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Weekly Overview April 28, 2014

Wow!!! It is almost May and I can not believe it!!  I have the most wonderful class….thank you very much!  NWEA testing is coming up, please read with your child each night and have them complete their homework in a timely manner.  Not giving up and reading each question and working on their Stamina will all help them do their best on these tests!!  I’ll let you know the dates as soon as I have them.

Also, there is an important survey coming out on Ray Enews today.  If you are not receiving the bulletin, please stip by the office to fill it out.  The survey asks for your input into what the Principal Screening Committee should consider while reviewing resumes for possible principal candidates.  Thanks

Language Arts:  This week we will focus on Drawing conclusions, summarizing, the suffixes, -y, -ly, and -ful and the final endings of -tion, and -ture.  We will also write an informational paragraph explanation.  For fluency, we will discuss our rate, and how smoothly we are reading.  Practice at home!!    Test on Friday.

Homework:  Your child has their 8 vocabulary words that they will use to write a story.  The story is due Wednesday.  Illustration with the story is extra credit.  They will get another homework project on Wednesday that will be due Thursday.  Thursday homework is to study for the test on Friday.

Math:  We will complete lessons 10.9 through 10.10.11.  We will do some extra NWEA test practice on Thursday and have math explorations on Friday.  We will work on place-value up through ten-thousands.  Work on this at home.  What number is in the thousands place?, what number is ten or a hundred more?, a hundred less? etc.  Play around with place-value.

The test for this Unit 10 will be next Tuesday.

Homework:  Monday-Wednesday, 10.9-10.11.  I will give them a practice NWEA sheet on Thursday.

Science:  We are growing some plants from both seeds and bulbs.  We will be growing plants until the end of the school year!!  We will also move on to our insect unit and will begin once our supplies arrive:)

Have a great week!  Jean Clement


Weekly Overview April 21, 2014

I hope that everyone had a good Spring Break and here’s to hoping that we have seen the last of the snow:)!!  But…it is Chicago!!

Please be reminded to have your child wear their Ray shirt every Tuesday!

Also, after school programs start today!!

Finally, please remember that the most important homework each night is to have your child reading (and you listening to them read for a bit), and reading to them for a bit.  Listen to your child’s fluency in reading.

Language Arts:  We will move on to lesson 22-and have a test on Friday.  We are focusing on Understanding Characters (through words and actions that they use), homophones, idioms, adjectives and self-correcting when we are reading.  In writing, we will focus on compare and contrast.

Homework:  Your child should be reading for at least 30 minutes each night.

Monday-Worksheet due Wednesday.  They will have their 8 word worksheet, they should write a sentence for each word and illustrate their sentence.  Wednesday, they will have another worksheet, due Thursday and then they will take their book home to study for Friday’s test.

Math:  We finished lesson 10.3 today and moved on to 10.4.  We will complete lessons 10.5-10.7 this week.  All of these lessons focus on MONEY!!!  Knowing all the coins and dollar bills, adding, subtracting money, making change, etc.  Your child has two worksheets to show you tonight.  Please practice counting money at home if your child needs the extra help!  How many nickels in $0.80, how many quarters in $7.75, etc.?  Ask these kind of questions.  If two items cost ($8.45), how much change will you get back from $20.00, etc.

Homework:  Tonight your child will have two math sheets; 10.3 and 10.4 (hence language arts is not due until Wednesday), and 10.5-10.7 Tuesday through Thursday.

Science:  We will start an insect unit in about a week!  Should be lots of fun.  Also, we will do planting and learn about the life cycles of plants and animals.

Thanks and have a good week!  Jean Clement

Weekly Overview April 7, 2014

Report Card Pick up and hopefully I will see everyone today!!

Please remember that Spirit Day and Ray Festival are this Thursday!!! Everyone should come to school in their Ray Logo or wear Green and White!!!

Thanks to the parents that will work at our classroom booths Thursday from 5:30-7:30!!  We will have a Bean Bag Toss Game and a Spin Art station that is always lots of fun!!  All tickets from our booth go directly to our classroom for everyone come, play, and enjoy the Festival!!

