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Weekly Overview May 27, 2014

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

We will go on our filed trip this Friday!!  We will have our own bus, so there is plenty of room for parents!!  Please come if you can, just let me know!!  Thanks!!!  Please remember to pack your child a bag lunch for our Friday field trip!  Also, please have your child wear appropriate  clothing-we will be walking along a trail -gym shoes are a must!!  Please have your child bring an extra water-it might be a hot day!  So looking forward to this fun trip!  Have your child wear their Ray shirt that day!!  Sunscreen if needed!!

Also-this is the last week for after school programs!!  Please mark your calendars!!

Language Arts:  We will be working on Lesson 27-Facts and Opinions, asking questions, intonation and synonyms, and adverbs will be our focuses!!  We have three days of lessons, so we will stay very busy during our language arts time, but we will NOT have a test this week!!

Homework:  Tuesday and Wednesday, your child will have a Memorial Day worksheet  each night, due the next day.  Thursday, your child will have a field trip related worksheet to complete.

Math:  We will review Unit 11 today.  We will have the Unit 11 test tomorrow.  Thursday we will begin Unit 12-Year-End Reviews and Extensions!

Homework:  Tuesday-your child will have their Math Journal to review and a worksheet Unit 11 review to complete.  Wednesday-homework pass because of our Unit 11 test.  Thursday, homelinks 12.1.

Science:  Hopefully you have heard about our larvae!!  What can your child tell you about their observations?

A short, but busy week!  Hope to see many of you on Friday!!  Thanks

Jean Clement

Weekly Overview May 19, 2014

Just a quick note for now that the next NWEA Math test is scheduled for May 21-in two days!   Please review at home all the NWEA practice problems  that you have!  Thanks.  We are also going over some practice at school.

Also, tonight, your child has a flag outline that they should complete depicting a country that they are from, or a country of interest to them and your family.  This should be returned no later than Wednesday!  Thanks.

More later.

Thanks Jean Clement

Weekly Overview May 12, 2014

Our  NWEA test is in Reading is tomorrow at 9:00.  The time was moved up to the morning, which I think is good for the students.  If your child is not here, it is not a problem.  We also have a testing time the next day, and if that doesn’t work, they will make it up at another time.  Please be to school on time and hope your child has a good, healthy breakfast!  Please remind them just to do their best, and they will be fine.

The Math NWEA test is still scheduled for May 21st.

Also, our Field Trip is coming up May 30th!!  We have our own bus, so all parents please come and join us!!  The trip is free for you and we have room on the bus, so if you can join us, please let me know!!  Thanks.

Language Arts:  We will work on Lesson 25, which focuses on Sequence of Events, punctuation, phonics words with au, aw, al, o, and a, irregular action verbs and new vocabulary words.  Ask your child what words they worked on today.

We have also been practicing for the NWEA with some computer work.

Homework:  We will have a homework pass tonight-I already told the students to just read and get ready to do their best on the test.

Tuesday through Thursday homework will be a worksheet each night, using vocabulary from this week.

Math:  We will complete lessons 11.3-11.6 this week.  We are working on Trade-First subtraction (we practiced this today-review at home); Multiples of Equal Groups; Division; and Multiplication Facts.  Please make flashcards and practice multiplication and division at home-we have been working on these facts in school.  Remind your child that division is the turn-around-fact of multiplication.

Most students turned in their NWEA math practice!  Great!  As I told the students, these practice sheets that I have given you over the last several weeks are 2nd through 5th grade!  Some students were able to complete everything, but if not, that is fine!!  The test gets more challenging as the students answers correctly, so the test goes at your child’s pace and level.

Homework:  Monday through Thursday, lessons 11.3-11.6

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and have a nice week.

Thanks Jean Clement


Weekly Overview May 5, 2014

It’s May and we will stay as busy as ever!!

NWEA Testing is coming up!!  Our scheduled Reading days to test are May 13 and 14 and our scheduled Math days are May 21 and 22.  So, we start Reading NWEA a week from today!  If your child does not finish it in the first session, they will go back the next day.  This is the same for both reading and math.  The best way to prepare your child is a good nights sleep and a good, healthy breakfast and lunch!!

FIELD TRIP!!-Also, please turn in the Field Trip money of $6.25 and the permission slip forms-they are due no later than Monday, May 12th!!!  Thanks.  Parents-please let me know if you would like to go!!  Thanks

Language Arts:  We are completing some NWEA practice during the day.  We are also moving on to Lesson 24-Cause and Effect, prefixes of  un, re, mis, pre, etc.  Practice prefixes and suffixes at home!  We will have our lesson test this Friday.

Homework:  Your child has their worksheet that is due tomorrow-vocabulary and sentences.  They will have a new worksheet that will be due on Friday.  Thanks.  Also, they should reread the story Friday night for extra practice.

Math:  We took the Unit 10 test today.  We will start Unit 11 tomorrow-Whole-Number Operations Revisited.  We will complete lessons 11.1-11.3 this week.  Addition number stories with dollars and cents; subtraction number stories with dollars and cents; and the trade-first subtraction algorithm.  Please remind your child that they have homework each night!  I am getting a lot of ZERO’s for homework grades!!! Yikes!!!

Homework:  No homework tonight-testing day.  Homework Tuesday through Thursday, 11.1-11.3.  Thanks

Social Studies:  We have been working on vocabulary words this week-ask your child.  They will finish up writing the definitions today and take a quiz when they have finished.  (change, colonies, landmark, settlers, hero, Independence, history and freedom)    We will move on to Unit 5-A World of Many People.

Science:  We will continue to plant and what our bulbs and seeds grow and we will start insects very soon!

Have a great week!  Jean Clement