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Weekly Overview January 29, 2014

This cold January sure made for short weeks of school!!!

Please remember that tomorrow is our field trip!!!  Please have your children be to school on time and bring a lunch!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We have taken these two weeks to cover lesson 11-main objective about conclusions, drawing inferences and predictions.  We have read the story, read the story with a partner and have gone over the target vocabulary words several times.  We were very busy today-a lot of work-but everyone hung in and we worked on stamina!!  We are also going over the endings of -s, and -es and kinds of sentences  (statement, question and command).  Ask your child about these endings and the kinds of sentences.

Homework:  Your child will write a short story tonight, using the 8 vocabulary words.  Your child will then study for the test tomorrow night and we will have the test on Friday.

Math:  I hope your child has told you, but we are now working on ST Math about twice a week in our room.  The program progresses as your child’s skills progress-it is very individualized.  Ask your child how they are doing-they keep track of their accomplishments!!  We are also subtracting and working with multiplication-Array with Number Stories!!

Homework:  Wednesday and Thursday-home links 6.7 and 6.8

Again, we will be at Field Museum most of the day tomorrow 9:00, returning about 2:00.  Thanks to the parents who have offered to go!!

Have a warm week.  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview January 21, 2014


We have 3 days of class this week-Friday is a staff development day-no school for students.  Also, report cards will be completed this week and they will be sent home next week.  Please schedule a meeting if I have indicated one needed or if you would like to meet.  Thanks.  I have been testing, again, your children with our Dibels Testing.  I will share the results with you and will be asking for meetings with some of you.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We have completed Unit 2, ending with lesson 10 last week.  This week I will be giving an end-of-unit test.  It is a reading comprehension test that the best way for your children to do well, is by them reading their 30 minutes each night!!  Thanks. This week and next we will move on and complete Lesson 11- we will be discussing Conclusions and how we Infer and Predict when we read.  We will work with the prefixes pre- and mis-, and the base words and endings of -s, and -es.  We will also be writing a persuasive letter next week.

Homework:  Each night this week, your child will have a Read Aloud: Fluency sheet.  They should practice it at home, each night until they can read it fluently.  On the back of each sheet, each night, they should choose 5 of the words and write a short story, using the words that they picked from the story.  The story should be at least 5 sentences in length.  You can decide with your child, if their story should be longer. (home schooling:))  Each worksheet is due the following day.  I will also give one for your child to do on Friday, due Monday.

Math:  We will complete lessons 6.5 through 6.7 this week.  We will mainly be working on Subtraction!!  We will learn several strategies and you will see these reflected in their homework.  Please work extra at home if your child needs the practice.  We will also have a lesson on Multiplication on Thursday. Thanks.

Homework:  Tuesday through Wednesday- lessons 6.5 and 6.6.  Homework 6.7 will go home on Thursday and should be returned on the following Monday.  Thanks.

Social Studies/Science:  We are still working on our final Weather Story and should have these completed this week.  The illustrations are impressive and the stories are coming along.  These have just taken a little longer than planned, but they are focused and doing a good job.  Ask them about their story.

Have a nice week.  Thanks for all your help-we have a wonderful class!!

Jean Clement



Weekly Overview January 13, 2014

With weather back to “normal”, we have a full 5 day week!!  First, a few notes;

-On January 29th, a Wednesday, your child will celebrate Lunar New Year by watching professional dancers during an assembly at school!!  I am really looking forward to this and we will also celebrate with a few activities learning about Lunar New Year.

-Then, save the date, on February 27, Thursday, we will celebrate Black History Month, with a Gallery Walk during our regular PTA meeting in the evening.  More information to follow, but you and your child should be thinking about a research project around an African American person.  I will provide a rubric and much more information in a few weeks.  But, along with this, and to get us thinking about February and Black History Month, our homework for this week will be writing about “How education can be used to change the world.” inspired by Nelson Mandela.  Your child will have a worksheet with them today, explaining this essay that is due this Friday, January 17, 2014.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We will move back to doing Lesson 10 in our Journeys book.  Our objective will be to know the difference between Fact and Opinion.  Please discuss all week at home.  We will also focus on the suffixes -er, and -est, high-frequency words, and we will spend each day working on contractions.  I will also send home some contraction sheets that you and your child can review.  Let’s everyone know all of them by Friday!!

Homework:  The essay inspired by Nelson Mandela, will be due on Friday.  The essay should be 10-150 words and it is a contest and some will be posted in the next issue of the Warrior News!!  Look for the worksheet tonight-your child will have it.  Work a little each night, make every sentence count, think about “more information” (we wrote all last week with “more information” in mind.)

Math:  Your child took the Unit 5 math test last Friday-I will get them back this week.  We will start Unit 6 -Whole-Number Operations and Number Stories today.  We will work on addition of three or more numbers, comparison of Number Stories, collecting, sorting, tallying, and graphing date, and on Thursday, looking at diagrams to help solve addition or subtraction problems.  We are also having fact tests through out the week.  Please work with your child at home if they need extra help.  We are moving into adding 3 or more numbers, subtracting numbers and multiplying single-digit numbers quickly.

Homework:  Lessons 6.1- lessons 6.4, Monday through Thursday.  Thanks.

Social Studies:  This week we will discuss how people change environments and work on some map.  We will also be discussing transportation and how it has changed from long ago!

Science:  We will finish up our Air and Weather Unit this week, reviewing cloud formations,  discussing air and weather patterns, and making a kite towards the end of the week.   We will then move on to a unit titled Balance and Motion!!  Should be fun!

Have a great week.  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview January 8, 2014

Welcome back from Winter Break!!  I think everyone seems like they were ready for school again-I know that I was!!

A shorter week, but lots to do!!

Language Arts:  We will be reading some books this week and our focus will be on observing and writing sentences that give more information and detail.  Ask your children about what we did today and what they read and wrote.  We will be working on this concept for the next two days.

Homework:  Your child will have a worksheet each night this week, the worksheet should be completed and returned to school the following day.  Thanks.

Please remember that your child should be reading each night for 30 minutes.  Please read with them and encourage them to tell you about their reading.  Thanks.

Math:  We will complete lesson 5.8 today-symmetry.  We will review for our Unit 5 test tomorrow and we will have the Unit 5 test on Friday.

Homework:  Tonight your child will complete homelink 5.8 and they will have a Unit 5 study guide to work on tonight and tomorrow night (if needed).  The homelink should be returned tomorrow and the study guide either tomorrow or Friday.  They will have their Math Journal 1 tomorrow night for review.  They must return their Math Journal 1 on Friday!!  Thanks.

Hope everyone had a good break and I’m looking forward to starting off this new year with your children!!

Thanks Jean Clement