Language Arts:  We are finished with Unit 4 and will have a Unit test this week.  Your students will read a selection and answer questions as a review of what they have been learning over the past few weeks.  We will also move on to Lesson 21.  No test this week on Friday!!  We will focus on Main Idea and Details, natural pauses as we read, words with er, ir, and ur, and our grammar will be on Adjectives.  Discuss all this at home!!

Homework:  Your child will have a book report to be completed by Thursday.  They will have the form with them tomorrow-the book report will be on their Literature Group book.  They have not taken these books home, which they now will this week, but they need to be returned each day to school!!

Math:  We will start Unit 10 tomorrow.  unit 10 is all about Decimals and Place Value.    We will complete lessons 10.1-10.3, Tuesday through Thursday and have Math Exploration Centers on Friday.  These 3 lessons are on Money, Decimal Notation for Pennies and Dimes, and Money Amounts with a Calculator.  We have worked on money in the room already and this is an area that needs more work, in general.  Have a bowl of coins and a few dollars in your home.  Have your child pick up a handful and count what they have.  Then have them do it again and add the two amounts.  Have them count the coins, then make the same amount using fewer coins.  Play around with coins and bills until your child can “buy” two or more items and give themselves the correct change from a dollar, five, ten, or twenty dollar bill.

Homework:  Look for the Parent Letter, Unit 10 tomorrow.  Lessons 10.1-10.3  – Tuesday through Wednesday.  Thursday night homework, we will try and do in class, so no homework Thursday night for Festival Night!!

Social Studies:  We will discuss a few more famous Women that we should know about and  we will complete a lesson discussing American Heritage (Bald Eagle, State of Liberty, The Constitution and the Lincoln Memorial.)

Science:  We will complete our unit on balance and motion this week in working on a mobile, discussing balance points and motion.

Have a nice week and have a great Spring Break!!

Thanks Jean Clement

Weekly Overview March 31, 2014

Wow!! Already a busy week….

Just a reminder that Ray Festival is Thursday, April 10, 2014 from 5:30 through 7:30.  I would like to run one or two games but I need your help.  If I could have one or two parents per hour with a few students to run the bean bag toss-that would be great!  I also have a Spin Art machine that we could set up if I have a few parents to run that!  Lots of fun!!  Please let me know if you can help out!!  Thanks.

Along with Ray Festival, we will have Spirit Day on that Thursday!!! EVERYONE should wear green and white!!!  Buy a shirt for  six dollars or just wear something green!!!  We are all excited!!

Also next week is the scholastic book fair all week.  You can visit on report card day and your child will also have an opportunity to browse one day (Tuesday) and bring money in on Wednesday to buy a book or two is your approve and give your child some money:)

Lastly, report card pick up day is Monday.  I will be outside after school or you can catch me in the morning or some of you have signed the general one-hour time slot and I will put you in.  I have returned the time slots with the specific time on it that parents have signed for after school.  By Thursday or Friday all parents should know when they are coming in, if they requested a slot.  If you don’t sign up ahead of time, just come when you can on Monday.  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We will complete Lesson 20, discussing cause and effect and have a test on Friday.  If your child needs to take the book home for extra practice each night, please remind them to do so.  We are also learning about commas in sentences with three or more nouns, words with or and ore in them,  and the prefix over-.

Homework:  Homework will continue to be about important women in our history Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday night they should take their book home to practice again for their test on Friday.

Math:  We will complete Unit 9 this week and will have our unit 9 test on Friday.  We are learning about perimeter, area, capacity and weight this week.  Ask your child about cups, pints, quarts, and gallons and ask to see their worksheet today (if I get the grade in the computer before gym is over:)).

Homework:  They will have a home link each night, except on Thursday, they will have their Math Journal 2 to review with you.

Social Studies:  We are discuss how Ray School is a community -with Spirit Day and Festival-coming up.  We are also continuing to learn about some women in our history.

Science:  We have a few more lessons in our Balance and Motion Unit-we will be working with “twirls” and mobiles.  Our unit will be finished by spring break.

Have a great week and I will see everyone on Monday, then hopefully again on Thursday for the festival!!

Jean Clement