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June 10, 2013 Weekly Overview

Just over two weeks of school left and we are still working away!! Hopefully you have heard about The Secret Garden mural that we are creating in our room (based on the book we read together). It is wonderful and your childen are so creative!!
Olympics for 4th grade is tomorrow!!! Please remind your childrren to bring an extra drink and to wear sunscreen! Should be lots of fun!! Remind them also to wear their shirt with their number on it!!
Language Arts: We are going to take an end of Unit 5 quiz this week. We will break it up over several days. The quiz consists of reading short stories and answering a variety of questions.
No lesson test on Friday this week!!
Homework: Please remember that all Young Author Stories are due by this Friday, June 14th!! I have seen and read many of them and they are wonderful!!! We will read together and share the stories all next week!! Plus, as usual, at least 30 minutes of reading each night. Thanks.

Math: We will compl3te lessons 11.3 – 11.5 this week. We will not have math class tomorrow- so no homework on tuesday evening. We will construct geometric solids, explore volume and guide students to find the volume of a rectangular prism.
Homework: Monday -11.3
No homework Tuuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday, 11.4 and 11.5

Science: Muscles and their uses. Ask your child what they are learning. (tendons, ligaments, what muscles do and how they work) How many do we have?
As always, thanks for your help in making this a successful year for your child.
Jean Clement

June 3, 2013 Weekly Overview

It’s already June!! Wow-Just over three weeks of 4th grade to go!!!
A few notes:
-Next Tuesday, June 11 is our 4th grade Ray Olympics!! your child should have their number and come that day ready to participate!!
-The last day to take a Ray School AR test will be Tuesday, June 18th so please note that date!!
-The all school Ray picnic will be Monday, June 24th which is also the last day of school!!

Your children are wonderful and I have seen so much growth academically, socially, and emotionally this year that it makes me smile!! Thanks for all your help!!
Language Arts: We have moved on to our Magazine that goes with the 4th grade curriculum. We are reading about amphibians this week (actually all the lessons for the next few weeks focus around nature and animals and plants). Our focus is Main Ideas with Deails. We will also review analogies. We will have a comprehension test on Friday.
Also, ask your child about our growing Mural from The Secret Garden. We are creating a mural from the chapter book that I read aloud. It’s looking great!!
Monday-today we are taking our last Reach-Writing Prompt of the year. Your child will be given something to read and then they will respond, using a rubric and a graphic organizer as a guide. I will go over this with them today and they will take it this afternoon-hopefully your child told you about this over the weekend? Nothing to study for, just a writing prompt and they have completed these before!!
Homework: REading 30 minutes each night and working on their Young Author’s Book which is due June 14-Friday. We will do a check-in this Friday so they should bring in what they have completed so far.
Math: We will review Unit 10 today and have the Unit 10 test tomorow. We have gone over this Unit before the ISAT testing and again now-it was a short Unit on Symmetry and Lines of Reflections.
Homework: Tonight-review for the test.
Tuesday-No homework-test day
Wednesday and Thursday lessons 11.1 and 11.2
Also look for parent letter to come home on Wednesday.
Science: The Human Body
Have a great week!!
Jean Clement