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May 20, 2013 Weekly Overview

Good Morning..
As you know, we are not having snacks in our room-trying to get rid of the critters in the school, but if snacks do come in, we will enjoy outside during an outdoor time. Thanks.

Language Arts: We will review Unit 4 and have a Unit four test with a written response Monday through Wednesday-target skills are Compare and Contrast; Sequence of Events; Understanding characters and Persuasion. our written response on Wednesday will be a “personal narrative”.
Independent reading and literature groups will also take place.
I will also try and get some computers back to have students work on RTI skills.

Homework: Our homework for the next 4 weeks will be mainly working on a Young Author’s Book. We did not do these this year and we will now do them and I will have the 5th grade teacher’s review. I will follow the official Young Author’s Rules. look for material with your child tonight. They should work on this a little each night and the final book project is due June 14, 2013.
Plus 30 minutes of reading each night.

Math: We will begin Unit 10 -Reflections and Symmetry- Lessons 10.1 through 10.4. Exploration with a transparent mirrors, finding lines of reflections, properties of reflections and lines of symmetry will be reviewed and/or learned.

Math: Homework lessons 10.1 through 10.4

Science: The Human Body. Will have have two experiments dealing with Joints and then move on to Muscles.

Thanks Jean Clement