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October 28, 2013 Weekly Overview

Hello!  It’s almost November and we are moving right along!!!

Please remember that Friday is a teacher in-service day-no school for the students.

I still have a few field trip forms that need to be returned and they are due!!!  Thanks

Just a reminder that Halloween will not be celebrated at Ray this year.

We will celebrate end-of-Month birthdays with a healthy snack if you want to bring something in and your child had a birthday!!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  I am excited that over the next few weeks-through November, we will be studying Native Americans.  We will focus on this in our reading and our writing.  This obviously goes along with social studies, which will be a fun connection!!  So, we will not have a Journeys’ test and work through the next few weeks.  We will will learn about the culture, history, art, and customs of different tribes of North America.  We have already started and your children have shown what they know and have already learned some.

We will also be working in our Grammar book, working with prepositional phrases and preposition.  Please review with your child.  We will also work on Making Sentences Complete, as to Fragments (not expressing a complete thought.)

Homework:  Tonight your child should list at least five things that they learned about Native Americans.  They all seemed to learn much!!    These should be in sentence form.  Due tomorrow.

Your child should be reading 30 minutes each night for homework!  Thanks.

Tuesday and Wednesday-Your child will get a What;s in a Name? worksheet to complete and on Wednesday, they will get a Native Americans Poem that they should read, recite, and become more fluent in reading.  They will have a map to complete with this poem.  Thanks.

Math:  We will complete Lessons 3.5-3.7 this week.    Today we counted Pockets and made Bar Graphs and learned how to find the median.  What can your child tell you?    We will solve frames-and-arrows problems and work with money, counting change.  Your child should have a top-it game with money with them today to play at home.  Ask to see their game and play with the;m!!!

Homework:  Monday through Wednesday, lessons 3.5-3.7

Science:  We made parachutes-hope your child showed you how their parachute worked and why?  our experiment this week is Pushing On Air!!  (air is matter will be confirmed!!)

Have a nice week.

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview October 21, 2013

We have a fun and busy week planned!  First, a few reminders

1..We have our next field trip coming up November 19 and will be going to the Chicago Children’s Theater to  see A Year with Frog and Toad.  The permission slips and the $15.50 are now due!!  I am hoping to have everything in by this Wednesday!!!  Thanks!!!

2.  As it is getting colder out, please remind your child to wear and keep track of their coats, mittens, hats, etc!!  Also, please have your child’s name on all items!!  Thanks for your help.

3.  Please remind your child about lunchroom rules-speaking quietly, cleaning up after themselves and throwing their own trash away.  Thanks.  The lunchroom staff  has asked us to remind all students!!

4.  As you may have heard, there will not be a Halloween/Literacy Parade this year.  But, on Thursday, October 31, we will have our end-of-month October birthday celebrations.

5.  Lastly, please remember to read with your child each night and to help them with their homework.  It makes a difference!!  Thanks

Langauge Arts:  We will be working on Main Ideas and Details this week.  We will also focus on compound words, the ends of th, sh, wh, ch, tch, and ph and the endins of -s, -ed, -ing.  Our question this week is;  What is a verb?  Help your child with all of these skills!!  Thanks.  Our vocabulary words are beware, damage, bend, flash, pounding, prevent, reach and equal.

We will take our Lesson 8 test on Friday, we will be reading and writing each day and we will be working on the above mentioned skills each day.

Homework:  This week your child will have a different worksheet to do each night, and return the next day.  A little different from what they have been doing!  We are review learned skills from previous lessons each night at home.  Thanks for your help!  Also, your child should be reading each night.  Thanks.  Worksheets, Monday through Wednesday.  On Thursday, your child will have their Journey’s book to review for the test on Friday.

Math:  We will start Unit 3 today- Place Value, Money, and Time are the skills of this Unit.  We will complete lessons 3.1 through 3.4, Monday through Thursday.  Friday will be review.  We are also, almost daily, taking some kind of timed fact test.  Either addition, subtractions, number sense, place value, etc.  We are really seeing gains!!  Our skills this week are numberation and place value, usijng coins to buy things, telling time and exploring with numbers and time.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, Lessons 3.1 through 3.4  As always, thanks for your help.

Social Studies:  We have used a globe learning about Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the Equator and the North and South Poles.  Ask your child about these!!  This week will will use a map in discussions of west, east, north and south and finding states on a map!

Science:  Hope you heard about “Air Under Water” last week and what they did!!  Did their paper towel stay dry?  Ask them!!  This week we will be making Parachutes and and asking what is a parachute and how does a parachute work?

I hope you have a good week.  Thanks Jean Clement



October 15, 2013 Weekly Overview

Already the middle of October!!! Time is not slowing down at all and we are moving right along!!
A few reminders:
-Our next field trip is November 19th to the Chicago Children’s Theatre to see A Year with Frog and Toad!! Money and returned permission are now due!! Thanks
-Please remember to ask your child each night what they accomplished in school-I can really see the students taking an ownership in their classroom and in their work. Thanks for your help!!

Langauge Arts:  We will complete Lesson 7 with target skills of Conclusions and Analyze and Evaluate.  We will also work with Homophones, Proper Nouns, Writing to Inform in a Summary Paragraph (we will work on this in class)  We will be working with the double consonants of ck.  Each week we are also working in our Journals and with our Writer’s Notebooks.

Our High-Frequency words are:  Air,car, cried, funny, he, pictures, pretty, told, try and window!!  Proactice with these at home!

Homework:  Your child will have with them on Tuesday an outline for a friendly letter.

Tuesday-They should complete the Greeting and the Body (who, what when)

Wednesday-Work on a Closing for the letter with your child.  Edit their work with them.  The completed friendly letter is due Thursday.  (see attached-I will go over this with them on Tuesday.

Thursday-Study for the test on Friday.

Please remember that your child should be reading 30 minutes each night.  They can read on their own or you can read with them.  Please work with them each night at home.  Thanks.

Math:  We will complete lesson 2.13 on Tuesday-Practicing Subtraction Facts.

Wednesday we will review Unit 2 and practice for the test.

Thursday-Unit 2 Test-I will have them bring their Math Journal home on Wednesday night, so that you will have a chance to see their work.  The book must come back on Thursday!!  Thaks

Thursday-Homework Pass as always on a day that they have a test!!

Social Studies-We are working on identifying Land and Water forms-working right into our Science unit on water and weather!!  We will be working with Landform Maps and using a map key.

Have a great week!!  Jean Clement