s development!!!  We are in this together and we thank you for all your help!!!

…Which brings me to language arts homework that is due Wednesday.  This is a school-wide assignment!!  Your child will write a letter to you today talking about “effort”-their effort in their work at Ray School and their responsibility in that effort.  Please review this letter with them and discuss.  Then, you are to write them a letter in response to their letter.  You can tell them what effort means to you, how you think your child is doing, what you want your child to improve in, etc.  Make it fit what is good for you and your child.  Both these letters are due back on Wednesday.  Thanks.

This letter is a segway into discussions and focus and work related to the ISAT testing and doing our best at Ray every day.  We will be working in our language arts book and our math books, but over the next month, I will be skipping around some, in order to target certain skills that will not be covered or reviewed again until after ISAT testing is over.  (probablility, graphing, and mulitple-step problem solving skills, to name a few)  We will also be going over plot, character, setting and theme skills in the classroom-please give extra time in asking your child about these when they have finished their reading each night.  Can they answer what is the plot, who are the characters, what is the setting and the theme or genre of their book?  What can they infer about a character in their book?

If your child has some of the extra ISAT practice books that I handed out, please work a little in them each night.  All this will help your child do their best during testing time.  Again, thanks for working a little extra each night, too.

How many books didyour child read this past quarter?  How did they do?  Discuss their new goal for this quarter and let’s all work together in going above and beyond their new goal!!!  Thanks.

L.A.-We will complte lesson 18 this week- (skipping a few lessons) and tested on Friday.  Our target skills are Understanding Characters, self-correction, prefixes re-, un-, and dis-, prepositional phrases (and prepositions) and Homophones, homonyms, and homographs!!!  Wow-that’s a lot!!

Homework:  Due Wednesday-the above assignment-

Wednesday and Thursday-I will give them their assignment on Wednesday.

Math:  We will begin Unit 7 today-Fractions and Their Uses, Chance and Probability-a fun unit!!

Homework:  Monday through Thursday- Lessons 7.1-7.4

Thanks for all the snack coming in!!  Please remember gym is now Thursday and your child should wear gym shoes and their Ray Shirt if they have one!!!

Have a great week!!  Jean Clement