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Weekly Overview March 24, 2014

Well, we are all wondering when it will feel like spring, but in our classroom we will start to do a little planting to remind us that it will feel like Spring soon!

A few reminders:

-PTA meeting this Thursday-

-Report card pick up will be Monday, April 7, 2015-

-The week of April 7th is also Book Fair Week at Ray!!

-SUPPLIES!!-We have 3 months of school left and we would love some more PENCILS for the room!!Pencils and tissue paper (for all our colds) would be greatly appreciated by all!!  Thanks

-Ray Festival is Thursday, April 10th from 5:30-7:30-Save the date!!  I will have students from our room helping to run our booth-i would also like several parents to take one hour shifts to help manage the booth and the students!!  Please let me know if you can help!  Thanks

Language Arts:  We will complete Lesson 19 this week, with a test on Friday.  Our target skills are Text and Graphic Features (how these help us know about our reading), Questions, words with ar, Comas in Dates and Places, Synonyms (ask your child) and our target vocabulary.  Ask your child what words they worked on today.  We are all working in our Literature Groups and reading Independently each day.

Homework:  The 6 students who did their “A woman who has influenced me” paper have a homework pass tonight.  The rest of the students need to write a paper 100-150 words about a woman who has influenced them and why.  Due Tuesday.

Tuesday and Wednesday-Your child will have a worksheet using the High Frequency and Target Vocabulary words.  Due Thursday.

Thursday- Your child will have another worksheet on an “Important Woman to Know”-due Friday.

Math:  Lessons 9.3 through 9.6 will be completed this week- Measure to the nearest inch, understanding fractions as equal parts of a collection, and working on addition, subtraction, and multiplication and division facts-practice at home if your child needs the extra practice!!  We will have math exploration centers on Friday!

Homework:  Monday-Thursday, lessons 9.2-9.6

Science:  We will continue in our Balance and Motion Unit and will also begin to do some planting in the classroom.

Social Studies:  We will read and discuss some about a family tree, we will read about Early Americans and read a letter from a soldier in the American Revolution and answer some questions from that letter.  Ask your child by Friday what they are learning!

Have a great week-

Jean Clement



Weekly Overview March 17, 2014

Good Morning..

Please save the date of Ray Festival…Thursday, April 10, 2014!!!  More information to follow!!!  The Festival will be from 5:30-7:30!!!

Language Arts:  We will focus on Understanding Characters this week.  We will also focus on the verb “be”, the suffixes -y and -ful, the long e sound for y, and changing y to i.  We will have a review test this Friday. Please ask your child today what are the 8 target words we worked with.

Homework:  We will have a worksheet each night.  Some of the worksheets will have to do with Women;s History Month being March! All worksheets this week are due the following day.

Math:  Your child will have their Math Journal Workbook today to review for tomorrow’s test.  They will also have a math unit 8 review (that was difficult for most of the students) please review again at home-we went over all of the problems.  Tomorrow is the Unit 8 test on fractions.  We will start Unit 9 on Wednesday.  Unit 9 is Measurement.  We will also keep reviewing and completing activities that work will fractions.  Lessons 9.1 and 9.2 will be completed this week-measuring with yards and meters and measuring with inches, feet, centimeters, and decimeters.  Please work with your child at home in measurement.

Homework:  Tonight-go over Unit 8 for the test tomorrow.  No homework Tuesday-test day.  Wednesday and Thursday will be lessons 9.1 and 9.2 homelinks.

Social Studies:  We will focus on Important Women in History this week.

Science:  We will complete an experiment this week called the Balance Pencil Trick, using wire and clothespins.  Ask your child after Wednesday about this experiment.

Have a great week, and as always, thanks for all your help.

jean Clement

Weekly Overview March 10, 2014

Good Morning!!

Language Arts:  We will focus on Sequencing of Events this week in our Lesson 17 story.  We will discuss all week how we “visualize” the story that we are reading.  We will also (have already) discussed the Long i sound (i, igh, ie, and y), will learn about Antonyms and will work with our vocabulary words.  We will have a test on Friday.

Homework:  Your child has a worksheet today that is due Wednesday.  They are to describe a person that they admire, giving details. This is due Wednesday.  They will get another worksheet on Wednesday, that will be due Friday.  They will also take the Journey’s book home on Thursday, for review of Friday’s test.

Math:  We will complete lessons 8.4-8.7 this week.Our Unit 8 is all about Fractions!  Practice extra at home with your child if needed.  Thanks.  This week’s lessons include Equivalent Fractions, Comparing Fractions, and Fraction Number Stories.  We will review Friday and Monday, and have our Unit 8 test on next Tuesday.  We are also taking fact tests throughout the week to become faster and just knowing our facts quickly!  Multiplication of single digits, division, addition and subtraction of single and double digits and now fractions with common denominators.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, 8.4-8.7

Science:  We are working in our Balance and Motion Unit, using pencils and other shapes to discuss balance point, motion, counter balance and stability.

Social Studies:  We will be reading about and discussing Cause and Effect this week and how our environment is impacted.

Have a great week.  Jean Clement




Weekly Overview March 3, 2014

Thanks for all who could come to the Gallery Walk last Thursday!!  Your children did a wonderful job in making and presenting their work and showing what they have learned!

A reminder from Dr. Hill.  Students can wear clothing with hoods “hoodies” to school, but they can not leave them on in the classroom or at school.  They must go in the coatroom and be put on again at the end of the day.  Thanks.

And, just so you know, our class got 2 very nice compliments from 2 different teachers when they walked into our room today!  We are all working so well together!!  Thanks!

Language Arts:  We have so much planned for this week!!  First, we are moving on to Unit 4, Lesson 16 in our Journeys book-  Our focus is on Story Structure and Inter/Predict in a story.  We will work with pronouns, the endings of -ed, and -ing and learn about Homographs.

Grades 3-7 are taking the ISAT’s starting tomorrow.  We had a discussion on testing and why we test and your children will take their own end of Unit 3 test this week, a test each morning.  We will also have the Lesson 16 test on Friday.

Homework:  Your child will use the 8 target vocabulary words in creating sentences tonight.  They can always use the words in creating a story, if they wish.  This is due back tomorrow.  They will get a worksheet tomorrow, with Tuesday and Wednesdays homework.  That worksheet should be returned on Thursday.  Thursday, they will take their book home to review for Friday’s test.

Math:  We began Unit 8- Fractions today.  It was a great lesson-lots of learning!  Ask your child.  Today we reviewed basic fraction concepts.  All week we will be exploring fractions, naming fractions (they can have more than one name  1/2 =2/4 etc., and doing some multiplication and division and learning about volume.

Homework-  Monday through Thursday, lessons 81. though 8.4 plus the parent letter will also go home tonight.

Social Studies:  We will read about communities long ago and today and compare.  We will use vocabulary such as:  products, conservation, natural resources, technology, rural, urban, transportation, and environment.

Science:  We are working in our Balance and Motion Unit.  We have balanced feathers, and a Crayfish (paper) and used counterbalances to learn about what makes something balance.  This week we will continue with a pencil experiment and learning what makes something balance.

Have a great week!  Jean Clement