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Weekly Overview November 25, 2013

I hope everyone has a family filled, fun, and relaxing Thanksgiving.  We do have a busy and fun filled two days this week.

Our class has, by far, brought in the most cans/food for our food drive!!!!  We are doing a wonderful job of teaching our children how to care for each other!!!  Thanks for your help in this!!!

Thank you very much to the parents who brought in copying paper-it is a huge help!!! Many, many thanks!!  Also thank you every one for being such a team member in our classroom!  We are having a wonderful year and working with your children has been a joy!!  Thanks for the team work in helping your children continue to grow socially, emotionally, and academically!!  Thanks.

We have gym ever Tuesday, as you know.  I am encouraging my students to wear their Ray School shirt!!  They are $6.00  (I am going to have to raise the price on the next order:( -so buy now!!!)  Everyone wear any Ray shirt that they have tomorrow!!

Language Arts:  We will be reading a story titled Squanto and The First Thanksgiving both today and tomorrow.  The copied story will go home with your child tomorrow.  Please have your child read it to you over the holiday break.  Discuss the vocabulary and ask your child to re-tell the story to you.  What was Squanto’s role in the first Thanksgiving?  What kind of character traits did Squanto have?  Did some of the other characters have?  How fluently can your child read the story?  Have them practice over and over again-a few paragraphs at a time, until they become more fluent.  Thanks.  And enjoy.

Homework:  Tonight your child will have a fun word play worksheet using the word Thanksgiving.  How many words can your child come up with?

Please remember-each night your child should be reading for at least 30 minutes!  Can your child do this without interruption?  How long can your child focus and read at home?  Time them at some point over the break-even casually, on your part, to see how long they can sit and read.  Thanks.

Math:  Today we will practice measuring distances to the nearest inch and centimeter.  Tomorrow we will develop strategies for adding 2- and 3- digit numbers and use estimations to check if an answer is reasonable.  Practice this at home with their 4.8 homework that will go home with them tomorrow.  This 4.8 homework should stay at home, after your child completes it.  Tonight’s homework is 4.7  Also over the break, practice asking your child math facts-whatever level they are on!!  Thanks

Tomorrow afternoon the second graders will end the day by watching a movie about Squanto and Thanksgiving.  We will do this as a grade level and we will serve popcorn in celebration of our second grade community!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving break.  Jean Clement

November 18, 2013 Weekly Overview

We have a fun full week of learning; reading, writing, math, social studies, and science!!

Please remember to bring in food for our food drive!! Let’s try and have all students bring in at least one can each!!  Thanks so much for talking with your children about this!

We will go on our Field Trip tomorrow, leaving about 9:00!!!  We should be back about noon.  Please have your child bring in a lunch.  If they forget, I will get something from the cafeteria.  Please remind your children about bus and theater and just general good behavior on a trip.  If your child is not going, they will stay at Ray with a teacher.  Thanks.

Also:  We seem to be short on copying paper.  If you would like to make a donation to our class, that would be great!!

Language Arts:  In our Native American Unit, we are now studying the Eastern Woodlands Regions.  Ask your child each day about what we did in language arts in the morning.  We are reading about these people, studying their culture, environment and their way of life.  Our vocabulary includes; clearing, bulbs, wigwam, canoe, mound, wampum, and toboggan.


Each night this week, your child should choose a family member and write a short paragraph (five sentences) about that family member.  Tonight they can start out about themselves.  They can describe some of their own characteristics and what they like to do.  Then, each night, Tuesday through Thursday, your child should write about a different family member.  They can ask a family member questions or you can help them learn about a family member that they might not know so well.  All four paragraphs should be turned in on Friday!!  Each paragraph should have a heading of the family members name and the relationship to the child.  They can do a simple family tree or a family illustration for extra credit.  All work is due this Friday.

Math:  We are completing lessons 4.3 through 4.6 this week.  Today we had a lesson on Temperature and we each made a thermometer.  Ask your child about Fahrenheit.  Tomorrow we will solve number stories about temperature changes,  on Wednesday and Thursday we will use estimation and solve costs of items and on Friday we will do math explorations.  Ask your children what they are responsible to complete at some of the math stations each Friday.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, Lessons 4.3-4.6.

Science:  In science this week we will read and complete some work on Weather.  We will discuss wind and learn about difference cloud formations.

Social Studies:  We are, obviously, working  in social studies with our Native American Unit.

Have a great week and thanks to the parents that are going with us tomorrow on the field trip!!
Jean Clement

November 4, 2013 Weekly Overview

Good Morning!  We have yet another busy, fun week planned.  Please remember that report card conferences are next Tuesday!!  I am looking forward to meeting with you.  Please come prepared to discuss your child’s strengths and all areas we should put extra focus on!!  Please try and see me outside to, in addition to the note sent home, we can further address a time.  Thanks.

Please remember that there is no school next Monday, November 11, 1013.

Language Arts:  We will again this week focus on our Native American Unit.  We will continue to discuss, read about and write about the Plain region.  We will also move into the Northwest Region.  Obviously, this will go along with Social Studies.  We are working with new vocabulary and learning as we go along.  Please ask your child what they have learned so far.

Homework:  Please remember to have your child read each night.  Take a few minutes and listen to your child read one of their paragraphs.  Are they becoming a better, more fluent reader?

This week, your child will have a worksheet to do each night related to our Native American Unit.  The worksheet will be due the following day.  Thanks.

Math:   We will complete lessons 3.8 today-Coin Exchanges.  We will review for the Unit 3 test tomorrow.  The Math Journal will go home tomorrow for review.  The test will be Wednesday. We will have an Open Response Question (test) on Thursday and Math Explorations on Friday.  Ask your child about Math Explorations and what they do at each station.

Homework:  Monday-lesson 3.8 worksheet.  Tuesday, look over their Journal-Unit 3 with them.  Wednesday-no homework.  As always, a homework pass on Test day.  Thursday, please look for a fact test that they should complete.  The fact test is due Friday, as homework.  Thanks

We will also be reading about and doing some activities around Thanksgiving.

Science:  This week we will experiment with pushing air around and observing the weather.  Look for a worksheet to keep at home and record observations for the week.  Keep at home and return the completed worksheet the following Wednesday for extra credit for Science.  Thanks.

Have a nice week, Jean Clement