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April 29, 2013 Weekly Overview

Please note that breakfast is now served at 8:20 in the cafeteria and morning fitness starts at 8:45 sharp!!!
Also- Next week- Book Fair!! We will visit the book fair on Monday and mke a ‘wish list’, then on Wednesday students will return who bring in some money to purchase books!! Also, I have a classroom container from the book fair that your child can bring in money and we can buy classroom books with all the money that we collect this week!!! The classroom with the mos money donated wins a pizza party!!!!! Empty your piggy banks!!!

Language Arts: Text and Graphic Features and using Quotation marks will be our focus this week.
-Through Journeys we will read the main selection, using text and graphic features as our guide. We will focus on quotations, prefixes and our 10 target vocabulary words. We will stress reading with fluency.
-daily independent reading, literature groups and guided reading. We also meet with our buddy to read to them once per week
-Daily Journal
-Writer’s Notebook-at least a few times per week.
Reading a read aloud: The Secret Garden
How is your child doing in AR tests so far this quarter? Ask them!!

Homework: Reading at least 30 minutes per night;
Monday through Thursday-a different writing prompt each night:
Each assignment will be written in their writer’s notebook, but it must be returned each day to school!!! Thanks
Try and use “quotes” in each of your homework writing assignments!!!
Monday-Compare what you looked like four years ago to what you look like today.
Tuesday: Describe the changes that may have happened near an old tree planted near your home.
Wednesday: Explain the importance of redwood trees to the wildlife in the forest.
Thursday: Write a letter persuading our mayor to plant more trees in our area of the city.

Math: Lessons 9.5-9.8- Comparing fractions, decimals and percents, comparing the results of a survey, population data and Multiplication of decimals.
Homework: Monday through Thursday, 9.5 through 9.8

Science: The Human Body-studying “bones” Have had and will continue to have a guest speaker in -a U of C Biology teacher (Sam’s mom) will come in every other week for a science mini U of C lesson-it’s been great!!

Social Studies: Political regions, physical features and geography of U.S. and it’s neighbors
Have a great week- Jean Clement

April 23, 2013 Weekly Overview

We have a reall fun week planned!!!
Today we start an at installation with a parent-ask your children about it!! All students in our room will be involved this week!! We also have a parent- Chris Andrews (Sam’s mom) coming in today to do a mini O of C science class on bones and more. Ask your child today what they learned!!!
And finally, this week is the week of the young child. Yesterday everyone had a buddy partner and they were the scribbers for their pre-schoolers story. Then they illusrated the story with their buddy and most 4th graders then read their stroy o the class!! We will do another whole-group activity again this week!! A busy week with fun activities!!

Also, I believe a note is going home today to talk about a change in breakfast and a small change in morning fitness. I think your child will have it today-if not look for it in a day or so.

Language Arts: We have moved on to Lesson 22-focusing mostly on cause and effect. Ask your child what they did today in class!! We are also using a dictionary this week, discussion will focus around infer/prediction strategies and our target vocabulary words.
We have also been reading our own leveled books and taking tests on the computers. Ask your child what they are reading.
We are also reading together, the chapter book “The Secret Garen” This is a 7th grade leveld book and our child will take a test on it when we finish!! Good listening skills will help!!!
Homework: At least 30 minutes of reading per night-please monitor this!! Thanks
Tuesday-due Friday. This is the week of the young child. Your child is to write a short story that they will share with their pre-school buddy on Friday. I will make a copy of their story, so that they can give the copy to their buddy. The story should be illusrated with drawings or magazine pictures or cut out words from newspapers, etc. Discuss with your child-the story should be written with their buddy in mind!! Have fun and be creative! Due Friday.
Math: Lessons 9.2 through 9.5 will be completed this week. We are working with practions, decimals and percents, converting fractions to decimals by using a calculator and comparing results of a survery using percentages.
Homework: Monday through Thursday- 9.2 though 9.5 Work a little extra with your child if they need the extra help. Thanks.
Science: We are into our unit on the Human Body with “bones” this week!!!

