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May 20, 2013 Weekly Overview

Good Morning..
As you know, we are not having snacks in our room-trying to get rid of the critters in the school, but if snacks do come in, we will enjoy outside during an outdoor time. Thanks.

Language Arts: We will review Unit 4 and have a Unit four test with a written response Monday through Wednesday-target skills are Compare and Contrast; Sequence of Events; Understanding characters and Persuasion. our written response on Wednesday will be a “personal narrative”.
Independent reading and literature groups will also take place.
I will also try and get some computers back to have students work on RTI skills.

Homework: Our homework for the next 4 weeks will be mainly working on a Young Author’s Book. We did not do these this year and we will now do them and I will have the 5th grade teacher’s review. I will follow the official Young Author’s Rules. look for material with your child tonight. They should work on this a little each night and the final book project is due June 14, 2013.
Plus 30 minutes of reading each night.

Math: We will begin Unit 10 -Reflections and Symmetry- Lessons 10.1 through 10.4. Exploration with a transparent mirrors, finding lines of reflections, properties of reflections and lines of symmetry will be reviewed and/or learned.

Math: Homework lessons 10.1 through 10.4

Science: The Human Body. Will have have two experiments dealing with Joints and then move on to Muscles.

Thanks Jean Clement

May 6, 2013 Weekly Overview

Please remember that Wednesday is a half day and students leave at 12:15. Thanks.

We just went to the book fair and had lots of fun!!! We bought a few books for our classroom so no worries if your child doesn’t buy one!! Thanks for the parents who contributed to our bucket of money for the class!! Students who do bring in some money on Wednesday, again, they will go down to purchase books. Thanks!!
MAPS TESTING: The schedule is as follows-please note. Thanks. his is the last of the three map testing times for this year!! Please talk with your child about them doing their best!! Thanks-they are a bunch of smart kids-thanks for your help!!!
Monday, May 13- Reading
Tuesday, May 14 – Math
Wednesday, May 15 – Science

Language Arts: We will work on the target skill of compare and contrast and analyze and evaluate when reading our stories this week. We will also work on when to write commas again, intonatin in fluency and the suffixes -ed, and -ly. We will work on a story in the class using our target vocabulary.

Homework: Due Thursday. Your child will write about a character from their AR story that they are reading. They will choose one character from the story. They must write about chacacter trais based on what the character siad, thought and did. Write one paragraph on this character sketch. Then, your child should complte a
Coat of Arms” for their character. They have a worksheet for this. Both are due this Thursday. Thanks.

Math: We will complete lessons 9.9 through 9.10. Division of Decimals-we will do this both days- Monday and Tuesday. Please review multiplication of decimals if they needed help with their homework!! Thanks We will review a bit on Wednesday and Thursday. We will have our Unit 9 test Friday.
Homework: Monday and Tuesday – 9.9 and 9.10 (math boxes), no homework Wednesday in math- Thursday-study for the test on Friday.

Science: We are working in our Human Boday issue and continueing with bones and joints. Chris Andrews (Sam’s mom) will be in again this week!!!
Thanks Jean Clement