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Weekly Overview February 24, 2014

Parents!!  How did this week get started again so quickly!?  Here is my blog!!

Black History Month Projects were due yesterday!!  We have already started our oral reports and your children are sharing and showing what they have learning!!  All projects will be posted for the Gallery Walk this Thursday which will take place from 6:00-8:00.  Please come for food, poetry, dancing, singing, and of course, to see all the displays that the students have been working on!!  By the way, there will be no homework that night!  Hope to see you there!

Language Arts:  Our main focus this week is on Cause and Effect.  We are also finding compound words in what we are reading.  Students are also in Literacy Groups and reading books at their reading levels with classmates.  What book is your child reading?  Please ask them.

Homework: Please help your child organize their thoughts for their presentation of their project.  If the project is not yet turned in, it is over-due!!  Your child should be reading at least 30 minutes each night.  We will review the story again Friday morning before the test, but your child can take their book home Thursday, for the test on Friday, but I will go over it extra in class, so that they can come to the event Thursday night, with no worries about homework.

Math:  We are finishing up with Unit 7.  We will review again tomorrow and have our Unit 7 test on Thursday.  Please look for your child’s Math Journal on Wednesday, for further review.

Homework:  Worksheet Monday and Tuesday, Math Journal Review Wednesday for the test on Thursday and no homework Thursday evening (test day and Gallery Walk in the evening).

Social Studies:  We have been had our focus on February’s Black History Month.  We have been reading poetry (what can your child tell you?), learning about countries in Africa (ask your child) and reading about important African American’s in Chicago.  We are now going to spend the rest of this week listening to the presentations from all the work that your children have been doing!

Science:  We have started our Motion and Balance Unit.  Ask your child about the Peacock Feather experiment and what they learned about balance and motion.  We will continue this unit for the next several weeks.

Have a great week!

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview February 10, 2014

Just a reminder that we do not have school this Wednesday, Lincoln’s Birthday.

We will have a Valentine’s Celebration last period Friday afternoon.  We will exchange cards and I encourage your child to make their own Valentine Cards if they can.  If you child does not bring in cards or does not celebrate Valentines, no problem.  We always discuss cultures and traditions and how we all have different ones!  We will have some “math explorations” going on and everyone can be involved in that!  Your child will have a class list with them today, so please ask for that.  We have 24 students.

Black History Month-I have heard from most students about their project.  Your child should be turning in, just so that I can see what they are working on each night, some of their work each Friday.  I initial it, and return it.  Please follow the guidelines and the rubric.  Have fun!  Remember that they are due, Monday, February 24, 2014.  Gallery Walk is that Thursday, February 27.  This is part of the language arts homework each night!!  Your child should as be reading each night.

Language Arts:  This week’s objective is Author’s Purpose.  We discussed why an author would write a story.  Ask your child to name some reasons.  Also ask your child if they can name the 8 vocabulary words that we worked with this morning.  We will work on the vowels ee and ea, writing quotations marks, using a dictionary and we will write to persuade.

Math:  Today we will review Unit 6.  Their math Journals will go home today and stay home!!!  We will have our Unit 6 test tomorrow.  On Thursday we will get new Math Journal 2’s and start Unit 7-Patterns and Rules.

Homework:  Tonight, study for Unit 6 test.  Tuesday-homework pass because we have the test.  (I will sent home an extra subtraction sheet because there is no school Wednesday to keep at home), Thursday, homelinks 7.1

Social Studies:  We have been learning and reading about many African Countries.  What can your child tell you?  We will continue to work on our map of Africa and learning about a different country each day, to get an overview.

Thanks Jean Clement

Weekly Overview February 3, 2014

Good Morning!!  A full 5 days of school!!  Excited!!  I hope that you received your child’s report card.  If I indicated, or if you would like a conference, either coming in or on the phone, please send in a note or email me, and we can talk this week.  Thanks.  i have a wonderful class that is working well together.  Thanks for all your help.

Black History Month:  Your child will be working on a research paper this month for homework.  Our class focus will be to choose an African-American -with some connection to CHICAGO-to do a report on.  We will discuss many names in class, and by Wednesday you and your child should pick a person to do a research paper on.  I will have a detailed rubric as to how the paper should be organized to you by tomorrow (maybe today).  The paper will be at least 5 paragraphs-each paragraph is outlined in the rubric.  Please help your child think about someone from Chicago to do their report on.    Chicago will be our overall classroom theme!!  The projects/posters will be displayed for our Gallery Walk on Thursday, February 27.  I would like the projects to be due in our classroom by Monday, February 24, 1014.  I expect the reports (writing, pictures, information, research sources, etc. to look as if your child has been working on the project for 3 weeks!!!  It should be fun and a great research/learning experience!!  The rubric will help.    We will have a poster up in our room, indicating who your child’s report will be on.  I would like your child to bring in any work, each Friday, just so they can show me where they are in their project!!  Thanks and have fun!!  I want the kids to make the Chicago connection with this project!  Thanks for your help.

Language Arts:  We will move on to lesson 12, having a test on Friday.  This weeks goals and focus will be on story structure, questions, intonation and figurative language (Idioms).  Will will work with vowel digraphs of ai, and ay.  We will write to persuade this week-an opinion piece!

I am hoping…that today we will start our new Accelerated Reading Program.  Your child will continue to read books at their reading level and when they complete their story, they will go on our computers and take a test.  This will be an ongoing assessment  of your child’s readings.  This will also help your child to make sure that they are reading each night at home and coming to school prepared to take a test on what they are reading.  I will then give you printouts of the scores every few weeks for you also to help monitor their reading!

Math:  We will complete Lessons 6.8 through 6.10 this week.  We will spend today reviewing subtraction and working on problems.  Tomorrow and Wednesday we will work on multiplication of number stories, Thursday, division stories and Friday review for our Unit 6 test.  We will also review on Monday and our Unit 6 test will be next Tuesday.

Homework:  Monday-Subtraction worksheet, Tuesday through Thursday-lessons 6.8 through 6.10.

Thanks and have a great week.

Jean clement

Homework:  I expect your child to work on their Black History Month Project for 30 minutes each night.  Please have your child bring in any work, just to show me, on Friday. They will again, take it home with them-just a check-in!  I will also be sending home some sheets for your child to practice fluency.  How many words can your child read fluently, from a story, in one minute?  Practice at home to improve!!