Thanks for the snacks that some of you are bring in!!! Please ask your child if they need pencils and have them bring some in if needed. Thanks

Have a great week!! Jean Clement

Weekly Overview April 15, 2013

Hope everyone had a good weekend…
Pleae remember that this Wednesday is report card pick-up from 12:00-3:00 and then again from 4:00-6:00. Thanks and looking forward to seeing everyone!! No school for students on Wednesday.

Also, please welcome our new principal Dr. Hill. She will have an open meeting tomorrow for any parent that can come at 9:00!! Please come if you can!!!!
Supplies: Just a reminder to ask your child if they need pencils. Please have your child bring some pencils in if they indicate to you that they do not have at least 3 in their desk. Thanks.

Language Arts: This week we will focus on Theme and Summarizing. We will complete lesson 21 and have a test this Friday. We are also thinking about reading for accuracy this week and will be discussing words that have multiple-meanings. In grammar we will learn about comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs.
Homework: Your child has their list of 10 target vocabulary words for the week. They are to complte a story using these ten words. The story should be at least 2 paragraphs. The completed story is due Thursday. An illustration is extra-credit.

Math: We reviewed Unit 8 today. Our Unit 8 test is tomorrow-Tuesday. We will start Uni 9-Fractions, Decimals, and Percents on Thursday.
Homework: Monday-your child has their Math Journal 2-Unit 8 with them for review tonight.
Tuesday-Unit 8 test-no math homework
Thursday-Lesson 9.1-Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.
I hope you notice that both Unit 8 and Unit 9 are somewhat reviews. Because of the ISAT testing, we have already covered some of this material-that your children were tested on.

Science: We have begun today, a new unit in Science-The Human Body. We will work in this unit for the next four weeks. This week our discussions and activities will focus around our “bones”.

Weekly Overview April 8, 2013

Good Morning… By now I am hopeful that you have seen the note that went home on Friday, or that you have spoken with someone about the “reassignment of Principal Tatia Beckwith and Assistant Principal Jeff Alstadt.” Room 312 had a discussion about this in our classroom this morning and I answered questions that I could and let them express some of their thoughts. There is a meeting here today at 2:45 that you are invited to attend. Mr. Fields, a former principal here, that I actually worked for, is here in the interim, unil a new principal is put in place. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me and I will answer what I know. Thanks. Your children seemed fine with the discussion Thanks.
Tonight is a community meeting at 5pm at Kenwood to discuss Canter Closing-please go if you can.

Thursday-LSC meeting at 6 pm.

Reminder–This Friday is HALF DAY-students dismissed at 12:15.

Last week I had your children do a writing assignment that they gave their input into any and all of our last quarter curriculum of 4th grade. Your children had many great suggestions and ideas-it is funny how some students relly want our consistent structure, and others are giving new ideas to try. We will do both!!
Language Arts: We will continue with Lesson 20 in our Journeys. This is our last lesson in Unit 4. We have Unit 5 and 6 still to complete. Lesson 20-we will focus on Main idea and Details, abbreviations and compound words. Our main story is Sacagawea and we will focus on What makes a team successful? And is there more than one secret to success?
In additin, students are reading books at their level and taking AR test. Many students are also in “Literature Groups” and one group will put an a Harry Potter skit this Friday. Another group is meeting today and will design and act out a “Series of Unfortunate Events” skit in the next week or two. They are really having fun with this and learning so much!!! Be sure to ask your child what they are involved with!!!

Homework: One writing assignment each night, Monday through Thursday-at least one paragraph-at least 5 sentences. Thursday is a poem. Each writing assignment is due the next day.
Monday: Describe ways you can communicate with someone other than by speaking.
Tuesday: Write about a time when teamwork was important to the success of a project.
Wednesday: Write a journal entry…desibing why Sacagawea was so important to the team.
Thursday: Write a short poem that imitates a sound heard only at night.

Math: Lessons 8.6- 8.9. Lesson 8.9 is the end of the unit. Unit test next Tuesday. We will review and study for the test on Monday. We are working on formulas for the area of a parallelogram, formula for the area of a triangle, and geographical area measurements. We will review for the test on Friday, too.
Homework: Monday through Thursday, lessons 8.6-8.9

Social Studies: We will finish the Northeast this week, working on the New England States and looking at a population map of Pennsylvania.

Finally, we could use more snacks!!! Thankd đŸ™‚
Have a good week. Jean Clement