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September 22, 2013 Weekly Overview

Hello and looking forward to another week with your children!!
First of all, I will be out of the building tomorrow for a training on Dibbles-a testing tool that I will be giving each of your children over the next several days.

And, a reminder that Friday is our Field Trip to the Apple Farm and I must have all forms returned with your signature!! Please return if you have not. Thanks.
Language Arts: We will not be doing a lesson in Journeys this week-no test on Friday (the field trip!!) This week we are focusing on reviewing the learned concepts of Author’s Purpose and Cause and Effect. We are also going over our site words to be able to read fluently and to be able to spell them correctly. We will also be reviewing the vowels sounds-both long and short-in general, this needs to be reviewed and worked on at home a little more-many students are still not comfortable with long and short vowels and reading them in their site words. Please practice these vowels a, e, i, o, and u at home. Thanks.

Homework: We are working on our site words A through L in class this week. Your child will have a list of words M through Z. Each night, you should do what your child needs:
Monday: Your child should read all the site words
Tuesday: Your child whould practice writing the words, as needed, then start a story using as many of the site words as possible in their story!! This story can be fiction or non-fiction and can be as long as your child is able to work on it about 30 minutes per night.
Wednesday:Continue working on reading and writing the words, and continue working on the story. Your child should re-read the story to you each night, making corrections as needed.
Thursday: Finish the story, illustrations are extra credit.
Friday-Story due using as many of these M through Z site words as possilbe!! Have Fun

Math: We are having a Unit 1 Test today- I almost ALWAYS will give you notice, so that you can work with your child, but…in reviewing this test over the weekend, the test seemed not to be very challanging, so I will give it to your child today and we will see how they do. No worries.
Objectives for the week: 2.1-Make-up, represent, and solve addition number stories,
2.2-Addition math facts, students should be able to do additins facts-one digit-through 5.
2.3-To review and provide practice for doubles facts (5+6=11, etc.)
In addition to daily homework, please practice math addition facts at home. Thanks.
Also, whenever your child has a math test, they do not have homework that evening! A little incentive to do their best:). So, no math homework tonight.

Homework: Tuesday through Thursday, Lessons 2.1 through 2.3. To be completed and returned the next day. Please look for the Parent Letter for Unit 2 today.0

Social Studies: We will have a study guide quiz on our first Unit 1: Governing The People. Your child will take their social studies book home on Wednesday so that they can show you what they have been reading and learning.

Science: Air and Weather-we will discuss Air this week and your child will explore the properties of air using a variety of materials (straws, cotton, balloons, stryofoam balls, etc.)
Have a gret week and I will see three of you on Friday for the Field Trip-thanks.
Jean Clement